13 June 2013

Hello guys!

I'm moving my blog to wordpress: http://cubierock11.wordpress.com/

I'm doing this because of a couple of reasons:

1. Wordpress has better templates. I really can't stand how the templates created on blogger all seem so tacky and just unappealing. I'm not that good with html as well, so I can't fix things by myself sadly.

2. I keep getting logged out of my blogger from a location that I don't even live in, which makes me believe that someone is accessing this account. Pretty creepy stuff.

I will be posting all of my stories onto that wordpress account. You'll probably get massive emails at first with my updates since I'm moving everything post by post. So feel free to follow later when I have everything settled down. I'll make another announcement later when I'm done with all the moving. That way, the updates will actually be updates.

Thank you readers! It has been great on blogspot, but I think it's time to make things even better with wordpress!

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12 June 2013

Chapter 28: Festivities
I haven't been home in ages, and I'm sure my family calls me the unfaithful, thoughtless daughter. Luckily, because I'm bringing home a boyfriend, my family can't complain much. Since I'm the only child, my parents and grandparents have been avidly waiting for me to show them a man. I'm sure after my mom discovered Sehun at my place, she has been gossiping with my father about him. I have a feeling that my dad won't like Sehun much since Sehun's job isn't exactly professional. My dad is the traditional sort that only values those that are either doctors, lawyers, accountants, professors, teachers, nurses, business managers, and etc. Just wait till I tell him that Sehun was a dance choreographer. Oh Lord. My dad will start lecturing me about how I threw all my tuition to waste, met a bad guy, and all that. 

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Chapter 27: The Modern Family

I'm cold. I'm very, very cold. In fact, I feel like I have been thrown in a freezer or sent to the North Pole. No matter how many layers I put on, my fingers and toes are still freezing. Someone toss me a heater before I freeze to death. As I put a scarf over my neck, Sehun frowns at me in awe from the corridor. "Uh . . . what . . . are you . . . wearing?" he wonders.

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Chapter 26: Winter Wonderland 

I know I'm supposed to break the news to Sohee as soon as possible, yet when I see her greeting me happily at the wedding store, my mouth goes dry. It's even worse that she keeps blabbing about how excited she is for me and how she spent so much time finding the right dress for me. She also tells me that she can't wait for me to get married with Yeonjun, which really . . . makes me choke. She asks over the course of trying on gowns if I'm okay, and I keep saying that I'm fine. However, when I'm about to change into the final dress, I hear my phone vibrating. There's a message from Sehun, asking me what time I'll be done with Sohee and if we will be grabbing lunch together. 

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Chapter 25: Breaking Point
"Hello? Who's speaking?"

A woman's voice. 

I immediately hang up, and I almost forget to breathe. I should have known. I should have known better. It's already the evening now. It's completely reasonable for a woman to answer Yeonjun's cell phone. What . . . was I even thinking? 

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Chapter 24: Trial One
After a day's rest and a few hours of contemplation, I finally come up with a plan. I know I should have rejected Suho's offer, but instead, I accept it. I know Yeonjun says I don't need to help him extract information from Suho anymore. However, the more I think about what he said, the more I know that I have to ignore his request. I can't leave Yeonjun aside. I don't want him to suffer further or crack under pressure. My gut tells me that he's at his breaking limit, and I'm scared that no one will be there for him when he falls.

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Chapter 23: Code Black
"So in the end, he just wants you to be the affair."

That's the conclusion that Sehun arrives for me. Let's back track a bit. After Yeonjun's suggestion, he and I rode down the elevator together in silence. It wasn't until we reached the ground floor did he let me know that he'd give me some time to think about it. Fortunately, I asked him what happened if I said no. He said that that was okay. We would just be normal friends and that we'd mostly hang out with the whole crew.

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Chapter 22: On, off, on, off, and . . . open?
This seems all so deja-vu, except I wake up . . . naked? Eh? What? 

"Ah!" I scream until there's no tomorrow. I'm like a little cry baby who can't get her favourite present. My arms and legs are thrashing like crazy, kicking the blanket of some bed I'm on up and down. The half-naked Yeonjun comes rushing in; he only has a towel covering that region, making me scream even louder.

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Chapter 21: Hello (Permanent) Roomie
I keep saying that all this morning. Why? Because Sehun . . . actually . . . is a nudist. He says that for a while, he has been having trouble sleeping and being himself because he keeps wearing clothes at home. Maybe for some girls, this is free porn, but this is torturous for me. I mean, sure he has nice abs, a set of nice shoulder blades, a tight butt . . .

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Chapter 20: You can't have everything

The doctor just gave me a pill. That's supposed to cure my allergic reaction. I wish a pill could solve everything, all my relationship issues and all that jazz. Right now, my head is a mess. I know I shouldn't be worrying about Yeonjun or Sehun, but somehow, I just want everyone to be happy. But . . .what about myself? Am I happy this way?

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Chapter 19: Love Allergy

I think the most logical choice is to be with Suho. After thinking about what Sehun said and what everything happened, I realize that no one will be upset over that. Yeonjun will get his information about Suho's plans. I won't hurt Sehun's feelings even more in the process. Suho seems understanding enough to know that I can't fall in love with him right away, and as much as Yeonjun and Sehun claim that Suho is no good, I don't think you can base everything on the past. Maybe, I'm a bit of a sucker for optimism, but I think Suho deserves a chance. I'd like to know him better rather than throw away this relationship directly. 

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Chapter 18.1: Bad Girl

To my surprise and dismay, my mother squeals like an excessive fan girl and screams, "Oh my Goodness! There's a man in my daughter's life!" She turns at me and smiles wholeheartedly. "Congratulations, honey! I now know for sure that you're not a lesbian! Not that that's a bad thing. I mean, if you were, I would definitely support your decision, but it's just a--"

"Mom!" I holler to stop her from embarrassing me even more.

"What, darling?" My mother cocks her head, wondering.

"He's gay," I make this complete lie.

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02 June 2013

Chapter 18: A Small Excursion
Yukina thought we could have a small adventure within this town. She said she needed a breath of fresh air, especially after being in court for so long. She told me that she hated performing for court officials because they never appreciated art. They only used artists as an excuse to drink, to discuss matters, or to admire the performers’ beauty. The nobles generally did not understand the true beauty behind art; they were shallow and greedy.

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30 May 2013

Author's Note:

This is the full chapter for chapter 34. Be warned that this will be very gruesome. This is rated M, so read at your own discretion. Also, for those that don't know, this is a work of fiction, and this does not reflect my views. I am definitely against the behaviour exhibited here, and please refrain from imitating anything you see here. Thanks.

To those that came from the link I sent you or from soompi, this is the full chapter 34. Just scroll down a bit for the second part of chapter 34! Thanks!

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27 May 2013

Author's Note:

To the readers that regularly follow my blog, sorry that I'm posting CKTL sort of out of order for now. I'll post the other chapters after this. So, feel free to skip this chapter for now if you haven't read the stuff I have on soompi. I'm actually so sorry for not updating CKTL that often here. It's just that I type this particular on soompi on their editing page, so I just need to press post and everything will be fine there. Anyhow, I will update with the remaining chapters within this summer!

For those that have been linked from Soompi, I just have to warn you again that this part has a lot of sexual content. I'd give it a rated R warning, so please make sure that you are old enough to be reading something of this level ie 18 and above. 

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25 May 2013

Yeonjun finally agrees to meet with me. Over the past few days, he has been quite the little, mind my words, bi.tch. He doesn't answer any of my calls. When he sees my phone number, he ignores it. He doesn't reply to any of my text messages. Even when I try Sehun's phone, Yeonjun chooses not to respond to it. I'm too lazy to get the other guys involved, so to resolve this situation, I phoned his office. His secretary wasn't filling to connect me to him, but luckily, I said that if she didn't pass the message that I called, I would personally bomb his office. Obviously, she hung up on me, but then, I called again and this time, I was lucky enough that Yeonjun was passing by his secretary's office. I overheard him asking who it was. The secretary answered, "Some crazy lady called Leia."

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09 May 2013

Chapter 17: Maeno Yukina
I knew that I should have been used to waking up alone, yet today, my eyes searched the room for the whisperer. Who had said those words to me? Were those parts of a dream or this reality? I kept wondering those questions as the maids came to dress me. Even when they accidentally combed too hard through my hair, I did not mind. My mind was far too preoccupied with understanding that odd vision. Clearly, Ghisaline despised him. Thinking back to my previous dreams, Ghislaine had always expressed anger towards one man. She kept declaring how much she hated him, and I could understand why, especially after he raped her. Then, there was that man that married Hotaru as opposed to Ghislaine. She clearly had feelings for him, yet she was forced to be with that man she despised. According to history, she married Emperor Karasuma, so . . .

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17 April 2013

Chapter 16: Using or Caring
            My bruising disappeared after several days, and it was around the sixth day that Maeno-san came to visit me and to inform me that Kuro had summoned me. I was to have dinner with him like I was supposed to before, so I waited at one of the large tatami rooms that Kuro had for guests. As I knelt down properly, I couldn’t help but wonder what he had to discuss. Was he going to ask me what I was doing there? What would I say in that case? I was just bored? If he was not going to question me, then was he going to start training me?

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09 April 2013

“Ouch!” I cried out and opened my eyes. I was in a room decorated with magnolia. The paintings that draped the bamboo walls were all of different shades of magnolia. There were even a few vases containing that particular flower. I wondered . . .

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16 March 2013

Rebirth Q&A Session
I have to apologize first that I didn't answer a lot of your questions clearly, and the reason is that if I did, then the story would be spoiled. Part of the story is a mystery, so I, unfortunately, can't . . . solve the mystery for you. Sorry about that. I can answer more general questions like why something happened in book 1. 

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11 March 2013

Chapter 15.1: Forbidden Fruit

            Maeno-san showed me where I resided, and to my surprise, it was the same room that I was in the first time I arrived at this palace. There was that eerie portrait of Princess Ghislaine I, causing goose bumps to run down my spine, but the painting of her wasn’t what really bugged me.
            “Is this not . . . Ku . . . no, the Lord’s chamber?” I wondered.
            “Oh . . . it is,” Maeno-san explained. “Why . . . do you look surprised?”

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06 March 2013

Hi, Rebirth readers!

Firstly, thank you for following the story! I know this has been taking a while, so I really appreciate your support and your patience. I understand how frustrating it can be when a story that you are reading hasn't been updated for a while. I've been on that side before, so again, I am very thankful for you waiting for me to update.

I have been asked by a few readers to have a Q&A session, so feel free to send me questions about Rebirth from March 6th to March 14th. I will have a blog post either on the 15th or 16th with the answers to your questions.

I will do my best to answer the questions that you ask, but if it's anything that I think will spoil the story, then I may not be able to give full answers. Sorry about that.

Thank you, and I look forward to answering your questions!

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03 March 2013

Chapter 14: Deal
            I was sure Shou and Yuu were shocked to hear that request coming from me. I had already lied to them that I was not close with Kuro at all. Now, I was having ginger tea with him in his own chamber. Women, in this era, were not supposed to be with men alone, yet here I was in his private bedroom, which was surprisingly simple for someone as complex as him. The tatami floor was coloured wheat, and the wooden frames that bordered along the sliding doors were chestnut. The doors did not even have any decorations; within his chamber, there were no forms of art, except for a water colour painting of a woman standing at the edge of a tall cliff. It was not just any woman though. With one look, I knew that it was Ghislaine I. Her eyes lingered towards the viewer’s direction in a taunting manner. Come and catch me, I believed she was trying to say. Try and see if you can catch me. The way she stood, though, showed that she was thoroughly depressed. She wanted to hurl herself down the cliff. The wind was blowing through her long, auburn hair and through her kimino that was loosely hanging from her body. Now that I thought of it more, I believed she actually wanted to say: “See if you can stop me from dying. I dare you.”

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02 March 2013

I'm probably notorious for starting stories out of the blue, but this one has been on my mind for a while now. I was actually inspired by this person I know who has an interesting idea about love. Anyhow, this will be a darker romance. Thanks and enjoy! (I think I'm just going to release this story, Debates of the Heart, on my blog first before putting it on soompi. I feel bad for neglecting updates for other stories on this blog, besides Rebirth Legacy. I'll get other chapters from other chapters put onto this blog probably in the summer when I'm more free.)

Chapter 1The End

I thought that at the age of twenty five, I would be married with my boyfriend, Tatsuo. We would have a kid together, and eventually grow old. At the age of twenty five, though, I wasn't married nor was I by any means established in my career. Instead, I was attending Tatsuo's funeral.

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02 February 2013

Chapter 13: Uncertainty

Throughout the trip, I learned that they were two brothers working for the army. Shou had just been promoted to general for his work in the battle against the Aquillans. Yuu, on the other hand, was only a messenger, working alongside Shou. In reality, Yuu was more of a bodyguard, skilled in the art of archery and close combat fighting. Their mission this time was to become members of the Kuyaza and pass along information to the government about the Kuyaza’s movements. Simply put, they were moles, and as for me, I lied that I had to visit my friend in Kurasa. I knew I shouldn’t have gone on a detour from my original trip, yet I’m too curious for my own good.

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