30 December 2012

Chapter 12: Savior
The next morning, Beau was nowhere to be seen. He had disappeared, faded away like always, and I was left alone in my room, staring at the white ceiling. Why had I said those words before? Was that why he had come to me one last time so that I would forgive him? One last time? Why did I . . .

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15 December 2012

Chapter 11: Comprehension

            I had not seen Beau for ages and for him to visit me was a rare event. Cael and Beau were too preoccupied with reforming the country and also tending to their new bride. I had accidentally heard from Cael that he did not want an heir yet, so during the night, Beau would be the one who shared a bed with Queen Chiyoko. The two had been arguing in Cael’s office then. I remembered how infuriated and frustrated Beau had become.

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