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Hello readers or potential ones!
Dependency was actually the first story that I had ever written on a Word document. I haven't made a lot of changes or revisions to my original writing, so it's quite raw in that sense. This will probably be one of the rare high school stories that I will write.

Please do not distribute my works or plagiarize them. If I do find that there are people doing any of the two, I will either shut this blog and all other accounts or I will only make this blog available to certain readers.


You could have said that they were childhood friends, but they were from being friends. They were, though, too close to being strangers. They were simply Song Jihyo and Kobayashi Sou.

But were they really that simple?

No. They were far from being simpletons no matter how much they strived to be. Jihyo wished that she could be washed away by a sea of strangers, while Sou
hoped to be buried so deep by a snowstorm that no one could ever dig for his body.

Life, however, didn't work that way, and instead, they got what they dreaded: life.


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