31 May 2011

Chapter 16: The Middle of the Party: The Innocent Boy Officially Introduces the Innocent Girl to the Boys and the Free Spirit Gives the Innocent Boy Some Advice

Junsu was well-prepared for this moment. He wore the best-looking suit that he had bought straight off of the store’s mannequin and also sprayed some Hugo Boss cologne that he secretly borrowed from Rhett. Rhett would never notice that small decrease in liquid. Hopefully not.
Now, he had managed to gather all the boys to the living room to officially introduce his girlfriend. She, too, was well-dressed. In fact, Junsu had discovered that she was too well-dressed; her dress was leaning towards the revealing side. Her taupe satin dress had a deep V neckline with tonal beading on wide shoulder straps. There was criss-cross ruching detail on her chest region, which was accented by the pencil skirt of her dress.
Just before he introduced her, Junsu took off his black blazer and considerately offered, “Here, wear this. I don’t want you catching a cold.”

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30 May 2011

      He was too much of a coincidence, but I had forgotten that my life was practically a coincidence. If it were meant to happen, then it was bound to happen. I wouldn’t truly know him until . . .
      Adventure had been overdue, and now that I was paying its price, I would feel its wrath. This meant meeting the Koseian Princes, who had arrived several days ago. The King wanted us, Cael, and me, to accompany them until the day of the King’s birthday, which was around a week after their arrival. We were basically tour guides, but before the touring could commence, introductions had to be made over tea, specifically, ginger tea.
      “Do we have to drink this old people’s drink?” a slender, ghostly pale man grumbled while lifting the ashen porcelain cup in his hand.

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26 May 2011

      The Queen had started a trend. Actually, she was following her culture’s tradition of drinking tea. At Urcis, however, this was becoming a fad. She always drank either ginger tea or crimson tea for they were the most expensive and supposedly the most delicious ones. They had to be imported from Kosei and due to high taxation laws in Urcis and Kosei, they were prized items. The King had wanted to profit from the tea industry in hopes of providing other services for the people, but instead, he received more complaints than welcome. Still, the nobles insisted on drinking tea, just like the Queen.

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20 May 2011

Chapter 15: The Beginning of the Party: the Leader is Unprepared
There were many rules imposed at Jaejoong's party. These included a dress code, semi-formal, a no smoking policy for Jaejoong hated cleaning ash pits, a no heavy drinking and no vomiting regulation, an anti-drug implementation, and a no dirty dancing campaign. Of course, Jaejoong would never act as the evil one who forced the rule breakers to leave. That job was for Rhett, who sat at the front of the reception counter at the entrance. In his hand was a list of questions that Jaejoong demanded him to ask the guests. Jaejoong could only trust Rhett with this job after all. He was probably the only one who could withstand any task as long as there was responsibility involved. 

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15 May 2011

      He probably knew that I was several steps behind him. I had an inkling that he knew. He would always know what I was thinking or doing. Nevertheless, I did what I had to do. I maintained a steady pace behind him, turning whenever he turned and stopping whenever he stopped. The route he took was convoluted to the point where it was unnecessary. Perhaps, he wanted me to relinquish. I, however, was persistent for the more he walked, the more I felt there was to unearth.
      When he stopped in front of a small, two-storey cottage with cracked windows, and a slightly broken wooden door, he turned his head left and right, scanning for potential spies. Instantly, I hid behind a large Oak tree with a wide trunk. I heard his series of knocks, rhythmically created as a code for his entrance. I assumed he passed for a woman who appeared in her late forties opened the door. She had a rose shawl that covered her entire face, except for her chestnut shaded eyes. Without a word, he entered and without a word, she granted him access to the place.
      Upon hearing the shutting of the door, I scurried to the nearest window. If I heard correctly, he had shifted the weight of his foot to turn left. Hence, I raced to the left side of the building and then jumped up once to see through the window. Within a flash, I saw two heads.
      They were there.

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11 May 2011


I have been trying my best to finish the revisions for my stories by posting an edited chapter a day. However, I will not be able to work at this speed from now to early June because I will be traveling. I am not bringing my laptop and I'm not sure when I will be able to have time on the computer or even use the Internet, so updates, if there are any, will be slow and sporadic.

As for what I feel about the editing and revising process, I think I'm rather enjoying it. Rebirth certainly has changed a lot. I've added a few new characters and extended more on Renelle's past. I actually think she's not as cruel as before since she's fighting with her own memories, but I think I prefer this version more than the original. I hope you do too!

TFDL: Prelude has undergone several changes. I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but I like Jaejoong much more. He could become my favourite character now in this story. Haha! I had fun including the boys' memories. Somehow, I think when you know your friends for so long, you're reminded of the past when some events occur. I also had fun writing about Yumi's part of the story. She's a very different character now, but I still hope you will like her too.

Thank you for your patience and I will do my best to update when I can!

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Chapter 14: The Mom Helps the Free Spirit Make a Decision

Early mornings were suitable for Jaejoong. He had many household chores to execute, so it was natural for him to start his day at six. Breakfast had to be exquisite and stuffed with nutrients. He did not want to tend an ill friend; colds managed to circulate once one person caught it. He also did not want people suffocating from dust bunnies, so he took the time to experiment with various cleaning products by wiping down every counter or flat surface he saw. 

Just as Jaejoong was whistling a new tune while walking down the spiraling set of stairs, there was already someone in the kitchen. Jaejoong, who was expecting an empty, semi-dark room, almost tripped and tumbled down the stairs when he saw Yoochun pouring himself a glass of water. 

“Wh-what are you doing here?” Jaejoong gasped. 

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10 May 2011

          Voices. I heard voices calling my name. Clamorous tones.
          “Ren! Ren! Ren!” a worrisome one kept regurgitating. “Wake up!”
          Be quiet, I begged. I wanted him to stop shouting, but he was persistent.
          “S-S-shush, will you?” I finally managed to mutter in a frail tone.
          Gradually opening my eyes, I saw a hazy view of a boy grabbing my hand. He then screamed, “Verrill! Ren is awake! Hurry!” 

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09 May 2011

Chapter 13: The Leader Meets his Creators and the Hidden Devil Discovers the Geeky Girl

Rhett had no idea why his mother had called him so early in the morning to persuade him to come home for dinner. The only reason he could probe from her was that: “It has been a long time since the family had gathered together as one”. He was initially suspicious of her skills to craft this type of sentence, but then he remembered that his father probably made her memorize this line. He also came to the conclusion that his parents were plotting something with his father being the mastermind. 

“So, what’s the emergency?” Rhett questioned once his mother had opened the door for him. 

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08 May 2011

          It had been a while since I had attended a school, yet there were few differences from before, except for some additions. The Sorcerer, like any teacher, taught lessons, but it was the way that he taught them that distinguished him from other teachers. He never used notes or textbooks. He only used his memory. He never had set plans. He was spontaneous and taught whatever he felt was needed from wooing ladies to playing instruments. There were no official tests since he believed they were unnecessary. He always said, “The most important test you will face will be surviving in court. Everything I am teaching you will help you. It is fine if you choose not to learn. It is your life after all.”

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07 May 2011

Chapter 12: The Mom Critiques the Child and the Innocent Boy Takes Initiative

Jaejoong pinched the flimsy part of Yumi’s bicep and poked her tummy. He then declared after a sigh, “You’re too fat. Lose some weight, will you? I don’t understand why I even bother to work for you.”

She would have yelled back, but she wasn’t sure how to argue with Jaejoong. Her mouth would fail to remember how to speak, yet her ears would always know how to listen. His words were enunciated too clearly that they were stabbing every inch of her soul. 

God, at this rate, we're gonna have to take you to the butcher's for some trimming. I bet you like being fat so you can get attention from people like me, Jaejoong scoffed.

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06 May 2011

          Needless to say, the Queen was thoroughly displeased with Cael’s request, which was more like a demand. Cael had forced the Queen to permit me to study with the other nobles’ sons. If she didn’t agree to his terms, Cael had slyly suggested that rumours of my being educated would spread.
          Perhaps, I had always undervalued education, taking it for granted, and so, I was left with another season to contemplate about my actions. The new school year did not start until winter; thus, I had to wait. During this wait, the Queen still taught me, but I could feel her animosity. I had disappointed her. From the way she spoke to the way she looked at me, I knew that she harbored frustration. I could understand if she expressed anger and sadness, yet her annoyance could only mean one thing. She was annoyed that I had almost ruined her plans. I knew her plan for me to marry, yet intuition told me that there was more. What else did she have in mind?

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Chapter 11: The Leader Has an Unexpected Guest and the Free Spirit Receives Some Unexpected News

It was supposed to be a simple day, another day, another time of a mundane weekend, but . . . there was someone at the door. The first to respond was Junsu, who dove for the screen of their security camera. 

“It’s a girl! Anyone here know this girl?” he shouted. 

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05 May 2011

          “You were magnificent!” Marie skipped to fetch my cream, silk empire gown along with my olive robe and cheered, “The Sorcerer was right! You were fit to be our Princess! I assure you that you’ll be just as great as Princess Ghislaine the first!” she continued to chant while untying the ribbon along my waist.
          “Who was she?”
          I blinked a few times and at my question, Marie instantly stopped her cajoles and Cerebus, who was now lying on the velvet couch, even whimpered.

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Chapter 10: The Free Spirit and His Song; the Hidden Devil and His Escape

Alarm clocks were never Yoochun’s friends. To wake up, he needed at least four clocks. Each was placed in separate corners of his bedroom and each was equidistance from his king-sized bed. He would set them a few minutes apart from each other, so he couldn’t turn all of them off in one try. Thankfully, he didn’t need to go to work in the mornings, unlike Rhett, who woke early and stayed late at work. Yoochun’s career only involved composing songs, meaning that he could work at home. Even when he had to attend meetings with artists to understand their album concepts, he scheduled them in the afternoon or preferably, in the evening. 

When his cell phone vibrated on his night stand, he hesitated to answer it and at first, ignored the sound. However, the buzzing had become so irritating that he had reached for it. “H-hello,” his voice at once cracked.  

“Are you almost done that love song?” his manager inquired.

What . . . song? When did I . . . 


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04 May 2011

          My mother used to tell me that once a baby had a taste of real food, that baby would no longer drink powdered milk or snack on baby food. After a dose of freedom, I, too, refused to be confined in my room. Midnight escapades were common and I always seemed to return to one place: Cerebus’ Swamp. Actually, I frequented the garden within the Swamp, the one that housed a pool of water. This garden was named after a loyal knight, Sir Garold. In commemoration of his honourable death during an assassination attempt on King Fitzgerald II, this garden was constructed. The lake or pond was supposed to contain the freshest, iciest water to remind people of Sir Garold’s commendable act of bravery.

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Chapter Nine:  The Innocent Boy Has his Official Date with the Innocent Girl and the Mom Decides to Host a Party

Rhett grimaced when he heard Junsu’s request at the front door. He had even interlocked his fingers to plead.  

“Slap me. Slap me hard!” 

Junsu was clad in what he believed to be the best outfit he had taken from a mannequin at a store; he was never a coordinator of fashion, more of a follower. He wore a black blazer, along with an equally dark tight-fitting pair of jeans, a black tank-top and a pair of leather shoes.  

Changmin popped out of nowhere with a spoon in his mouth, and noted, “You look like you’re going to a funeral.”

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03 May 2011

       Too overburdened, I decided to take a walk. I had had trouble sleeping thanks to the Queen’s nervous breakdowns. She tested me question after question, reminding me of every manner, and forcing me to repeat an action until I had perfected it. I had curtsied too many times that my knees and my waist had grown sore. Still, I had no intention of lying awake in my bedroom, being alone in the darkness, which reminded me of those times when it was too dim to even sleep or too vivid to say I had been dreaming. Even when I was awake though, I could barely concentrate, and so to clear my mind, I escaped in the middle of the night.
          I walked to wherever I could and in the end, I stumbled upon creatures . . . or more like, ravenous Leogartos that had completely surrounded me. Leogartos was a hybrid between a lion and a singular species of alligator, the Urcisian Alligator, found only in Urcis. It had a head and the feet of a lion, along with an elongated, steel-like tail and jaws of an alligator. Until now, I had only seen drawings of such a beautiful, yet deadly creature. 

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01 May 2011

Chapter Eight:  Strictly, a Family Affair

As expected, Jaejoong would interrogate Rhett, and as expected, no one could escape Jaejoong’s probing. Rhett just didn’t expect to be questioned when Jaejoong was preparing dinner. That had to have been the worst time as Jaejoong could possibly use kitchen utensils to threaten the respondent.

“So,” Jaejoong sniggered loudly with his hands covering his cheeks, “how was the date?”

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