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Collections of Love is a set of short stories that show love told by different narrators. We first start with Snippets of Love, then Tracings of Love, and finally, Mouldings of Love.
Snippets of Love is quite personal for me, and I think a lot of people can relate to what the female protagonist, Jikyung, feels about love. Collections of Love is finished, so feel free to tell me what you think about it. I'm particularly interested in knowing who your favourite characters are.

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Mouldings of Love  

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Special Collections

Hello! Although Collections of Love is technically finished, I had the urge to write more for Junghoon and Jikyung. After much thought, I decided that I'd still write a few chapters, which will be called "Special Collections". They're really just snippets of Jikyung and Junghoon's lives. Pretty slice of life, I would say.

A part of me feels bothered because I'd like readers to envision the characters' future lives, but I honestly felt that there was something missing, that I still wanted to add more. 

I would say to treat this as a spin-off or a short sequel. For whoever that wants to stay in the tragic mode or would rather imagine what would happen to Jikyung and Junghoon, then don't read "Special Collections". "Special Collections" will really remove you from that sad atmosphere, but for those that want to be cheered up or are curious as to how I think the characters would be like later on, then do read "Special Collections".


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