This is probably the last summer where I can do whatever I please, so I'm actually going to make a list of summer goals. As I complete them, I will cross them off this post. This post mainly for me, but I thought I would share my summer to do list.

1. Volunteer/Get a job
2. Start a tumblr and draw cute comics to start
3. Practice with my tablet and play with Photoshop
4. Read a ton of novels on psychology/success/business
5. Start reading the news online (the business section)
6. Try to start a comic for TFDL or Rebirth (This is a huge maybe)
7. Plan for my club next year and recruit members
8. Learn how to redesign my blogger
9. Learn how to use C++ (maybe)
10. Study for ____
11. Remain in contact with needed references
12. Plan out my schedule for the next school year
13. Finish revising Rebirth
14. Finish revising TFDL: Prelude
15. Share the character profiles for Prelude
16. Learn how to cook simple meals
17. Hang out with my friends
18. Have a Gaki no Tsukai marathon

(List may continue.)