28 March 2011

I always check up on music for J-pop, Kpop and Cpop, and so, I saw the latest MV for 4Minute's new song, Heart to Heart.

What can I say? What did I learn?

Precisely the title of my post. Don't mess with girls. Really. This MV is supposed to be lighthearted, but let me tell you, there's a difference between an angry guy and a pissed off girl. I find the female species  scarier than the male species. Don't bite me, girls. I'm a girl too so I know.

The MV portrays girl behaviour that has gone bad . . . very well.

Here you go. Enjoy. (Oh, and girls, don't turn this way, please. We have better things to do in life than avenge for some guy.)

Funny note: For the first minute or so, I thought the guy was a girl. . . until I heard his voice and looked to his chest and realized that he was lacking some . . . *cough* *cough* assets.

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26 March 2011

Chapter Two: The Leader Finds Himself on the Path of Doom and the Free Spirit Finds Himself on the Path of Boredom

Rhett’s cell phone kept ringing, but he ignored its cries. Well, that would have happened if he actually knew that it was ringing. It wasn’t until a man in his forties tapped Rhett on the shoulder and pointed to his noisy cell phone did Rhett realize how silly he was. Already in a foul mood and now even more mortified, he answered with a yell, “Yeah! I thought I told you guys not to call!”

“Rhett?” a warm voice gently asked.

Shit, shit, shit. 

“Sorry, Mom. I thought it was . . . ugh . . . some stalker.” 

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25 March 2011

Chapter One: The Innocent Boy Has Found his Innocent Girl

The worst day of Rhett’s life was when he realized that he had lost to his best friends in the game of love. Now, Rhett Jung was the second oldest boy in the household, being 25 years old, and so he believed that he could have never lost due to his age and other factors. It wasn’t as if his appearance and personality were unappealing to women. 

Even the boys came to a consensus that Rhett was the second most handsome fellow in their group due to his model-like height and broad shoulders. His mother would have described him as a gift from heaven, but that was what all mothers thought of their children. His sister, Jihye, would groan about how long his eyelashes were and how his nose was perfectly angled at the tip. Not to mention, she would always remember to comment on how small his face was. According to her, he was nearly “picture perfect” and if he were to refute, she would mope that he shouldn’t complain when he was blessed with “single eyelids that were neither small nor large and that even slanted upwards”. 

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20 March 2011

Before I do the usual stuff and announce the dates of my updates, I have to first make a huge announcement about TFDL. Etude will be on hold until I finish revising Prelude!

If you have been reading my blog, then you probably know that I've been editing TFDL: Prelude. At first, I thought I could edit it so that there would be two different versions, but somehow, as I was editing, I realized that I couldn't keep one version away from the other. There were noticeable flaws in the first draft, so I had to change several things. I have to say that two characters have been affected greatly by these changes and those two are Jaejoong and Yoomi.

I have to be frank here. Jaejoong and Yoomi's relationship had always been hard for me to capture. Somehow, their connection wasn't what I had anticipated. I wanted something more, so I suddenly thought of something or rather a few things. I won't reveal them here because you'll see what these changes are, but I will just say that Jaejoong's love life is no longer the way I had portrayed before.

A part of me would like to keep Jaejoong and Yoomi's moments as is, but I couldn't.

I hope you will understand my sentiments, and agree with my revisions. Thank you!

TFDL: Prelude

Asianfanfics: The revised chapter one and two will be up on March 26. Chapter three will be on April 2nd.


Soompi: Chapter 58 will be up on April 2nd.

Fictionpress: Chapter 58 will be up on April 2nd.

*The revised chapter four is available on my blog.

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18 March 2011

        “Are you sure, you’re okay?” Brett kept asking me throughout the car ride. Even when Brett had walked me to the front door of my apartment, he had asked one last time, “Renelle, are you sure you don’t want to take a few days off—“
          “I’m fine, really.” I plugged my key to the half-broken lock, twisting the door knob.
          “All right, if you say so.” Brett grunted.

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15 March 2011

I can't believe it but I forgot to write an inspirational Monday entry for yesterday!

I was reading a disappointing manga. It was good at first, but after how the mangaka decided to wrap things up so quickly, I became upset. So, I thought . . . what would happen if I drew TFDL (original) in a manga style?

Well, I drew a complete set of characters together and it has been a challenge indeed. It's still not complete, but hopefully, I can release it on with the new TFDL: Etude update. :) So far, I've drawn everyone's positions and rough body sketches, but I've only finished the faces of a few characters.

 During this drawing process, I honestly respect mangakas even more! All the hairstyles and clothing . . . man. . . very tiring indeed.

I won't be adding tags to character names, so I guess this will be a bit of a guess-who-is-who situation.


Jubie (cubierock11)

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12 March 2011

        The test of survival depended on Darwin’s theory of natural selection: the fittest ones lived and passed on their genes to their offspring. In effect, these traits were more common in certain populations. What would I pass on to my future offspring if I had any? Would I even live to pass anything along?

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10 March 2011

For some reason, I'm in the mode to edit, so I've stopped writing and started to review my older chapters. I've actually started to fall in love with my characters all over again. I know this is awful to admit, but I can be bored of my own stories after a while. So, the editing process is making me more inclined and refreshed to write!

Rebirth, as I have mentioned before, will be going through a ton of editing. So far, I've only had a couple of comments on soompi about the new version of chapter one, so please leave some feedback here. The more the merrier! :) (I'm going to assume that silence is compliance.)

Then, there's TFDL. I'm working on the non fan fiction (original) version because I do have more freedom with it. I've realized now that because the characters aren't celebrities, I have a clearer view of what I'd like them to be like. They've sort of outgrown their celebrity names.

Don't worry. They haven't changed drastically. There's just more background information about each character and more explanation about their friendship. It'll definitely answer . . . why they're all in Seoul and how long they've known each other and how they met each other.

*Update: Actually, I discovered something while writing a synopsis for TFDL. I realized that something was missing, so I am actually rewriting a lot of the chapters. There will be a new face to TFDL: Prelude, and . . . more conflict and more clarification.

This is a side note: I'm thinking of submitting these two stories to a few literary agents, but I'm obviously not ready yet. I'm too bombarded with school work and also with editing. I will one day though . . . just so I can say that I've tried. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be rejected, but it's worth a shot. With so many words just sitting there, it's like a why not situation.

Wish me luck,

Jubie (cubierock11)

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08 March 2011

I was reading the beginning and for some reason, I felt that something was lacking. Something just wasn't right, so I decided to revise chapter one for Rebirth. If you have read the first chapter of Rebirth on fictionpress, bookmato, booksie, soompi, or wattpad and you're reading this new version now, then please leave some feedback. I'm not even sure if I will use this revised version. I sincerely thank you beforehand!

Chapter 1: Routine
          I should have known that change was inevitable, that in the end, I would be by myself, that there was no one I could trust, but if I were to choose again, I would follow the same decisions . . . just so that I could meet you.
          I had awakened too many times like this: bursting in tears while screaming until I was sure that I was still in my room. Then, I would forget about that particular nightmare, yet somehow, it would trail back to my dreams, leaving me with a sense of familiarity. Wistfulness.
          “Honey? Is everything all right?” I could hear my mother’s voice echoing from the stairs. She must have been preparing breakfast already. Then, I must have been . . .
          “Yes, yes, everything’s fine!” I screamed. “I’m just running a bit late!”
          “Like always.” She had chuckled.
          Yes, like always, I had a habit of waking up late. Even with six alarms dispersed around my bedroom, I could never seem to arise from my slumber, coining me the name, Sleeping Beauty. Sleep had to have been my addiction even though I knew I could not be tardy today.

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07 March 2011

I was writing a scene for Rebirth's sequel, Legacy, and I needed a scene with some dancing. Now, I am no dance connoisseur. Yes, let me use that overused phrase: I am that person with two left feet. I can play instruments, but I cannot follow dance moves.

So, without personal experience, I thought, why not do some Googling?

I started with the word, waltz. I thought waltzing seemed romantic enough, but the era from which it emerged, was surprisingly . . . modern. If you know some history and you've been a faithful reader of Rebirth (which I hope you are), then you would know that I like to blend my favourite parts of history to this story. I used a bit of Victorian fashion for their empire waist and long coats, and trousers for Urcis. For other components, I was looking at 16th to 18th century events, so for the dance, I wanted to pick something within that time frame.

But . . . who knew that waltzing was so young?

Then, I thought, okay, why not just find another dance? Easy enough said than done. Really, most of the hits online were for dance classes and bits of description, which did not prove to be helpful for writing my story. By now, I moved onto youtube and clip after clip, I looked at dance styles. (Honestly, couples pretty much imitated each other's moves and only occasionally joined hands or touched one another. No wonder waltzing was scandalous in the beginning.)

Anyhow, I came across this particular clip that had just the right moves, so here's a dose of baroque dance!

 (source: from The Banqueting House - Whitehall London
TRILION PICTURES (1987) present:
George Frederick Handel's "THE WATER MUSIC")

Lovely, isn't it?

Jubie (cubierock11)

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03 March 2011

I thought I would release the proposed updates for March!

March is going to be a busy month for me. I have to prepare for exams and focus my energies there, instead of on my writing. I am still distracted all the time.


Fictionpress: Chapter 56 will be released on March 18th. Early release because my term paper was extended! :) Chapter 57 will be on March 18th.

Soompi: Chapter 56 will be released today and chapter 57 will be on March 18th.

TFDL: Etude

Asianfanfics: Chapter 13 will be out on March 18th.

Some bad news:

I've been thinking very long and hard about releasing PDFs for my stories. I'm still debating about them. I admit that I am still hurt over the incident where my story was plagiarized. I'm not very happy too that I'm sensing another plagiarist.

On the other hand, I would love to share finalized versions to my readers. So . . . I am suffering from a dilemma. I might put putrid watermarks, set a long password and will only release to those that have genuinely demonstrated an interest in my story as in provided support or well thought out comments.

Again, I'm undecided but once I know what I will do, I will make an announcement here.

Some good news: 

Remember how I said that I would create another historically driven story? Well, I've decided that I will base it on one of the other countries mentioned in Rebirth and it will act as a prequel series for the Rebirth trilogy. I won't say more because that will spoil everything and I can't really say more since I only have the basic plot in my head as well as the conclusion. Yes, I always think of the ending first for all of my stories.

Oh, I will say that the female protagonist will be called Emel. Believe it or not, I already know what poster I have in mind for the story.

Thank you,

Jubie (cubierock11)

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02 March 2011

I asked a friend if she would have liked to go to the future and skip this part of her life. She told me that she just wanted her future self to come to the present to tell her that everything will be okay.
Sometimes, we don’t need someone to comfort us. We just need to tell ourselves that everything will be fine. We just need to believe in ourselves and keep pressing forward.

I have always liked this line from Gone with the Wind: “Tomorrow is another day.”

I do like to add that you must also know how to seize tomorrow. Wishful thinking will get you nowhere.
Speaking of wishful thinking, I think I must acknowledge that I have had my share of childhood dreams. Boy, I’m sounding rather old now for my age . . . which I will not reveal for my own sake. My mother said that my dream was to be a bride every day. Now, all I could think of when I heard that was polygamy. Yes, how notorious for a child to be married to different husbands every day. I honestly don’t remember saying that that was my dream, and I laugh at it now. 

I can’t imagine myself getting married any time soon. In fact, I might not even be married. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking these days and all I can say is that marriage is scary. Maybe, it’s because I’ve seen too many failed marriages on TV and in real life. I hear complaints from the bride and the groom. I also feel pressure. I’m not the sort to date casually, so there’s that huge anticipation of who I’d settle with. I can just imagine my parents wanting to know everything about that “special guy”. Knowing myself, I don’t like to fail. Okay, so maybe I shouldn’t treat marriage like a test. You either fail it or pass it, but I can’t help feeling that I should not disappoint.

Now, that’s one side of failure that I feel. Going back to childhood dreams, I believe that I used to choose the same dream as a friend’s or my sibling’s. If my friend said she wanted to be a vet, then I agreed that I wanted to be one too. When my sister said that she wanted to be a doctor, I secretly agreed to become one as well. Looking back, I don’t think I ever had those dreams. I’m not even sure what I want to be nowadays. 

Sure, I like to write, but I don’t dream to be a writer. I know I’m not some talented writer, so publishing a book is more like something to complete on my bucket list. Writing is also more like therapy to me. In real life, I don’t have that much to say, despite the fact that I have tons of thoughts running through my head. Like my mother says, “I don’t even know what you’re thinking.”

Oh, and I’d rather that stuck that way. I don’t like people invading my thoughts. Mind rape? Yuck.
Right now, I guess what I want to know is what I can do with my skills. Ah yes, if you’re cruel, you’d pop that question, “What skills?” 

I would surely say, “Gee, thanks a lot. I totally appreciate your honesty.”

I do have to say though that I’m not even sure what skills I have. I’ve done too many personality tests that I know how to answer those questions to pick the result I want or think is the best. Not good!

I do have to also admit that sometimes I feel that those that are rewarded do not meet up to the rewards. They are either blessed with good luck or somehow get whatever they wish without doing much. 

Don’t get me started about people skills or what not. I have the worst luck with first impressions. People misinterpret my face in a matter of seconds. They start thinking I’m mean or unapproachable because I don’t give them the smile they want. Just because I don’t smile for you does not mean that I’m a scary person. Sigh. Unfortunately, I was never blessed with a gentle looking face. My stare has been defined as: “I’m going to rip you to pieces. Now get away from me, you imbecile.”

Now that’s another failure.

Then there are the other failures that are unexpected or because of some events that set me back. That’s when I start hating my life. I spend a day pretty much doing nothing except some things I like. I put off my homework. I purposely buy a drink to treat myself. I have a thing with trying out all the beverages there are in the world.

At the end of the day, I just pick myself up and move on. People say you’re supposed to learn from your failures. That’s true yet untrue. Sometimes, you can’t stop those things from making you fail, like group projects. You try your best to do your part, but your teammates give you grief in different ways whether it be skills that are not up to your standards or just downright laziness. Learn from your failures if you can. You’re not always at fault. 

You just have to learn to accept failure.

For me, that’s hard. That, I would say, would be my greatest weakness.

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