I always check up on music for J-pop, Kpop and Cpop, and so, I saw the latest MV for 4Minute's new song, Heart to Heart.

What can I say? What did I learn?

Precisely the title of my post. Don't mess with girls. Really. This MV is supposed to be lighthearted, but let me tell you, there's a difference between an angry guy and a pissed off girl. I find the female species  scarier than the male species. Don't bite me, girls. I'm a girl too so I know.

The MV portrays girl behaviour that has gone bad . . . very well.

Here you go. Enjoy. (Oh, and girls, don't turn this way, please. We have better things to do in life than avenge for some guy.)

Funny note: For the first minute or so, I thought the guy was a girl. . . until I heard his voice and looked to his chest and realized that he was lacking some . . . *cough* *cough* assets.