I thought it would be interesting to ask questions that I would love to be answered by my readers, so here I go with my first set. I will also give my responses. Fair right?


1. Who is your favourite character so far and why?

So I tried answering this question, but I realized that if I revealed my two favourite characters, I might reveal some spoilers. I will definitely answer this question completely once I feel that my answer will be spoiler-free. I'll just say for now that they are Kuro and Cael. (I could not decide between these two!!)


1. Since it is nearing the end of book one, I would like to know what your favourite chapter or scene was and why?

I would say that Chapter 18: The Leader and the Queen of Spontaneity Prepare for Their Exam was my favourite one. This chapter shows that Jihyun and Yunho have finally set aside their differences and are trying to know each other's personalities. I always thought it would be interesting if people first learned about each other by asking questions to each other. It seems more efficient in some sense unless people think they know themselves but they actually don't. That happens quite frequently, believe it or not. I found that some people either like to say that they have certain traits or believe that they do. However, I then discovered that they weren't demonstrating what they claimed. 

This chapter also reveals Jihyun's weaker side. I am sure that you have noticed that Jihyun likes to pretend that everything is okay and is the sort to hide her emotions, so it is rather rare for her to show her vulnerability. Even she finds it odd for her to be accepting Yunho's hug. 

Yunho although ignorant or dense, still feels that he should comfort her. Even though he has claimed that he would be willing to give this relationship a try, he never actually accepted this idea until this chapter. He is finally able to open up to her as well.

Moreover, I always felt hugs were supposed to be more sentimental and I wanted to show that even a simple gesture could ease someone's insecurities. Of course, this gesture would have to be from the right person and well, would have to be natural.

I hope to read your replies,
Jubie (cubierock11)