I can't believe it but I forgot to write an inspirational Monday entry for yesterday!

I was reading a disappointing manga. It was good at first, but after how the mangaka decided to wrap things up so quickly, I became upset. So, I thought . . . what would happen if I drew TFDL (original) in a manga style?

Well, I drew a complete set of characters together and it has been a challenge indeed. It's still not complete, but hopefully, I can release it on with the new TFDL: Etude update. :) So far, I've drawn everyone's positions and rough body sketches, but I've only finished the faces of a few characters.

 During this drawing process, I honestly respect mangakas even more! All the hairstyles and clothing . . . man. . . very tiring indeed.

I won't be adding tags to character names, so I guess this will be a bit of a guess-who-is-who situation.


Jubie (cubierock11)