As I mentioned in a previous post, I will be writing on every Monday with some interesting things that I have found during the weekend. Hopefully, they'll bring some joy to mundane Mondays!

I accidentally found this video uploaded on jeremyjn23's channel while searching for male models to use for my stories' covers and posters. I enjoyed the clip a lot. I thought it was rather fun and amusing to see models lipsynching to a song. There was one segment that really intrigued me and that had to be the moment when all the models walked on stage with tons of Beagles. I was a dog fanatic, and I still am, so I know my breeds. ;)

Anyways, I suddenly experienced that moment, where I had an image of a scene of a future story I have in mind. I won't be sharing the exact details, but I'm sure that in one of my stories in the future, you'll identify with this scene. There will be males walking . . . a group of them.

I hope this clip will brighten your Monday!

Be inspired,

Jubie (cubierock11)