16 June 2012

Chapter 3: Stratagems    


I felt freezing cold water hit my face and drench my whole body. As I opened my blurred eyes, I realized that my hands were tied behind my back, and I was sitting in a chair. “Wipe his face!” I heard that familiar voice barking, and then, I felt a towel almost smother me. I choked after accidentally swallowing a bit of the water, and so she ordered, “Stop now!” I blinked a few times before looking ahead. There was Ichijo-san sitting on a piano’s bench with her legs crossed and body leaning forward. Her cheek rested on her palm as she eyed me viciously. “Kyoko-san, leave us alone now,” Ichijo-san demanded. 

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08 June 2012

Chapter 2: Puzzles and Answers
Ever since middle school, Haneul and I liked to spend the rainy days at a library. She said that reading helped ease her mind and distract her from the weather she hated. I never really understood why she hated the rain so much. She would always lay her cheek on the table while mentioning to me at the library: “I really hate the rain. It’s so depressing.”

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06 June 2012

Chapter 2: Memories and Enemies
Credits and thanks goes to FESHA for the poster
Lunch break was when Yusei and I liked to play basketball after eating. Basketball was one of those sports I had finally mastered after kneeling to Yuka, my second oldest sister, to be my coach at the age of twelve. At that time, Yuka was thirteen years old. Why did I ever do that? Well, she was the sports champion of my sisters. She was the one that preferred abs and muscles over skinniness. She was the one that competes in all of the sports day events and wins every single one of them. She was the one that all the sports teams want but will never get because she believes being a banchou is more important than anything. She was also the banchou of her high school and will still be until she graduates. All of these facts prove that she’d be my perfect sensei for basketball. I mean, I knew I was throwing myself to a devil, but I didn’t want to always get the ribbon for participants. If I had to be a true man, I had to be a sports champion too and had to acknowledge my better opponents. All for the sake of being a man, I knelt and bowed to Yuka, who almost spat at me.

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05 June 2012

Chapter 1: The Princess' Glare
Not a long time ago, there was a beautiful lady who attended one of the most prestigious high schools in Tokyo. Everyone called her Airi-hime. It was said that rows of men could fall to their feet by her mere presence. She had millions of photos taken each day and uploaded by her fans. Her fan club consisted of more than three million members with 70% being males and 30% being females. But that’s cut the bull crap, and go to the heart of the story. With the start of the second year of high school, nothing was going to change much.

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03 June 2012

Author's Note:

Hello! Okay. Okay. I know I shouldn't start a new story, but I'm totally hooked on the males from the Lee family that I've created starting from Collections of Love. Don't feel like you need to read Collections of Love or Curiosity Killed the Lady to understand this story, the Watcher. The two other stories just provide a bit more background information about the protagonist, Minjun, and his family. I'd be more than delighted if you do decide to read the other stories! :)

Anyways, here's the story featuring Lee Minjun. It's more slice of life? I can't really say it's a tragedy, but in some ways, it is. I hope you'll like it! 

I'll release this story exclusively on my blog first before I upload it onto soompi. I'm waiting for some posters to be created before doing anything on soompi. :)

Thank you, and feel free to leave any comments! I'm more than happy to respond to them! 

PS. I don't think this story will be too long. I'm expecting 15 chapters? 

Chapter 1: You

I think of you less and less every day, but when I do, it still hurts. And when I do, I always go to the library we used to frequent and borrow that particular novel, Dom Casumurro. I never buy books of mine anyways. I guess it’s because I like old things that have memories. I think every object has a story of its own, and I like remembering each of them. Somehow, I think it all started with my grandmother. Before my mother, my twin brother, Yeonjun, and I started to live in the Lee household, he and I were staying with my grandmother. She looked after us until we were six, just before she passed away. I remember her holding my hand, and with her old, wrinkly fingers, she pushed my hair behind my ear. “Minjun-ah,” she croaked while lying in bed, “I want you to have Grandfather’s watch. It’s on my dressing table.”

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02 June 2012

Chapter 13: Stolen Heart

I’m actually being very good. I walk as often as I can, and I have cut down on my sweets. Dieting cannot be even more painful. Less meat and more vegetables. No more cookies too. No more free pizzas from staff or stupid clubs. The only reason that I like helping out club events where there are guest speakers is that I get to munch on free pizza and pop. No more. Sob. Sob. Sob. So, I go by this week being very healthy, and then that day comes again. That day to work out.

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“Jikyung,” Jina places her hands on my shoulders, “you okay?”

It’s the day of the wedding, and I’m getting jitters. I don’t think it’s because I’m unsure of marrying Junghoon. It’s just the idea of marrying someone in general is tugging my heart. I’m going to be settled now. I’m going to be someone’s wife, and I’m going to consider creating a family. I’m going to have to care for someone else as much as I care for a family member. I’m going to face the possibility of divorce in the future. I guess I’m scared. I’m scared to move onto the next part of my life, and then be left behind somewhere. I don’t want my parents’ case to repeat. I’m saying that I won’t mind my husband cheating as long as he provides for me and my future children if I have some; however, I know that’s half of a lie. I think I care too much about Junghoon now that I’ll mind. I might even come to hate him if that ever happens, and I don’t want that. I don’t want to follow my mother’s steps.

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