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Author's Note:
Hello! I'm here again with another story! I don't know why I like having loads of stories on hand, but I guess I really have a lot of ideas going through my head. This story is actually a spin-off to Collections of Love. It'll feature one of Lee Junghoon's younger brothers, Yeonjun. Unlike Collections of Love, this story will only be told from Nam Leia's point of view, and it'll be a romantic comedy. Thank you and enjoy!


Nam Leia, a twenty-six-year old single lady, has always been curious about anything. Her curiosity is what tends to bring her trouble. This time, she unexpectedly agrees to meet with Moon Sungyeol, an old friend from university, after constantly being teased by Lee Yeonjun, a close friend, about her relationship status. She thinks that this is her chance to reacquaint with an old crush, but little does she know that this meeting is only the start of her problems. Like the old saying says, curiosity killed the cat--Nam Leia. 


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Track List

00 Fate

I believe that you are supposed to meet some people in life. Why is it that you always end up seeing the same faces or why do you even meet in the first place? Some of those people, you will probably forget after a few years. Maybe life has gotten too far for you that you've left them or they have left you behind. Maybe you've changed or they have. Somehow, you're disconnected your life from theirs or vice versa. Somehow, though, there are those that you will always remember. No matter how hard you try to move on, you keep dwelling. In my case, there's just this one guy that always arouses my curiosity, but I'm wondering if that'll actually kill me . . .

Character Analyses

1. Nam Leia

2. Lee Yeonjun

3. Han Suho

4. Sehun

5. Haneul