My friend and I were talking over skype one day, and I asked her what were some things she wanted to do before she died. Somehow, we were complying our own bucket list.

We were tired of waves and waves of exams, so it was fun to think about dreams and aspirations. I'm not going to share my whole list here, but here are a few things that I want to do:

1. Ride a camel across the desert (I ended up youtubing "riding an ostrich". Very extreme.)

2. Participate in a tea ceremony (I've always wanted to be dressed in a kimono while making some green tea and then munching on some traditional Japanese desserts.)

3. Learn how to waltz (I'm a horrible dancer, but somehow waltzing seemed cool . . . at least from the historical films I've seen.)

4. Publish a novel (That's probably very, very, very hard to achieve unless I decide to self-publish my work. I don't think I'd self-publish though.)

5. Go on an exchange for a year (I really want to accomplish this. I'd like somewhere completely different from where I'm from. It'd be interesting writing material anyways.)

So, try to make your own bucket list. I think it would feel great to scratch one thing off a list. :)

Jubie (cubierock11)