30 December 2011

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          I’m staring at the ceiling of my bedroom. It’s dark, too dark for it to be morning. Doctors tell me that I’m suffering from insomnia, but I’m a doctor myself. I don’t need their diagnosis. I know exactly what’s wrong. I’m fucking heart sick. That’s what it is. As much as I don’t want to admit it, I miss her. No, I have been missing her ever since she left me. Now, I can only trace her back through my memories. I’m hesitant, though, of going back. I know too well what I have done, and I know I can’t change anything about that.
         But, I know I need to now that I’m holding onto this flimsy card.
         You are invited to attend. . .
          Whenever I read that phrase, I want to punch him. Fuck. That fucking bastard. Such a fucking coward.
          Then, I think of her, and I can see her petrified look that’s mingled with disgust. She’d hate me even more if I ever laid a hand on him, and I can’t have her hating me.
She needs someone now. I know too well, and so I get up and get out my luggage. It’s time to pack and to head back to her.

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29 December 2011

          There was a difference between undernourishment and malnutrition. People could gobble all the treats in the world and still be malnourished because they lacked the proper vitamins or people could be undernourished, meaning without the necessary calories. Now, Raul had to be considered as a victim of malnourishment. He had the status and the blood, yet he was in need of the appropriate behaviour and mindset of a King.

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The day of the funeral has arrived. How do I know? I feel like I have been counting down. Rather than counting down for New Years, here I am, counting for his day: December 30th. I don’t want to give it much thought. I don’t want to have anything to do with it. Sadly, I don’t think I’m brave enough to confront my own fears. I haven’t left the house in days, and even sent gifts by delivery this year. I’m in no mood to celebrate with my friends or even with family. I’m checking my voice mail, my text messages, Facebook private messages, and answering machine. It’s a habit I can’t seem to avoid. I’m bombarded by people’s words. They’re telling me to cheer up. They’re telling me to let go. They’re telling me to attend the funeral. They’re telling me to stop avoiding my problems.

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28 December 2011

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 I know I should have been more organized. I’m at the department store picking up some last minute presents for my family. I seem to have forgotten about Rina’s gift. What would a kid want anyways these days? Video games? Makeup? The girl is only five. I doubt Jina would want her to wear makeup.

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25 December 2011

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I’m at my sister’s place, which is more like my mother’s house. My sister bought it off of mom after my sister had earned enough from her cupcake shop. Now, this house is filled with her and her family, and mom. Everything looks so different from before. The walls have been painted different shades of pastel with the living room, and kitchen being light, canary yellow, her favourite colour. The furniture has changed to suit my sister’s acquired taste. They’re completely modern, yet girly in their way. Mom would have been too cautious to throw away anything. This has to be all of my sister’s doing.

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24 December 2011

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We’re sitting in a café for brunch. Why am I even sitting here across from him? I don’t even know how I managed to go through the morning. Oh wait, I remember as my hand accidentally touches my wrist still wet from the coffee spillage. I was reading over some reports when I suddenly hear my ringtone sound. Without thinking, I picked up, and there he was reminding me of our “date”. My hand lost hold of the coffee cup, and there all the remaining liquid splashed on my sleeve.

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19 December 2011

A/N: I know I said I wouldn't be doing much writing during exam season, but I just couldn't resist this sudden inspiration I got for a short story. It'll just be, at most, seven chapters. I've also tried a different sort of style, so I hope you'll enjoy it!
I think the perfect song for this is Avril Lavgine's "When You're Gone"

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15 December 2011

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         When I had arrived at her chamber, I was told by one of the maids that Theo was preoccupied with a guest and that I would have to wait. I snickered at the thought of waiting. So, I glared at the maid, who was intelligent enough to quickly unlock the door for me. I could already hear deep moans and groans upon stepping inside the vastly decorated golden room. Theo was too indulged in pleasure that she did not even sense my presence. However, her male companion, who was below her, had turned his head towards me. His pupils had expanded and his teeth bit on his bottom lip. When I smiled at him and even waved with my fingers, he instantly pulled Theo aside and covered himself with the white bed sheet.

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09 December 2011

It's the first day of real snow, yet I'm feeling pretty down. A lot of things have happened just within this month. I've felt like I'm starring in my own drama. Heck, I'm sure it'd be enjoyable or interesting to read if I ever decided to share . . .

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05 December 2011

Chapter 3: The Leader Surprises the Queen of Spontaneity and the Free Spirit Attends an Awards Ceremony

There was only one place to find Kannei, and that was at her university on a Thursday afternoon. That was when Kannei supposedly had a book club meeting. He waited in front of the building that Kannei had walked out of that day when he picked her up from school. Due to the wintriness, he wore a pair of red mittens and a grey beanie, which he had found in his car trunk. They helped disguise his business attire, complete with a matching black suit and tie. Leaning his back on the wall beside the glass doors, he wondered why he was even here. He had no idea how he was going to confront her. Was he even going to thank her for the gift? He had come empty-handed, forgetting to buy her a gift. That was only because he was in too much of a hurry. Moreover, he did not even know what she would like. I guess I should treat her to some food, he thought. Or maybe, I should just take her shopping.

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