30 December 2012

Chapter 12: Savior
The next morning, Beau was nowhere to be seen. He had disappeared, faded away like always, and I was left alone in my room, staring at the white ceiling. Why had I said those words before? Was that why he had come to me one last time so that I would forgive him? One last time? Why did I . . .

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15 December 2012

Chapter 11: Comprehension

            I had not seen Beau for ages and for him to visit me was a rare event. Cael and Beau were too preoccupied with reforming the country and also tending to their new bride. I had accidentally heard from Cael that he did not want an heir yet, so during the night, Beau would be the one who shared a bed with Queen Chiyoko. The two had been arguing in Cael’s office then. I remembered how infuriated and frustrated Beau had become.

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28 October 2012

I'm so sorry for not writing as much as I'd like. I guess you can say that I'm on a semi-hiatus. My whole life is a mess that I don't have time to sort out my creative thoughts. I'm too frustrated with how things are. I feel like I'm fighting for nothing. It's an endless route no matter how I envision it.

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08 August 2012

Chapter 16: Friends or Lovers

Whenever Sehun gets kicked out of some girlfriend's place, he likes to talk out his problems while munching on a ton of snacks. The snacks portion is the only reason that I like Sehun being this way. He pretty much ransacks the whole snacks section of a grocery store and brings all of his goodies to my place. Now, the downside is that I'm on a diet, so I really can't pig out. Therefore, I'm stuck, watching him crunch on chips and cookies while listening to him complain and moan.

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07 August 2012

Attempt 12: Strangeness

 We’re sitting in the lecture hall together. Actually, I’m on his lap with my body facing him completely. I’m leaning in to give him a peck. His hands are massaging my back. Unexpectedly, I think he has unhooked my bra. 

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01 August 2012

Chapter 15: Sick in All Ways
Just when things can’t get any worse, I fall ill. I’m literally staying awake in the washroom. I have a trash can in front of me, so I can vomit in there. Obviously, I’m sitting on the toilet, so other nasty stuff can be released into that hole. I’m sweating like crazy since there is no air conditioning in my washroom. Tonight also happens to be the hottest night of the month. Yeah, I’m just that darn lucky. I’m also wondering how it’s possible for me to be sick. Was it because I ate something bad? The only sketchy meal I had was that really cheap rice with chicken slices. Was it because of those coughing people that kept blasting their colds on me on the subway? Or what about my ill students who still attended class? Either way, I’m dead sick here with no one to help me out. My mother just so happens to be solving some issues with our relatives who live in Busan. There’s supposedly some sort of family drama that I don’t want to be involved in, so that cancels out my mother. My father is on some business trip as usual.

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23 July 2012

Needless to say, when I got home, KiKaKo were all chattering away at the dinner table. I wasn’t even surprised that my mother was so calm about this whole matter. You know, typically, parents would freak out if their children disappeared, but for my mother, this was just an everyday matter. In fact, she even kept a record of my disappearances in her diary of her children. My weird mother believed that each child should be remembered properly for his or her deeds, so she would be write our biographies. She said one day, if we ever suffered from bad memory, we could read the biographies she created for us. She even promised not to add in personal remarks. Particularly for me, she had the thickest book. That was because she had a list of offenses and disappearances that I had gone through. She said that in case I was ever murdered, the police would know my murderer soon enough. According to her, a lot of cases went unsolved due to a lack of clues and suspects, so in my case, I wouldn’t become some cold case file played on TV.

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Chapter 5.1: Gender Bender

I woke up not in my own bed. I woke up not even in the nurse's office's bed. Instead, I woke up on a mat with a blanket over my body. I looked around and recognized that I was in a traditional Japanese home, which was why I was sleeping on the floor. Wait . . .sleeping? Not at school? Not at home? Then . . . 

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04 July 2012


Sorry for not actively updating my stories. I'm currently out of the country and have limited access to the Internet. I've also started to work, so I've been fairly busy. Let's just say that work was completely different from what I imagined it to be. I prefer studying over working now, and I can understand why people would want to go drinking after work.

Plus, I'm still sick, so I'm resting most of the time. I'm sort of . . . suffering from a writer's block, so I think I need to take some time off from writing. I've read everyone's replies already. I'll get to them soon enough. Thank you for understanding! I believe I will start writing again at the end of August or in September. We shall see!

Hope you have a nice summer!

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16 June 2012

Chapter 3: Stratagems    


I felt freezing cold water hit my face and drench my whole body. As I opened my blurred eyes, I realized that my hands were tied behind my back, and I was sitting in a chair. “Wipe his face!” I heard that familiar voice barking, and then, I felt a towel almost smother me. I choked after accidentally swallowing a bit of the water, and so she ordered, “Stop now!” I blinked a few times before looking ahead. There was Ichijo-san sitting on a piano’s bench with her legs crossed and body leaning forward. Her cheek rested on her palm as she eyed me viciously. “Kyoko-san, leave us alone now,” Ichijo-san demanded. 

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08 June 2012

Chapter 2: Puzzles and Answers
Ever since middle school, Haneul and I liked to spend the rainy days at a library. She said that reading helped ease her mind and distract her from the weather she hated. I never really understood why she hated the rain so much. She would always lay her cheek on the table while mentioning to me at the library: “I really hate the rain. It’s so depressing.”

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06 June 2012

Chapter 2: Memories and Enemies
Credits and thanks goes to FESHA for the poster
Lunch break was when Yusei and I liked to play basketball after eating. Basketball was one of those sports I had finally mastered after kneeling to Yuka, my second oldest sister, to be my coach at the age of twelve. At that time, Yuka was thirteen years old. Why did I ever do that? Well, she was the sports champion of my sisters. She was the one that preferred abs and muscles over skinniness. She was the one that competes in all of the sports day events and wins every single one of them. She was the one that all the sports teams want but will never get because she believes being a banchou is more important than anything. She was also the banchou of her high school and will still be until she graduates. All of these facts prove that she’d be my perfect sensei for basketball. I mean, I knew I was throwing myself to a devil, but I didn’t want to always get the ribbon for participants. If I had to be a true man, I had to be a sports champion too and had to acknowledge my better opponents. All for the sake of being a man, I knelt and bowed to Yuka, who almost spat at me.

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05 June 2012

Chapter 1: The Princess' Glare
Not a long time ago, there was a beautiful lady who attended one of the most prestigious high schools in Tokyo. Everyone called her Airi-hime. It was said that rows of men could fall to their feet by her mere presence. She had millions of photos taken each day and uploaded by her fans. Her fan club consisted of more than three million members with 70% being males and 30% being females. But that’s cut the bull crap, and go to the heart of the story. With the start of the second year of high school, nothing was going to change much.

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03 June 2012

Author's Note:

Hello! Okay. Okay. I know I shouldn't start a new story, but I'm totally hooked on the males from the Lee family that I've created starting from Collections of Love. Don't feel like you need to read Collections of Love or Curiosity Killed the Lady to understand this story, the Watcher. The two other stories just provide a bit more background information about the protagonist, Minjun, and his family. I'd be more than delighted if you do decide to read the other stories! :)

Anyways, here's the story featuring Lee Minjun. It's more slice of life? I can't really say it's a tragedy, but in some ways, it is. I hope you'll like it! 

I'll release this story exclusively on my blog first before I upload it onto soompi. I'm waiting for some posters to be created before doing anything on soompi. :)

Thank you, and feel free to leave any comments! I'm more than happy to respond to them! 

PS. I don't think this story will be too long. I'm expecting 15 chapters? 

Chapter 1: You

I think of you less and less every day, but when I do, it still hurts. And when I do, I always go to the library we used to frequent and borrow that particular novel, Dom Casumurro. I never buy books of mine anyways. I guess it’s because I like old things that have memories. I think every object has a story of its own, and I like remembering each of them. Somehow, I think it all started with my grandmother. Before my mother, my twin brother, Yeonjun, and I started to live in the Lee household, he and I were staying with my grandmother. She looked after us until we were six, just before she passed away. I remember her holding my hand, and with her old, wrinkly fingers, she pushed my hair behind my ear. “Minjun-ah,” she croaked while lying in bed, “I want you to have Grandfather’s watch. It’s on my dressing table.”

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02 June 2012

Chapter 13: Stolen Heart

I’m actually being very good. I walk as often as I can, and I have cut down on my sweets. Dieting cannot be even more painful. Less meat and more vegetables. No more cookies too. No more free pizzas from staff or stupid clubs. The only reason that I like helping out club events where there are guest speakers is that I get to munch on free pizza and pop. No more. Sob. Sob. Sob. So, I go by this week being very healthy, and then that day comes again. That day to work out.

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“Jikyung,” Jina places her hands on my shoulders, “you okay?”

It’s the day of the wedding, and I’m getting jitters. I don’t think it’s because I’m unsure of marrying Junghoon. It’s just the idea of marrying someone in general is tugging my heart. I’m going to be settled now. I’m going to be someone’s wife, and I’m going to consider creating a family. I’m going to have to care for someone else as much as I care for a family member. I’m going to face the possibility of divorce in the future. I guess I’m scared. I’m scared to move onto the next part of my life, and then be left behind somewhere. I don’t want my parents’ case to repeat. I’m saying that I won’t mind my husband cheating as long as he provides for me and my future children if I have some; however, I know that’s half of a lie. I think I care too much about Junghoon now that I’ll mind. I might even come to hate him if that ever happens, and I don’t want that. I don’t want to follow my mother’s steps.

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31 May 2012


Months pass by, and I’m standing here with a glass of champagne in my right hand. I’m the only one at Sohee’s wedding because I don’t know anyone at all. Junghoon can’t take any more days off of work, and I half understand that. I think that Junghoon is just trying to ignore his own problems. 

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Chapter 12: Needle in a Butt Stack

I’m on the defensive mode. I need to stop Sohee from revealing anything about Yeonjun and me to Suho, so before Sohee can open her mouth to do anything, I butt in by declaring, “Ah . . . Suho and I do know each other!”

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30 May 2012

Implication 10: Turmoil

“Ugh . . .” I mope when I see myself in the washroom mirror.

My eye bags are horrible, and I have no one to blame, except for Azuma and myself. The walls are particularly thin, and his bedroom happens to be where I study in the kitchen. Throughout the night, I can hear that girl’s groans and shrills. She seems to be calling out someone’s name. I can’t exactly hear whose name. Then, there are the low grunts and huffs which are presumably from Azuma. 

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Surprisingly, my mother seems to love Junghoon more than me. I’m pretty sure it’s because Junghoon feeds her compliments every now and then. He tells her how much he enjoyed her dishes. He guesses her age wrong to say that she looks very young. My mother does have a youthful appearance, but I know that Junghoon is purposely using these tactics to win her over. Somehow, I’m sort of bothered by the way he is behaving. I wished . . . that he would show his true self in front of my mother, so that she’d actually like him for who he is.

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29 May 2012

I’m on my way to meet a few girlfriends in Seoul. I decide that I’ll tell them second. The first people to know were my mother and my sister, Jina. My mother is rather surprised because she doesn’t know who Junghoon is. She knows he was one of my ex-boyfriends, but she never met him. I didn’t want her to meet all of my boyfriends since I knew I probably wouldn’t marry them. My mother really only knew about Raewon. I truly believed that I would have eventually married him if he had not dumped me. I’m glad I didn’t marry him though. I’m sort of glad how everything unraveled by itself. My mother, though, is definitely not pleased. She thinks I’m rushing through with everything and that I have fallen head over heels with a man who will break my heart. I think she is just scared that I’ll suffer the same fate as her. A cheating husband. A liar. An irresponsible father.

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Author's Note:

Hello! Although Collections of Love is technically finished, I had the urge to write more for Junghoon and Jikyung. After much thought, I decided that I'd still write a few chapters, which will be called "Special Collections". They're really just snippets of Jikyung and Junghoon's lives. Pretty slice of life, I would say.

A part of me feels bothered because I'd like readers to envision the characters' future lives, but I honestly felt that there was something missing, that I still wanted to add more. 

I would say to treat this as a spin-off or a short sequel. For whoever that wants to stay in the tragic mode or would rather imagine what would happen to Jikyung and Junghoon, then don't read "Special Collections". "Special Collections" will really remove you from that sad atmosphere, but for those that want to be cheered up or are curious as to how I think the characters would be like later on, then do read "Special Collections".

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24 May 2012

Chapter 11: The Day After

Stairs, chairs, heels, hills and slopes are all my enemies. What do they all have in common? They all challenge my legs way too much. I’m hobbling and wobbling whenever I encounter the obstacles I listed above. Stairs are the worst though. I literally have to grab onto both sides of the railings or use some wall to support myself. I have to extend my legs wide open while lifting my butt up to go up a flight of stairs. Coming down from them is even worse. The pain is excruciating, and I just keep moaning.

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Chapter 10: Dooms Day

I was only on planning to work out once a week with Suho, but I completely forgot that I had agreed to work out with the other boys too. At five in the morning, I get a harsh phone call from Yeonjun who is literally screaming in my ear, “Yeah! Nam Leia! Get your ass up!”

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Chapter 9: Peace Treaty

Credit and thanks goes to urstruly for the poster!

Suho drives us back to Seoul in his black BMW 7 series, which he handles with much care. The interior is super clean unlike Eunhyuk’s car that has tons of junk and leftover snacks inside. Suho is just as clean as Yeonjun, making me wonder if Suho will be just as anal as Yeonjun. As we head closer to civilization, Suho notes, “There’s this nice ice-cream shop I know called La Dolce Vita. Want to try?”

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Chapter 8: A Bloody War

Since Yeonjun believes in arriving just a smidge late, which really equates to being ten to seventeen minutes tardy, he drives at quite a fast speed. You see, the wedding reception is supposed to start at 7:00 pm, and by the time Yeonjun began to work on my makeup, it was already 6:20 pm, give or take. I know for sure that when we left my place, it was 7:00 pm; after all, the radio Yeonjun turns on announces the time just as we get into the car. The wedding reception is at some high class hotel at the mountaintop of some place in the outskirts of Seoul. It’s supposed to be the latest fad to have your wedding take place at somewhere exotic yet close to civilization. In any case, going to that hotel normally takes at least 30 minutes. Because we’re kind of behind on schedule and Yeonjun is anal enough to have a specific arrival time in mind, Yeonjun has to race against cars. Really, he just keeps changing lanes, and I keep praying with my eyes closed that there will be no cops or drunk drivers around us. Please . . . just let us arrive safely. Dear God, it doesn’t have to be on time like Yeonjun wishes.

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Chapter 7: Before the Suho War

My arms are about to fall off at this rate. No, I am not bench pressing 110 pounds. I am catching and holding onto every dress that Yeonjun tosses into my arms. I feel like I’m in an old school video game where I have to bounce Yoshi up and down from this trampoline. While all this exercising happens, Yeonjun will comment something like this: “Yeah, I think this will work. Mustard should capture someone’s eyes. It’s popular today, but then again, burgundy seems sexier. Whatever, you’ll try out both.” Then, he’ll fling the item into the air, and I’m expected to run in that direction and make a perfect catch, which I do 97% of the time. By the time, I can’t even see what is ahead of me, I mutter while panting, “Y-Y-Y-Yeonjun . . . I-I-I can’t t-t-take it anymore. I-i-it’s too much.”

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Chapter 6: A Full Audience for Lies

Lunch has an agenda this time with Yeonjun, yet somehow, he gets to me first and proposes his plan. He knows how easily I become absorbed by the restaurant’s menu. He knows that I’d become sucked in by some daily special, and using that time, Yeonjun declares, “We’re going dress shopping tomorrow evening so keep yourself free. I’ll pick you up from your place around 7 pm, and I’ll be paying for all your expenses, so don’t worry. What else? Oh right, we need to practice your kissing skills.” All this time, I have been too debating whether or not I should try the lemon splashed takoyaki or beef tataki. I sort of half-listen to his words and nod along, but after I hear that last phrase, I jolt from my seat.

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Chapter 5: Life Splitting Moment

Mondays are my worst enemies. I hate, I hate, I hate Mondays until no tomorrow. Why? 8:30 am is when I have to teach stupid first-year students. Don’t get me wrong. I am grateful for having this steady job. It’s just that I have always hated teaching, yet somehow, every job or volunteer opportunity I used to get was all related to teaching. So when someone asks me if fate has everything planned out, I would wholeheartedly say yes. I mean, how else am I doing a job that I sincerely dislike and am stuck in a situation that I can’t even control? 

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22 May 2012

Implication 9: No Regrets

After that stupid fiasco, the landlord unlocks my door for me and immediately, Ayane leaps from the ground to greet me, “Azuma! Azuma! I was getting so worried about you! You were out for so long and then you forgot your cell phone, so I thought you might have—“

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Implication 8: Bonjour Et Au revoir

Credits and thanks goes to urstruly for the poster!

 When I arrive home, I’m surprised to find Ayane sitting in a chair in the kitchen and waving at me. “Hello!” she enthusiastically waves at me with her legs crossed together like in yoga. She is wearing her workout clothing consisting of black short shorts, a turquoise tank top and a black zip-up jacket. Her hair is nicely put in a ponytail and she has ear buds in her ears. As she turns off her Iphone, she smiles at me, saying, “Surprised, Azuma?”

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21 May 2012

Implication 7: A Starting Point

Credits and thanks goes to Boss Charisma for the poster!

 The first week of school has been nothing but a breeze. Absolute bore, and I was expecting university to be more interesting. I find it is high school all over again, except people are even more alcohol and sex driven and sometimes lazier. Actually, you’ll realize there are a lot of different people lurking on campus. You just have to find the crowd, but I don’t do that sort of sh.it. I’m tempted to skip all clubs, but I know my resume needs to be filled up with activities. Let’s apply for some positions, shall we?

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20 May 2012

Implication 6: Reality

*Credit and thanks goes to corruptedsoul for the poster!

I’m off to search for breakfast before I head off to school. Luckily after walking for a bit, I spot this bakery just at the end of the road. I’m honestly surprised to find a teenage boy at the cashier. I wonder why he’s not going to school at this time. Oh wait, it’s only 7:00 am. Is he that poor or what? I’m honestly confused about his presence. The guy stares me down, making me feel annoyed. I already didn’t sleep last night because I didn’t get a bed yet. I guess I’ll go furniture shopping after class. There’s not much to do for the first week anyways.

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17 May 2012

Chapter 4: Off to the Slaughterhouse

Dinner for four. Location: French bistro. Really. That’s just splendid. I mean, surely, after watching Sohee try on many designer gowns that made me shriek after hearing the hefty price tags they came with, it isn’t really necessary for us to be here to rejoice. After all, Sohee never managed to pick a dress. She said she couldn’t feel the emotions of finding the one overcome her, which was how she felt when she first saw Sungyeol. Yuck. Let me go throw up in a waste basket now. Honestly, the way she worded things sounded rather perverted. It seemed more like a girlfriend explaining to us about her great orgasm, and I’m sure Yeonjun could read my mind because he had that discerning look pasted on his face that was warning me not to think so immaturely.

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16 May 2012

Implication 5: New Beginnings

Credits and thanks goes to whore!sica!

 We’re moving into our new places, and Ayane’s mother has asked me to help out her daughter. I sort of want to tell her mother to go find Keigo, who is Ayane’s actual boyfriend, but now’s a good time to impress that mother. Win over the mother who will then persuade her daughter to pick that other guy, right?

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15 May 2012

Implication 4: Promise

 I can sense freedom passing through my fingertips. I grip the podium, and it feels like day one all over again. I started with a short speech before, tried to sound eloquent and inspiring because I needed that scholarship to keep going. The teachers initially all loved me, but no sooner did they grow to hate me. I’m sure the principal is nervous about what I’m about to say. She’s wiping her sweat that’s dripping down my forehead with her silk handkerchief. Talk about using silk the wrong way.

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13 May 2012

Chapter 10: Occasions
             Clamorous claps and thunderous chants resonated throughout the ballroom and even throughout the kingdom. Tonight, there were candle-lit lights streaming from street to street and I was reminded of the old city life, where street lamps bedazzled the paths. Everyone was in the mood for celebration for Cael was now the King.

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11 May 2012

Implication 3: Understanding

 *Credit and thanks goes to shawty_12 for the poster!

It’s the last school festival before graduation. Our class is in charge of having a host club. I’m responsible at the front, making sure that everyone is put at the right tables and has reserved the proper host. Ayane was in charge of costume design, so during the actual event, she is free to do whatever she wants. Keigo, on the other hand, is a host, the most popular one on the list. Annoying bastard, as I write down every girl’s request. I was the most popular guy in school before Keigo came along and stole all of my glory . . . and Ayane.

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Implication 2:Exchanges

Can you believe it? I’m even part of Keigo’s going-away party. Everyone is recounting some sob story or memory that they shared with Keigo at his family’s apartment. They’re making toasts stupidly. I don’t know anyone here, except for Ayane. I don’t see why I agreed to attend this senseless party when all I’m doing is drinking cheap vodka. I seriously think I do too much for this rash girl.

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09 May 2012

Curiosity 3: Pregnant, Engaged, and Set to Marry

I’m not even sure why I am so nice in the first place to follow through with Sungyeol’s demand. Actually, I was thinking of bailing, but after Sungyeol kept dropping by my office to remind me of the date I had with his future wife, I . . . had no excuse to refuse. He even bribed me with my daily dose of apple juice. Really, I’m a huge fan of apples. I can’t go on living a day without my apple juice just like how coffee addicts need their morning rush of caffeine. 

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08 May 2012

Implication 1: The Devil and the Angel
Credits and thanks goes to vanessa_x17 for the poster!

“Azuma! What do you think? Would Keigo like this?” There’s Ishikawa Ayane lifting up a green sweater and now placing it along my chest to see if it fits . . . him. I don’t even know why I agreed to go shopping with her for this idiotic present. “Azuma, say something. I don’t want Keigo to be—“

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03 May 2012

Curiosity 2: The Challenge

You see when Sungyeol asked me to dinner, I thought fate had it all planned out. I just didn’t want to respond before because I wanted to defy fate. Sungyeol was going to confess to me and tell me that after all these years, he realized that I was the one for him. And why would he ever confess to me? Well, back in elementary school and until the middle of junior high, Sungyeol and I were best buddies. We would dig up worms together. We would be on the same dodgeball team and even played pranks with other classmates. We were inseparable until people started making rumours that we were dating. Things got super awkward throughout the eighth grade, and finally, Sungyeol moved away to Busan because of his dad’s work. We sort of lost contact until in university where we bumped into each other on campus. He was visiting his girlfriend and wanted to buy some coffee to waste some time. So, we ended up chatting to one another, and before you knew it, we were kind of like before until the last year of university. We lost contact again, and at that time, I started hanging out with Yeonjun’s crew. It wasn’t until I started working as an assistant professor did I realize that Sungyeol was also on the same career path as me. He was at the department of Economics, while I stayed with Urban Development. So, it was natural for me to think that Sungyeol would confess to me. 

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22 April 2012

01 The Start of a Storm

I think curiosity killed me instead of the cat. Every time, I can’t stand the suspense or the mystery, and so I seek trouble when I know it’s best to avoid these situations completely. If a friend that I don’t really talk to ends up texting me, I still respond. I know he or she probably just wants something from me, yet my undying inquisitiveness can’t be stopped. I’m just irked by not knowing in general, and this is exactly why I am stuck in this horrible circumstance.

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20 April 2012

Chapter 9: Mutiny
            During my time of rest, I had overheard rumours of an uprising. The villagers were distressed about the King’s excessive taxes, the poor management of the treasury, the expulsion of Scientians, and the murders of the Oracle and Desiderium. The King splurged on new buildings to prove his glory, and on treatments to prolong his life. He had killed too many Scientians that they were forced to migrate to another kingdom. The Scientians had brought along their knowledge and trade to Urcis, which were what the villagers appreciated. The townspeople also respected the Spetians. The Spetians were recognized worldwide for their gifts; they were gifts from heaven. To kill what heaven had blessed the people with was sacrilegious.

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13 April 2012

 Act 6: The Consequences of Joking

Credits and thanks goes to whore!sica for the poster!

All I get from Ren is loads of laughter. The man can’t control himself. He’s laughing so hard that he’s moving from furniture to furniture just to laugh. There he goes sitting on a chair laughing. There he goes rolling on the ground laughing. There he goes landing on his bed for support while laughing. There he goes back on the floor laughing. 

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