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comedy, romance, family, school life


After years of being tormented by his three older sisters, Daigo Hayato has decided to live the way of the warrior, so he hides the fact that he is a bishounen, flower boy. All he wants is a quiet high school life, where he will eventually fulfil his dream of becoming a police officer. So, what happens when the school's most beautiful princess, Ichijo Airi, starts glaring at Hayato?

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Glossary of Terms

1. Hime = princess
2. Bishounen = flower, youthful boy
3. Bushido= way of the warrior
4. Yakuza = gang member
5. Seppuku = stomach cutting that warriors performed to themselves to save their honour
6. Shogun = military dictator of Japan
7.  Banchou = lead gangster in school
8. Yamato Nadeshiko =  the traditional Japanese beauty (includes being gentle and kind)
9. Senpai = what you call an older classmate