30 December 2011

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          I’m staring at the ceiling of my bedroom. It’s dark, too dark for it to be morning. Doctors tell me that I’m suffering from insomnia, but I’m a doctor myself. I don’t need their diagnosis. I know exactly what’s wrong. I’m fucking heart sick. That’s what it is. As much as I don’t want to admit it, I miss her. No, I have been missing her ever since she left me. Now, I can only trace her back through my memories. I’m hesitant, though, of going back. I know too well what I have done, and I know I can’t change anything about that.
         But, I know I need to now that I’m holding onto this flimsy card.
         You are invited to attend. . .
          Whenever I read that phrase, I want to punch him. Fuck. That fucking bastard. Such a fucking coward.
          Then, I think of her, and I can see her petrified look that’s mingled with disgust. She’d hate me even more if I ever laid a hand on him, and I can’t have her hating me.
She needs someone now. I know too well, and so I get up and get out my luggage. It’s time to pack and to head back to her.

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29 December 2011

          There was a difference between undernourishment and malnutrition. People could gobble all the treats in the world and still be malnourished because they lacked the proper vitamins or people could be undernourished, meaning without the necessary calories. Now, Raul had to be considered as a victim of malnourishment. He had the status and the blood, yet he was in need of the appropriate behaviour and mindset of a King.

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The day of the funeral has arrived. How do I know? I feel like I have been counting down. Rather than counting down for New Years, here I am, counting for his day: December 30th. I don’t want to give it much thought. I don’t want to have anything to do with it. Sadly, I don’t think I’m brave enough to confront my own fears. I haven’t left the house in days, and even sent gifts by delivery this year. I’m in no mood to celebrate with my friends or even with family. I’m checking my voice mail, my text messages, Facebook private messages, and answering machine. It’s a habit I can’t seem to avoid. I’m bombarded by people’s words. They’re telling me to cheer up. They’re telling me to let go. They’re telling me to attend the funeral. They’re telling me to stop avoiding my problems.

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28 December 2011

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 I know I should have been more organized. I’m at the department store picking up some last minute presents for my family. I seem to have forgotten about Rina’s gift. What would a kid want anyways these days? Video games? Makeup? The girl is only five. I doubt Jina would want her to wear makeup.

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25 December 2011

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I’m at my sister’s place, which is more like my mother’s house. My sister bought it off of mom after my sister had earned enough from her cupcake shop. Now, this house is filled with her and her family, and mom. Everything looks so different from before. The walls have been painted different shades of pastel with the living room, and kitchen being light, canary yellow, her favourite colour. The furniture has changed to suit my sister’s acquired taste. They’re completely modern, yet girly in their way. Mom would have been too cautious to throw away anything. This has to be all of my sister’s doing.

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24 December 2011

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We’re sitting in a café for brunch. Why am I even sitting here across from him? I don’t even know how I managed to go through the morning. Oh wait, I remember as my hand accidentally touches my wrist still wet from the coffee spillage. I was reading over some reports when I suddenly hear my ringtone sound. Without thinking, I picked up, and there he was reminding me of our “date”. My hand lost hold of the coffee cup, and there all the remaining liquid splashed on my sleeve.

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19 December 2011

A/N: I know I said I wouldn't be doing much writing during exam season, but I just couldn't resist this sudden inspiration I got for a short story. It'll just be, at most, seven chapters. I've also tried a different sort of style, so I hope you'll enjoy it!
I think the perfect song for this is Avril Lavgine's "When You're Gone"

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15 December 2011

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         When I had arrived at her chamber, I was told by one of the maids that Theo was preoccupied with a guest and that I would have to wait. I snickered at the thought of waiting. So, I glared at the maid, who was intelligent enough to quickly unlock the door for me. I could already hear deep moans and groans upon stepping inside the vastly decorated golden room. Theo was too indulged in pleasure that she did not even sense my presence. However, her male companion, who was below her, had turned his head towards me. His pupils had expanded and his teeth bit on his bottom lip. When I smiled at him and even waved with my fingers, he instantly pulled Theo aside and covered himself with the white bed sheet.

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09 December 2011

It's the first day of real snow, yet I'm feeling pretty down. A lot of things have happened just within this month. I've felt like I'm starring in my own drama. Heck, I'm sure it'd be enjoyable or interesting to read if I ever decided to share . . .

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05 December 2011

Chapter 3: The Leader Surprises the Queen of Spontaneity and the Free Spirit Attends an Awards Ceremony

There was only one place to find Kannei, and that was at her university on a Thursday afternoon. That was when Kannei supposedly had a book club meeting. He waited in front of the building that Kannei had walked out of that day when he picked her up from school. Due to the wintriness, he wore a pair of red mittens and a grey beanie, which he had found in his car trunk. They helped disguise his business attire, complete with a matching black suit and tie. Leaning his back on the wall beside the glass doors, he wondered why he was even here. He had no idea how he was going to confront her. Was he even going to thank her for the gift? He had come empty-handed, forgetting to buy her a gift. That was only because he was in too much of a hurry. Moreover, he did not even know what she would like. I guess I should treat her to some food, he thought. Or maybe, I should just take her shopping.

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25 November 2011

           Enemies were meant to be befriended, especially when they were valuable assets. Of course, every investment needed some time before pay back, but I knew that this venture would make a lifelong return. My costs? That ought to be sacrificing my pride and flattering another’s pompous attitude. No matter how much pain I would have to endure, I had to fulfill my part of the bargain.
            “Raul,” I called out from the dock.

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22 November 2011

Chapter 2: The Mom’s Best Friend Becomes the Queen of Spontaneity and the Innocent Boy Welcomes Seoul
Even when Jaejoong had filming, he still managed to convince the director to let him spend some time with Kannei. Actually, he just got Sora to do the deed. At first, she was unwilling to help, but after he mentioned that this was to maintain his image with Kannei, Sora immediately agreed. That silly manager was always so easy to trick, he remembered scoffing to himself. Now, standing at the area to wait for arrivals, Jaejoong checked his phone a few times. Kannei’s flight should have arrived by now. What was taking her so long? As soon as that thought passed by his mind, he saw a tiny girl trying to push a cart forward while probably grumbling complaints to herself. A smile instantly crept from his lips, and he hopped over the gate separating the flyers from the awaiting friends, family, and lovers.

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12 November 2011

As you may or may not know, I have two blogs. One is for complaining, and the other is for writing. Lately, updates for my stories have been much slower compared to before because life has been catching up to me. With that being said, however, I am considering combining the two blogs into one. I'm going to expand on my complaints one, and turn it more into a personal blog as in I'd include my thoughts, some funny pictures I've found, and . . . my love life.

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27 October 2011

      Okay, so I thought it was time to share something. It has been a while, hasn't it since I last updated? Here it is!

      That dream had, truthfully, scared me. I woke up in shivers and in sweat. I didn’t know what to think. Why was he so important to me before? Why couldn’t I forget about him? Why was I searching for any bit of evidence to prove his existence? Indeed, I had rummaged through all the historical records, maps, portraits or anything in the library to figure out who he was. I had nothing though. Nothing. He wasn’t recorded. Why not? I asked myself that question with my bottom plopped to the ground of the library. Beside me were articles and piles of books. I was sure that Marie would complain that I was being unladylike or Calla would pull on my elbow to make me stand straight again. 

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20 October 2011

I have to say I'm sorry for not updating these days. I'm having a slight pause on writing because I cut my index finger several days ago pretty badly. I'm doing everything with one hand to prevent the wound from bleeding by itself a third time. Even though the wound has finally closed after a week, I'm still trying not to use my other hand that much.

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10 October 2011

As I said before, I submitted several queries, and I got my first rejection.

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08 October 2011


Time and distance typically had the effect of severing relationships, but bonds could be stronger due to such obstacles. It all depended on the people involved in such relationships. Did they want to exert more effort to maintain liaisons? Was it necessary to keep in touch? Sometimes, all it took was one look, one phone call or one email to rekindle relationships. Perhaps, it would be more appropriate to say that separations were inevitable, but good-byes were not because there was a chance of saying hello again. It just depended on whether or not people wanted to take that initiative.

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Thanksgiving weekend. What am I doing? Besides cleaning the place since my roommate can tolerate a higher level of messiness than me, I have been submitting query letters to literary agents. Daunting? Very. I've been going over the names of literary agents to find the ones that would accept Rebirth, and that in itself has been a long process. 

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06 October 2011

Above the knee socks. I'm crazy about them. It's true. Why? 

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04 October 2011

Actually, I've been doing some thinking. Okay, I do a ton of thinking already, but now I'm putting it aside and going forth with my plans! So, now what? What do I do with this blog?

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28 September 2011


I haven't made a reflective entry in a while, so I thought I'd take the time to think about my revisions for TFDL: Prelude. I'm sure to those that have read the unedited version that the plot has changed quite a bit, and more things have been added to the story, like flashbacks. I actually really enjoyed writing about their past memories. I believe that some events in the present do trigger memories in the past, and I thought it would be nice to show how the boys grew up together, rather than assume that their friendship had been strong all along.

I know I've created a few FAQs on various sites about TFDL: Prelude, but I thought I'd chip in some more thoughts here. (For readers that haven't finish Prelude, be aware that there are spoilers contained below.)

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24 September 2011

Chapter 62: The Perfect Balance for a Holiday
Happy. Unhappy.
People could fit under such categories during the winter holidays. For the boys, the winter holidays used to mean getting together during Christmas to rejoice over a delicious dinner, to enjoy a few DVDS, and to reminisce the past year’s funniest moments. They would have a countdown of what was the funniest thing that happened that year and would decide on each occurrence’s ranking by voting. During New Years, they would count down in unison and pop a bottle of champagne.
This year proved to be disparate.

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23 September 2011

Chapter 61: The Innocent Boy Acquires a Habit and the Hidden Devil Starts Afresh
Drink, after drink, after drink, Junsu would snap at the bartender for more. He would order bottles of beer and count how many he had finished. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven . . .

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20 September 2011

Chapter 60: The Free Spirit is a Spectator and the Mom is Surprised
Yoochun watched everything. He saw the laughing group of teenagers playing joking on each other. He witnessed the adorable, young couples enjoying their dates. He noticed the parents admiring their children’s works. These were the happiest moments of life or at least one of the happiest parts, he thought.

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18 September 2011

Chapter 59: The Innocent Boy Makes a Decision and the Hidden Devil is Faced with a Solution
Junsu too marched on without his companion, Naomi. They weren’t supposed to see each other nowadays, but he had to meet her because of the boys. They kept urging him to go to the winter festival with Naomi. They even had catch phases, which were hard to deny, especially Jaejoong’s.
“It’ll be fun,” Jaejoong kept singing in a whiny voice. “Come on, man.”

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17 September 2011

 Chapter 58: The Winter Festival
Celebrations were supposed to bring joy, not to emphasize on other people’s miseries. With the circumstances given, it was, thus, expected for all of them to be contented, but most of them were not. Junsu should have been delighted that the boys and Naomi had created a surprise for his birthday. He would have been if he had not known of certain secrets of Naomi. Naomi too should have been overjoyed that she was celebrating her boyfriend’s birthday. She would have been if Junsu had not asked for a break in their relationship. Surely, Changmin, one of the organizers for this event, should have been pleased with his creation. He would have been if this had not reminded him of his departure. Shiori too should have been proud. She would have been if this had not reminded her of his departure. Placed in an awkward situation, Kannei, Jaejoong, and Rhett felt tension, rather than bliss. Kannei would have been cheerful if Rhett had not attended. Rhett would have been welcoming if Kannei hadn’t arrived with Jaejoong. Jaejoong would have been joyous if he hadn’t seen Kannei staring at Rhett like that. It seemed that only Yoochun, and Sanghyun were in high spirits. Yoochun thought it was appropriate to bring Sanghyun along and Sanghyun too was overjoyed to be out.

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16 September 2011

Chapter 57: The Leader Takes the Ideal Girl to the Movies and the Mom Goes to a Rehearsal

Rhett strived for perfection, so he was pleased to find that practice did lead to perfection. Hana greeted him with a wave and then lengthened this friendly gesture with a hug. He couldn’t help comparing this greeting with Kannei’s, which was aloof. Even the way Hana smiled differed from Kannei. Did Kannei even smile? He only remembered her complaining.

“Rhett? Are you all right?” Hana asked upon arriving at the scene.
“Yeah, of course,” he answered while shaking his head to forget about his previous thoughts. “I’m sorry about that. I was just thinking.”
She looped her arm to his and alluringly posed, “What are you thinking about mhhm?”
He gulped once and just once.
If he were suave like John, he would have answered, “You.”
If he were witty like Max, he would have retorted, “Why so curious?”
If he were naïve like Wesley, he would have stuttered, “I-I-I . . . I was just thinking.”
If he were blunt like Jaejoong, he would have responded, “You’re really different from this girl I know.”
Because he was unlike any of them, he lied with flustered cheeks, “I’m just a bit tired from work. That’s all.”
He didn’t want Hana to worry or to question. He just wanted everything to be immaculate. It was a question of priorities. His priority was always aptness, and . . . he didn’t need someone probing his already withered brain.
“Don’t get too worked up about work, all right?” Hana advised. “It’s not good for you.”
That was what he liked about her. She didn’t interrogate him over a simple phrase, unlike Kannei, who could explode over a word. He was somewhat surprised that Hana didn’t press for the truth. Perhaps, he was disappointed. It was apparent to him that he had masked what was bothering him. It would have been apparent to Kannei too that he had been lying. He chuckled to himself, thinking that she would probably throw a tirade because of his sentence.
“What’s so funny?” Hana asked with a cheerful grin.
“Ah, it’s nothing,” he mumbled. “It’s just something silly.”
Although Rhett had had this date with Kannei before, he still felt rather uncomfortable. When he asked whether or not Hana wanted a snack, she told him to decide. He didn’t expect that response; she was supposed to choose yes or no. Instead, she tossed another question at him.
 “Well, usually I get popcorn and a drink,” he explained. “Is that okay with you?”
“If it is fine with you, then it’ll be fine for me.”
Rhett had become too accustomed to disagreement and discordance. Kannei had trained him well as a peacemaker, not as a director. Thus, he appreciated Hana’s easygoing nature. It certainly made his life less problematic, and so he returned a smile. This time, he absolutely enjoyed the movie, maybe even smiling all through the scenes. This is going well, he thought from time to time. He was so focused on the screen to prepare for the subsequent conversation that they would share that he only glanced at Hana once. That one time he looked to her side was when she looked at him too. It was a coincidence how their heads turned at the same time and in the same direction.
Rhett blushed. She blushed too. He grinned. She grinned too. It was as if she were mirroring his reactions, making the situation more awkward than perceived. However, it seemed natural for Hana to behave this way. She was tamed, unlike the unruly Kannei. She was accommodating, which meant for peaceful times. It could be arduous for Rhett to adjust to this method of communication. He didn’t mind adjusting for her. She could be compared to a breath of fresh, winter air, piercingly refreshing. By the end of the movie, both of them were extensively rosy. Their cheeks were stippled with matching tones.
“T-T-that was an interesting film,” Rhett managed to cough.
How unsmooth, he complained to himself.
“Yes, it was,” she tenderly answered.
There was an inexcusable pause, which Rhett sensed to be a sign for disaster. A pause during a conversation meant a break in nature. A ripple in a pond. Snowfall in early March. A flood in a desert. He had to stop this and that suggested to him to speak. What could he talk about?
“What was  . . . your favourite line from the film?” he repeated Kannei’s question.
“Favourite line?” Hana pensively uttered. “That’s hard. I usually pick out favourite scenes, not really specific lines.”
“Yeah, I suppose I should have asked for your favourite scene instead.”
“Well, I’ll tell you my favourite scene,” she blurted. “My favourite scene . . . was when you and I looked at each other just like that.”
His initial reaction was bashfulness for his cheeks glistened with a familiar shade of red. This was out of the ordinary. It was too intimate to be predicted. She gazed at him, senselessly troubled.
“Are you . . . bothered by what I said?” she confirmed.
“N-N-No, n-not at all?”
He wanted to duck in a corner after what he had said. Why did I have to sound like a wimpy kid, he asked himself. Why was I making such a stupid mistake?
Unexpectedly, he had felt a soft sensation swipe by his cheek, and when he realized what had happened, Hana was already teasing him in a giggly manner, “You’re a joy to tease.”
What did this mean? Did she like him in that way? Why was he blushing so hard? Her fingers were now interlocking with his. Her hand was even pulling him forward. She was leading him, but to where? Where did his heart want to go? Everything was occurring too quickly. He needed preparation. This situation resembled a pop quiz. He was never ready for those, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t adjust to unforeseen circumstances. Following Hana’s lead, he was suddenly reminded of Kannei. Kannei was always full of surprises, so in a sense, he should be able to adapt, adapt to Hana. This was love’s ability to cause changes in a person . . . right?
            Great. Just great.
            Those were the exact thoughts that kept bombarding Jaejoong’s mind when he read over the script. Why did he have to be the second male lead, who happened to be perpetually in love with the female lead? Why did he also have to be her best friend, as well as her childhood friend? Why was it that the ending was unhappy for his character, who watched his most beloved marry someone else? Honestly, he wanted to throw the script down a building and have pedestrians trample all over the piece, yet he had to agree to this job.
            Now, he was sitting in a chair waiting for the other cast members to arrive. He had come to the conference room too early because Kannei had reminded him not to be late. Well, it was more like he had purposely made her call to tell him to wake up. Somehow, hearing her voice in the morning seemed heartwarming, and it was . . . in a sense. Besides her frequent yawning, and slight grumbling, Kannei had still phoned him. That was already good enough for him, but it wasn’t enough to stop him from wanting to tear this book into pieces.
            “Fuck,” Jaejoong at last cursed while leaning back on his chair.
            “Wow, a swear word already?”
            From the corner of his eye, he saw Yumi walking and taking the seat beside him. Soon, Sora followed with a bunch of bags, costumes, and food alike in her hands. Now, normally, Jaejoong would have helped a girl struggling like that, but today wasn’t his day. So, he had his butt glued to his seat, and even confessed, “That’s right. My life is fucked up thanks to you.”
            Yumi answered with a grin as she received her coffee from Sora, “You’re welcome.”
            “And you still have the guts to say that.”
            “Of course I do,” Yumi snickered, “but at least I gave you the script beforehand. I could have messed with you even further.”
            “Oh, so you do admit that you fucked up my life,” he argued.
            “Whatever,” she shrugged her shoulders, saying, “you’re committed to this by contract.”
            “Yes, with a breakthrough role like this.”
Before Yumi could answer, the other cast had arrived along with the director and script writer. When Jaejoong stood up to greet his coworkers, his mouth gasped once he saw who had also entered the room: Yong Sura. Yong Sura could have been known, even among the boys, as Jaejoong’s archrival. The two had learned to hate each other’s guts after working together once. Sura kept rejecting Jaejoong’s recommendations and instead, forced Jaejoong’s assistant to do what Sura had asked. Sura claimed that Jaejoong was “incompetent” and “hard to please”, while Jaejoong believed Sura was a “spoiled brat” and a “tyrant”. Somehow, this collaboration had occurred years ago when Jaejoong and Sura had just started working in the industry. Even then, Jaejoong would never forget about Sura’s spiteful look. Sure, Sura had grown much taller and had aged, but had obviously not matured from the way he greeted Yumi.
            “Boo!” Sura shouted, causing Yoomi to shriek before smiling. “Happy to see me?” he asked while wrapping his arms around her.
            Yumi had snickered, looking at him with much familiarity. To Jaejoong, he had felt that the two had known each other for a long time. That stare that she had given him had made their acquaintance obvious. So, pests do join with pests, he chuckled in his mind.
“I think I see you too often,” Yumi replied. “So, what brings you here? Did my dad ask you to spy on me?”
            “You think I’d waste my time spying on you? The reason that you’re here is the reason that I’m here.”
“Are you—“
She covered her mouth with her hands and pointed her finger at him. When he nodded, she burst out laughing. Actually, the two of them had shared a laughing fit and soon, Sura embraced her, regardless of the fact that everyone was waiting for the two to start the meeting.
“Good to be working with you, Yooms,” Sura remarked.
With her arms hugging Sura, she chirped, “Yeah, it’s good to see you again, Su.”
“Su?” Sura finally took his seat across from Jaejoong and questioned. “Didn’t I tell you not to call me by a woman’s name?”
            “Well, Su,” the director now joked, “I believe that we shall begin the reading. Sorry Yumi, Sura said that he wanted to surprise you, so he made me keep this a secret.”
            “It’s okay,” Yumi uttered. “This was a nice surprise.”
            “Oh right, I forgot to add that Jaejoong had joined our cast, but I’m sure everyone knows already from the news blabbing around,” the director explained, “which could be a good thing for us. This also means that we have to work extra hard for our ratings. There’s a hype and I’m willing to ride that hype. All right, we’ll . . .”
            A hype. Was that what all this was about? Just for their careers, they’d use him like that? Jaejoong sighed, realizing the cruelty of his situation. If he were to act poorly, then that wouldn’t be his problem, right? He never wanted to be here. He didn’t even belong here, and he knew because during the reading, the director kept interrupting him, criticizing the way he enunciated or emphasized certain words. No one else had that many disruptions to the point that he could see Sura snickering at him. That punk, Jaejoong grumbled to himself.
            “All right, we’re going to break for five,” the director announced harshly, “and Jaejoong, I expect more from you after this. Maybe after you’ve cleared your mind, you’ll get into your role properly. You clearly aren’t capturing Hitoshi’s spirit.”
            Fuck. Yes, he wanted to give up everything in his life. Nothing was going smoothly. As he checked his cell phone to see if Kannei had texted him, there was nothing. Instead, Jaejoong called her first like usual. Maybe, he thought, hearing her voice would ease his feelings.
            “Hello? Jaejoong?”
            “Hey, how’s your studying coming along?” Jaejoong asked.
            “Okay, I was just thinking of taking a break, and you called.”
            “That’s good.”
            After a short pause, she said, “Jaejoong, you . . . Is work going okay?”
            “Yeah,” he lied, “it’s okay. We’re just practicing reading out our lines.”
            “You . . . don’t sound okay though.”
            “Well, you could give me a kiss—“
            “A kiss over the phone and I’ll be okay,” he teased. “It’ll boost my energy too.”
            “You’re right. I’m not doing well at all—“
            Then, he heard it. He heard that quiet, puckering noise, the sound of lips pressing together. That immediately brought a smile to his face. His frustration had dissipated, and as a result, he remarked, “I never thought you’d do that for me.”
            “I’m trying,” she clarified, “I’m trying to move on.”
            “Jaejoong! Time’s up! We’ve got to—“
            “Hey, I’ll talk to you later, okay?” Jaejoong verified.
            “Yeah, sure.”
            “Maybe, I’ll even pop by or something. We’ll see. I’ll keep you posted. Bye.”
            As he ended the call, he felt Yumi’s hand on his shoulder. Sura happened to be on his other side as well. Sura had that arrogant, snub gaze, the sort that Jaejoong faced ages ago. Luckily, it was Yumi, who had opened her mouth first.
            “How sweet of you two,” she chirped. “I hope you can put your love for her to use in this drama.”
            Sura, who was holding onto his stomach while laughing, teased, “Yeah, give me a kiss over the phone!”
            If Yumi hadn’t elbowed Sura, then Jaejoong would have given him a beating. Fortunately too, Yumi had interrupted, “We really need you to do your best. Really. We have to be the top series. Everyone is pretty much counting on you too.”
            Those statements, though, only pushed a forced grin out of Jaejoong’s lips. He had always hated pressure, and expectations. His mother had expected him to disappear. His adopted parents had wanted him to live a normal life by graduating from university and working at a desk job, preferably a government related one. His sisters had insisted that he didn’t visit the family again. The boys had expected him to be the housewife of the household. When . . . when had he ever thought about himself? When had he counted on someone else?
         He could only sigh as he entered the room. He heard the door snap shut, and there were sets of eyes gawking at him. He could read their minds simply; they all wanted to be successful, and they needed him to reach their goals. Yes, he was a tool. No, he had always been a tool.

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