Long time no see. A lot has happened just the first week of January and people say we're supposed to welcome the New Year. I honestly don't feel welcomed at all. I feel more like I've been slapped in the face multiple times, and maybe stabbed in the back too.

I returned to another city, and my luggage were missing for several days. They have finally been located and delivered to the wrong place. I had to go fetch for them myself. Quite pathetic, I'd say. Then, the day that I retrieved my baggage, my laptop died on me. I had to go buy a new one. My old one which I bought in August is pretty much fried. Oh, in between all of this, I was down with a fever and I have a cold now. Hooray for the New Year welcome!

Because of these unperceived circumstances, I could not update this blog nor could I write. Thankfully, I wrote an extra chapter before the death of my laptop and saved all of my files on an external hard drive. After a previous death of another laptop, where I lost all of my files, I learned to save on an external hard drive. Readers, please do that too unless you have a very strong and healthy computer/laptop.

So, here I am with the update status. Excuse my above ranting.


1. Fictionpress: I'm updating chapter 46 after this blog, so you can go check it out. So, for chapter 47, I have decided to update today, January 9, because I am on a writing rampage. I have written far more than I had predicted so I am ready to release!! :D Chapter 48 will come on January 13 or 14!

2. Soompi: I have updated Chapter 44 before the death of my laptop, so I will release chapter 45 on January 13 or 14. Early update because I have been a SPEEDY writer!! Chapter 46 should be on January 13 or 14 then! I have requested banners and posters for Rebirth, so those will be updated soon! :D

3. Booksie: Okay, I know I promised before that I would release chapters every day, but holiday shopping took the best of me and well, I had to spend a lot of time with my family. I haven't seen them in months, and I'm not sure when I'll see them again. So, please understand my circumstances. (If it were easier to upload things on Booksie, then I would always use it first.)

*I have actually changed the prologue of Rebirth, so I will adjust that page accordingly. I will also release the edited version of chapters 1 and 2 pretty soon. I squeeze in some editing during the holidays.

TFDL: Etude

1. Soompi: I released chapter 1 a few days ago, so I will most likely update the story with chapter 2 on January 15 or 16. I am also going to request banners and posters for Etude on soompi's forum, so you might see some new artwork! I was too delighted so I release chapter 2 on impulse!!

2. Asianfanfics: Chapter 1 again was released about the same time as the Soompi release, so it will follow the same schedule as Soompi. :) Okay, so I was too happy about people's comments, so I released chapter 2 much earlier than I expected! I will be working on other chapters now!

I hope everyone had a better start than me for the New Years.


Jubie (cubierock11)