30 May 2013

Author's Note:

This is the full chapter for chapter 34. Be warned that this will be very gruesome. This is rated M, so read at your own discretion. Also, for those that don't know, this is a work of fiction, and this does not reflect my views. I am definitely against the behaviour exhibited here, and please refrain from imitating anything you see here. Thanks.

To those that came from the link I sent you or from soompi, this is the full chapter 34. Just scroll down a bit for the second part of chapter 34! Thanks!

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27 May 2013

Author's Note:

To the readers that regularly follow my blog, sorry that I'm posting CKTL sort of out of order for now. I'll post the other chapters after this. So, feel free to skip this chapter for now if you haven't read the stuff I have on soompi. I'm actually so sorry for not updating CKTL that often here. It's just that I type this particular on soompi on their editing page, so I just need to press post and everything will be fine there. Anyhow, I will update with the remaining chapters within this summer!

For those that have been linked from Soompi, I just have to warn you again that this part has a lot of sexual content. I'd give it a rated R warning, so please make sure that you are old enough to be reading something of this level ie 18 and above. 

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25 May 2013

Yeonjun finally agrees to meet with me. Over the past few days, he has been quite the little, mind my words, bi.tch. He doesn't answer any of my calls. When he sees my phone number, he ignores it. He doesn't reply to any of my text messages. Even when I try Sehun's phone, Yeonjun chooses not to respond to it. I'm too lazy to get the other guys involved, so to resolve this situation, I phoned his office. His secretary wasn't filling to connect me to him, but luckily, I said that if she didn't pass the message that I called, I would personally bomb his office. Obviously, she hung up on me, but then, I called again and this time, I was lucky enough that Yeonjun was passing by his secretary's office. I overheard him asking who it was. The secretary answered, "Some crazy lady called Leia."

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09 May 2013

Chapter 17: Maeno Yukina
I knew that I should have been used to waking up alone, yet today, my eyes searched the room for the whisperer. Who had said those words to me? Were those parts of a dream or this reality? I kept wondering those questions as the maids came to dress me. Even when they accidentally combed too hard through my hair, I did not mind. My mind was far too preoccupied with understanding that odd vision. Clearly, Ghisaline despised him. Thinking back to my previous dreams, Ghislaine had always expressed anger towards one man. She kept declaring how much she hated him, and I could understand why, especially after he raped her. Then, there was that man that married Hotaru as opposed to Ghislaine. She clearly had feelings for him, yet she was forced to be with that man she despised. According to history, she married Emperor Karasuma, so . . .

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