First of all, Happy Valentine's Day! 

I haven't done anything special today, except for . . . taking an exam. In fact, today was not a very good Monday for me, but let's not make Mondays that bad. Let me start with what I think about Valentine's Day. Whenever I think of Valentine's Day, I'm reminded by this song by Epik High. It's called "Love Love Love". This was actually the first Korean song I ever heard of in my life and it would be the start of many that I would eventually hear.

This song is about unrequited love or a broken heart . . . which could be part of Valentine's Day . . . I know, I'm supposed to share the joy, but this song is still lovely! I especially loved the beginning of the song, where the phone is dialing and the girl is singing.

(Credits: This was from Flyaway87, who also subbed it in English.)


Jubie (cubierock11)