Hello readers,

Recently, I have decided to become a reviewer on wattpad. I may become a reviewer elsewhere as well if you leave a comment. As a reviewer, I have a general rule. I will review your story, but you must in turn review my story. This is what I call, a fair trade.

The link to my story: http://www.wattpad.com/889936-rebirth

(You can also find this story on fictionpress. There are more chapters on that account.)

I will describe my style as a reviewer. (This is what I have noticed as I conducted my first review.)

I am quick to notice grammatical errors, as well as those with spelling. I will try my best to point out where you need help for grammar by giving examples. Sometimes, I can become obsessed with grammar, and you will realize that I have focused my attention on that aspect of a story. However, I do pay attention to other elements as well. Do take note that I follow MLA, so if your professor or teacher has taught you something in a different way or you're more familiar with another method, then just follow whatever you wish.

I will certainly analyze and critique your language and style. I think word choice and the fluidity of your sentences are very significant.

I deal with characterization more than plot. This does not mean that I ignore your plot. It really depends on your story. If your story is more action-based, then I will say what I need to say. If your story is more about the interaction of characters, then of course, I will critique those relationships.

If you are looking for an ego boost, then I am not your reviewer. If you are looking for honesty and improvement, then I am your reviewer. I am not afraid to tell you what is wrong, and never, ever take my criticisms personally. I criticize your work, not you as an individual.

I do have to give another warning. When I review, I have a different tone. I can be very sarcastic. Please remember that I am simply typing as I think about what you've written. Please do look at some reviews I have written to understand what I mean by that.

Thank you,

Jubie (cubierock11)

PS. If you don't agree with some parts of my review, then it is fine not to change anything. You're entitled to your own beliefs and opinions. Similarly, I'm entitled to my own ideas.