I just realized that I never wrote a chapter dedicated to the end of TFDL: Prelude. I never really shared my thoughts and feelings after finishing the first book.

I think I had already started the document for book two, so there didn't seem to be a pause in writing. This piece originally was going to be a work that I kept to myself. I wasn't brave enough to share it online until a friend had encouraged me to do so. Funnily, TFDL: Prelude was the first story that I had released, but it wasn't the first that I had written. I actually had a romance-tragedy before this work. I just put that piece on hold for now.

I would love to write character analyses, but since this isn't the end of the series, I can't share them now. You'll have to be patient with me! I can share what I thought so far.

It was a challenge writing for five protagonists, but I wanted each boy to have his own story. I had considered creating separate stories for each boy. However, that would defeat the point in showing their close friendship. So, I chose to keep everything and everyone together.

My inspiration from this piece did come from the boys' friendship and then their stories started to develop on their own. You may have noticed that sometimes they are faced with similar situations, yet they deal with them very differently. That's why they're five different lovers! :)

I've had people ask me who my favourite character was. I honestly can't answer that question. Sometimes, I got frustrated with a few characters because I had trouble writing their scenes. My personality clashed with theirs sometimes. To tell you the truth, I often had the most trouble writing for Junsu. He and I are just too different and his situation was difficult to grasp. Who was generally the easiest for me to write? It would have to be Changmin or Yoochun. It's easy to be devilish and sarcastic for Changmin. It's also easy for Yoochun to share his insightful thoughts.

The female character who was really hard to write for would be Yoomi. She and I are quite different too and I wasn't sure how to portray her character at first. I was going to base her off of my friend, but things didn't turn out that way. This doesn't mean that I don't like her. I just had to work harder to write for her!

Conversely, Jihyun was the easiest for me to include. She and I are very similar, maybe even too much alike.  

As for my favourite couple . . . I can't answer that one yet! ;)

Although I had created a poll on soompi about this, I thought I would ask again for your favourite lover. I'm sure after finishing book one, you would have different opinions or . . . maybe not. Vote away!

Who is your favourite lover?
Jung Yunho
Kim Jaejoong
Park Yoochun
Kim Junsu
Shim Changmin

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Here's also another poll. I've always wanted to know which couple people liked seeing.

What is your favourite pairing?
Yunho and Jihyun (Yunji)
Yunho and Hana (Yuna)
Jaejoong and Yoomi (Jaemi)
Jaejoong and Jihyun (Jaehyun)
Junsu and Nayoung (Suyoung)
Changmin and Nayoung (Minyoung)
Changmin and Miyun (Changmi)
Yoochun and Soohwa (Yoohwa)
Yoochun and Junghwa (Yoojung)
No pairings. I liked Sanghyun the most.

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