16 March 2013

Rebirth Q&A Session
I have to apologize first that I didn't answer a lot of your questions clearly, and the reason is that if I did, then the story would be spoiled. Part of the story is a mystery, so I, unfortunately, can't . . . solve the mystery for you. Sorry about that. I can answer more general questions like why something happened in book 1. 

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11 March 2013

Chapter 15.1: Forbidden Fruit

            Maeno-san showed me where I resided, and to my surprise, it was the same room that I was in the first time I arrived at this palace. There was that eerie portrait of Princess Ghislaine I, causing goose bumps to run down my spine, but the painting of her wasn’t what really bugged me.
            “Is this not . . . Ku . . . no, the Lord’s chamber?” I wondered.
            “Oh . . . it is,” Maeno-san explained. “Why . . . do you look surprised?”

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06 March 2013

Hi, Rebirth readers!

Firstly, thank you for following the story! I know this has been taking a while, so I really appreciate your support and your patience. I understand how frustrating it can be when a story that you are reading hasn't been updated for a while. I've been on that side before, so again, I am very thankful for you waiting for me to update.

I have been asked by a few readers to have a Q&A session, so feel free to send me questions about Rebirth from March 6th to March 14th. I will have a blog post either on the 15th or 16th with the answers to your questions.

I will do my best to answer the questions that you ask, but if it's anything that I think will spoil the story, then I may not be able to give full answers. Sorry about that.

Thank you, and I look forward to answering your questions!

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03 March 2013

Chapter 14: Deal
            I was sure Shou and Yuu were shocked to hear that request coming from me. I had already lied to them that I was not close with Kuro at all. Now, I was having ginger tea with him in his own chamber. Women, in this era, were not supposed to be with men alone, yet here I was in his private bedroom, which was surprisingly simple for someone as complex as him. The tatami floor was coloured wheat, and the wooden frames that bordered along the sliding doors were chestnut. The doors did not even have any decorations; within his chamber, there were no forms of art, except for a water colour painting of a woman standing at the edge of a tall cliff. It was not just any woman though. With one look, I knew that it was Ghislaine I. Her eyes lingered towards the viewer’s direction in a taunting manner. Come and catch me, I believed she was trying to say. Try and see if you can catch me. The way she stood, though, showed that she was thoroughly depressed. She wanted to hurl herself down the cliff. The wind was blowing through her long, auburn hair and through her kimino that was loosely hanging from her body. Now that I thought of it more, I believed she actually wanted to say: “See if you can stop me from dying. I dare you.”

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02 March 2013

I'm probably notorious for starting stories out of the blue, but this one has been on my mind for a while now. I was actually inspired by this person I know who has an interesting idea about love. Anyhow, this will be a darker romance. Thanks and enjoy! (I think I'm just going to release this story, Debates of the Heart, on my blog first before putting it on soompi. I feel bad for neglecting updates for other stories on this blog, besides Rebirth Legacy. I'll get other chapters from other chapters put onto this blog probably in the summer when I'm more free.)

Chapter 1The End

I thought that at the age of twenty five, I would be married with my boyfriend, Tatsuo. We would have a kid together, and eventually grow old. At the age of twenty five, though, I wasn't married nor was I by any means established in my career. Instead, I was attending Tatsuo's funeral.

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