I like to call miscellaneous issues, housekeeping issues. They're like little things you have to do in the house.

A long time ago, I said I would upload my drawings, and before, I had scanned them and was ready to share them. Unfortunately, my laptop broke a month ago, so I haven't scanned any of the other ones on this laptop. I will this weekend. I will be sharing Beau's drawing. I will also be sharing some posters that I have requested to be made for Rebirth. They'll be found on the Rebirth page.

I will be sharing TFDL posters too! They will be on the TFDL page.

I realized that my blogging can be rather sporadic. So, to maintain consistency, I'm going to be posting an entry every Monday. Mondays are pretty dull, at least for me, so I thought I'd try to brighten people's Mondays. I have been thinking about what to post on Mondays, and I think I'll be having "Inspirational Mondays". They'll probably be pictures, clips, songs, or events that I think have inspired me or will inspire others.


Jubie (cubierock11)