Hello! I don't know why, but I keep having new story ideas. Don't worry, I'll get through all of my stories one by one. Just be patient with me, and as always, if I receive some feedback, I'll definitely update faster. Sometimes, I think comments are like coffee or tea to me. They boost my energy level for a story! Anyways, I hope you enjoy this one! I actually created this story because I fell in love with a name I found, and it's Azuma. 

Below is a summary to help you get a taste of what you're going to read.


What do two strangers have in common? Not much, except that they're both suffering from the same love problem. Nogiri Azuma has always loved his best friend, Ishikawa Ayane, while Kuhara Sumiko has fallen for a classmate who already has a girlfriend. Azuma and Sumiko happen to be classmates in university, and see each other often on campus. So what happens when fate strings the two together?
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