As I said before, I submitted several queries, and I got my first rejection.
I knew it would be a rejection just by seeing that email pop into my inbox. I think I've always been a pessimist. That's why. Even then, I had trouble just opening that email. I had to take about an hour to finally have the courage to read the full body. Yes, I had gobbled up a cookie while reading it too. Just to make me feel better.

This rejection basically said that this wasn't what she was looking for, and that I should keep trying. She said she knew this work was important to me. I'm not sure if this is a generic rejection email, but at least, she wrote back rather quickly . . . within days. The response rate seemed too rapid. I don't know if that's a good thing or not, but it's better than waiting for months to a year and getting nothing. 

Funnily, I'm not as sad as I expected I would be. I thought maybe I'd be in tears, but I think I've gotten rejected so many times by different positions that I'm starting to get used to this. I guess my word of advice is that if you apply for something, don't expect that you'll get it. If you have hopes for it, you'll hurt even more. I actually think this idea goes for everything, even love. I mean, it doesn't mean you don't try your best, but try and expect nothing in return. You'll be pleasantly surprised when you do get the position or person or whatever it is.
Oh, and I will be updating my rejections. Haha!