25 November 2011

           Enemies were meant to be befriended, especially when they were valuable assets. Of course, every investment needed some time before pay back, but I knew that this venture would make a lifelong return. My costs? That ought to be sacrificing my pride and flattering another’s pompous attitude. No matter how much pain I would have to endure, I had to fulfill my part of the bargain.
            “Raul,” I called out from the dock.

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22 November 2011

Chapter 2: The Mom’s Best Friend Becomes the Queen of Spontaneity and the Innocent Boy Welcomes Seoul
Even when Jaejoong had filming, he still managed to convince the director to let him spend some time with Kannei. Actually, he just got Sora to do the deed. At first, she was unwilling to help, but after he mentioned that this was to maintain his image with Kannei, Sora immediately agreed. That silly manager was always so easy to trick, he remembered scoffing to himself. Now, standing at the area to wait for arrivals, Jaejoong checked his phone a few times. Kannei’s flight should have arrived by now. What was taking her so long? As soon as that thought passed by his mind, he saw a tiny girl trying to push a cart forward while probably grumbling complaints to herself. A smile instantly crept from his lips, and he hopped over the gate separating the flyers from the awaiting friends, family, and lovers.

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12 November 2011

As you may or may not know, I have two blogs. One is for complaining, and the other is for writing. Lately, updates for my stories have been much slower compared to before because life has been catching up to me. With that being said, however, I am considering combining the two blogs into one. I'm going to expand on my complaints one, and turn it more into a personal blog as in I'd include my thoughts, some funny pictures I've found, and . . . my love life.

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