17 April 2013

Chapter 16: Using or Caring
            My bruising disappeared after several days, and it was around the sixth day that Maeno-san came to visit me and to inform me that Kuro had summoned me. I was to have dinner with him like I was supposed to before, so I waited at one of the large tatami rooms that Kuro had for guests. As I knelt down properly, I couldn’t help but wonder what he had to discuss. Was he going to ask me what I was doing there? What would I say in that case? I was just bored? If he was not going to question me, then was he going to start training me?

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09 April 2013

“Ouch!” I cried out and opened my eyes. I was in a room decorated with magnolia. The paintings that draped the bamboo walls were all of different shades of magnolia. There were even a few vases containing that particular flower. I wondered . . .

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