Dear soompi readers,

I sincerely apologize that I am retiring from soompi, but I honestly feel that that isn't the place for me to post my writings. I used to like soompi a lot because of its fan fictions and interesting stories, but these days, I feel burdened by soompi. I am not criticizing my readers or anyone particuarly, but I feel that the soompi's atmosphere is more hostile compared to other websites. What I mean by that is that readers are hesitant to comment, and people are quick to become offended by constructive criticism. I do become frustrated because of the lack of feedback; I don't know what I'm doing wrong or right, and why some stories have obvious grammar mistakes and plots with loopholes are so popular. I know I may sound like I'm jealous that a lot of other stories have more readers, and I know that the readers, at least those that have responded, have been extremely welcoming and thoughtful. However, I still believe that little things can build up.

I have been ignoring problems that were bugging me. I know that many authors PM, but PMing is very, very tedious on soompi. Other websites have a better system that makes it easier on both the readers and authors. Readers automatically receive messages about updates, and authors don't have to worry that they have forgotten this person or be tired of typing out one name at a time. It's also much easier to upload your stories on other websites. You can just upload your word documents and your formatting has been retained!

Not to mention, I had an issue with plagiarism. Someone had been unintentionally plagiarizing my work on soompi. We have resolved our problems, but that still irritates me.

So, this is how everything will go. When I finish book one of Rebirth, you will not see any sort of updates from me on soompi. I may drop by anything fanfiction or some other part of the forum once in a while, but in terms of the fan fiction thread, I will not be there. I will be keeping TFDL: Prelude on soompi.

I also realize that from my soompi signature, I have other works that are still in their beginning stages. These were going to be released on soompi, but now, they will not be. Please anticipate their arrival on other websites, and before I release them, I will update my blog as well.

Where can you find me then?

I have accounts on these sites and only these sites with the same username, cubierock11:
  1. Fictionpress
  3. Asianfanfics
  4. Wattpad
  5. Bookmato
  6. Booksie (not using anymore)
So, if you see my works lurking in other areas, please leave a message on this blog.

Please do not distribute my works without my permission and please do not plagiarize my writings.

Thank you and I hope to see you guys soon on another portal,

Jubie (cubierock11)