I thought I'd give a Valentine's Day gift to my readers, both Rebirth and TFDL! I know I am early, but I will forget if I don't do this now.

I shared a future romantic scene for Rebirth on soompi, but it was really short and I honestly don't think it was that romantic. It was a bit sadistic in fact. Oh well, so here's another scene you will scene. Romantic . . . maybe?
(It will only be shared on my blog, so if you visit, then you're lucky!)

As for TFDL, I thought I would share something too. I'm not even sure if I will be using this sweet segment, but it was intended for Valentine's Day. (Scroll down after Rebirth.)


“Now who’s the woman?” I looked at him with a smug grin. I was stunned, however, to find him casting a haughty glance at me. Even though there was no smile to be found on his face, I knew he was secretly jeering at no one else, but me. He had raised one of his eyebrows and then intentionally cradled my body with one of his arms.

“You would not mind, would you?” A wily half-grin emerged. “Now that I’m a woman to you.”

I bit my lower lip, frowning with all my might until I realized a tactic. My arms now clung to his neck and my face inched closer to his. He should have backed away, yet he remained still, forcing a potential stalemate between the two of us. If that was what he wanted, then that was what I would hand him. So, I lightly pressed my lips on his, hoping that he would retreat. He, on the other hand, decided to advance. He began to generate a rhythmic pattern with the opening and closing of his mouth combined with the occasional taunts from his demonic tongue, which forced me to reciprocate his attacks. Whoever ceased this kiss would be deemed loser. I could feel his arms now curling around my back with more intensity as my ribs jammed his chest. Knowing his strategy, I too locked his neck with the joints of my arms, perhaps almost to the point to suffocation.

Nothing could bother us. Even when a melange of our saliva was spooling from the edge of our mouths and when our long hairs were tangling with each other’s, we still continued our competition. Because this was going to be endless, I had to conceive a guerrilla attack. It had to be the winning hit and with that hope in mind, I let one of my hands graze his cheek. It was unbelievable how he could then clasp onto my wrist before I could even execute my plan.

I honestly thought he would have broken my wrist. Instead, he was the one that shocked me. He held my hand, interlocking his digits with mine. At first, I straightened my fingers and focused all of my energy to constrict my muscles, but he patiently and urgently hooked my fingers towards his. Like an anchor setting its place in the sand, he marked his spot. He was able to claim my hand and before I knew it, our palms already seemed to be one.

I should have known that gentleness was obscene for he flipped my body over, shifting our positions with his being in a dominant form. My back was now glued to the cold tatami floor. I almost shivered knowing that he was in a situation where he could do anything to me. He was perfectly in control and when his lips parted from my now cracked, dry ones, he gazed at me without much expression for his win. “Do not enrage me,” he then warned. “Do not challenge me because you will lose.”


(This is very rough. I did not even finish the dialogue tags. This was written way before Yunho met Hana.)

It had been a while since he last entered a library. Jihyun had given him very specific instructions as to where she was situated in this enormous library. She had blabbered so much about the objects that surrounded her that unfortunately for Yunho, he could only recall the floor that she had mentioned, the sixth.  

In a land full of single, studious students, Yunho was the centre of their attention. Essentially, he was an eye candy. Looking rather puzzled, a couple of ladies approached him and asked, “Umm, are you lost?”
Yunho decided to take his chances even though their eyes gleamed of desire, “Do you happen to know someone about this short?” His hand tapped the lower part of his left shoulder to demonstrate Jihyun’s impeccable height.

“There are a few girls that we know with that height,” one of the taller girls wearing round glasses commented.

“Could one of them be Lee Jihyun?” Yunho confirmed. “She has medium-length hair, to her shoulders. She sometimes wears glasses because she’s too lazy to take them off. She has single eye lids, and a pale face. Oh yeah, she’s pretty weird.”

“Weird?” another lady quacked.

“Ah!” the same tall girl acknowledged. “That Jihyun!”

Yunho’s eyes brightened, “So, you know where she is?”

“No, but we do know who she is,” she cheerfully answered.

Yunho immediately sulked and walked to the other side of the library. There were rows of book shelves lined up neatly beside each other. He had an inkling though, that within the spaces between the shelves, Jihyun would be there doing some odd gesture or action. He would then laugh at her. No, he would laugh with her. 
So, he began his journey from the furthest north book shelf, and made sure to stick his head in to check for her existence. He was heading towards the end of the row of bookshelves when he noticed a small girl staring at the highest shelf while scratching her chin. Within seconds, he knew he had found her and there was a large smile plastered on his face.

He, however, suddenly decided not to approach her and to look at her from the side. He felt like watching her movements. Whatever she did was thoroughly entertaining. By now, she had marched towards a plastic stool to her far right. Then, she picked it up and dumped it right where she stood before. She clapped her hands together a few times, took a deep breath, and then hopped onto the stool. Her feet were on tip-toes while one of her hands reached for a particular book. 

Yunho could already tell that this was not going to work; thus, he hastily paced to her behind. His hands grabbed at the sides of her body, close to her waist region, and lifted her whole body off from the ground. 

“What the heck are you doing?” She grumbled and began to kick her legs. “Get off of me, you pervert!”

“It’s me,” he muttered. “I’m just trying to help.”

Recognizing his voice, she breathed a sigh of relief, but still complained, “You shouldn’t scare me like that. I honestly would have punched you if you—“

“Hurry up! You’re not very light, you know?” 

“Just wait till I land! You will face my wrath and burn to the depths of darkness and Ahh!”

Jihyun accidentally leaned backwards, causing Yunho to lose his balance and fall backwards. His head hit the metal part of the shelf. “Damn!” he angrily choked.

She instantly rolled her body to face him and was about to crawl forward, but Yunho’s arms wrapped around her with too much force. Her hand could only extend to pat his cheek and asked, “You all right?”

“Yeah, I just need some ice."

“What about . . . this?" She reached in her pocket to pop a piece of chocolate into his mouth.


“Dark choco. Good huh?”

“So . . . bitter.”

“But, it’s good right?”

“Let me have another one and I’ll see.”

“All right, if you say so.”

“Still . . . so bitter."

“Well, if you don’t like it then I’ll keep it for myself.”

“You’re going to gain a few pounds then. Why don’t I be nice and stop you from gaining by finishing it off?”

“So, now you want to be a hero eh?”


“Oh, so you’re the type that only wants something if someone else is fighting for it too?”

“Not exactly. You know, most people would consider what I did as being thoughtful.”

“Thoughtful? More like vengeful.”

“How’s that seeking for revenge?”

“Because . . . it is.”

“What kind of lame reason is that?”

“I learned it from a lame person, called Yunho.”

“Just hand over the chocolate!”

“Come on, please. Purdy please,”

“Oh! You ripped that off of me? Such a copy cat!”

“Just give me the chocolate then!”

“Is that how you speak to a lady?”

“No, but that’s how I speak to a girl.”

“Oh! How dare you . . .!”

“You two! You’ve been making a ruckus! Now, get out of the library!” A librarian shouted.

“It’s all your fault, Yunho.”

“If you had handed over the chocolate, then everything would have been okay. You know what? I’m sick of this! Just go pig yourself out!”

“Wait! You can’t just leave me here!”

“Why not?”

“Because . . .”

“Oh right, I forgot you’re not manly enough to maneuver your way around campus. What a shame!”

“Ji-hyun, I wouldn’t be talking and walking like that.”

“Why not? You think I’m . . . Owww. Ugh." Jihyun had crashed into a metal pole. “Do not say ‘I told you so’. I will honestly slap you in the face if you do that.”

“You always say you’ll slap me, but you never do.”

“So, you actually enjoy a beating? You’re such an M, Yunho.”

“What? No!”

“Will you at least help me out here? Gosh, you suck at taking care of people.”

“No, I don’t. Here, watch.”

“I’m watching . . .”

He kissed on her forehead and blew on it a few times. “All your pain will disappear now. That’s what I always did for my sister.”

“W-well, it doesn’t work on me.”

He popped the chocolate in her mouth. “Then this?”

“Gosh, I’m talented.”

“You made this?”

“Yeah. Well, Jaejoong helped me out.”

“I’m impressed.”

“You shouldn’t be. I’m always this skilled.”

“R-right, even at stapling?”

“Hey! That’s another story.”

“And hole punching?”

“Again, another story."

“What about—“ She stuffed another piece in his mouth. “Aw man, s-s-so bitter.”

“Wow, I should always do this whenever I want you to be quiet.”

“Then, I’ll force you to share a drink with me.”

“You know, I’ll just ask for a straw or order another drink. Stupid!”

“Not if I do this . . .” He grabbed onto her hands.

“I still have a mouth.”

He kissed her to silence her. “HA! I . . . ”

“You’re doing the wrong person. Oh god . . . that sounded wrong, awfully wrong right?” He nodded. “It’s all your fault! And where’s my chocolate?”

“Your chocolate?”

“Yeah, today is Valentine’s Day, a day where girls and guys give chocolates to people they know.”

“No . . .Girls give guys chocolates. Guys don’t give girls chocolates.”

“Well, where I was born and raised, both give chocolates, so I think I deserve something.”

“W-w-w-ait, today is Valentine’s Day?”

“Yeah, why else would Jaejoong force me to make chocolates?”

“You two always do weird things. Who would know?”

“Stop arguing with me! Just hand over the chocolate that I deserve.”


“I worked long and hard to make these. Jaejoong forced me to practically pull an all-nighter for this. I mean, look at these EYE BAGS!”

“You won’t let me go unless I fulfill your request right?”

“Why do you even have to ask? Sigh.”

“So, you want chocolate?”

“No, I actually feel more like having French food.”

“I take it this means I have to treat you to dinner?”