Rebirth (Book One) 

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Rebirth: Legacy (Book Two)

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Analysis of Characters

*You're free to have your own interpretations. These are just my insights.

To be updated upon completion of the series.

Renelle Ventus

Renelle represents the sheltered child, who is forced to face the real world. She has reached a point in her life, where she finally has to make decisions that will greatly affect her future even when she has no idea what her future entails. Similarly, we too have to make decisions, maybe not as dire as hers, but we do have to choose what we want to do with our lives. More importantly, we have to figure out what we want in our future.

For Renelle, the question ultimately is: should she follow her fate or should she do what she wishes? 
However, it is unclear whether or not what she does truly defies her fate. In book one, we see that fate has directed her to the past, against her will, yet Renelle does not dare to disobey from her position as a Princess. Renelle also decides to be remain as friend with Beau, just as how Princess Ghislaine chose to stay as Raphael's friend. Renelle does, however, claim that she has to observe and learn the new world's ways before making any decisions. Often, she does internally defy what others wish for her to do, such as fully complying with the Queen or even marrying a Koseian Prince.

Before she can answer this question, she too needs to understand what her fate is. We see that her dreams mirror her present life and frequently leave hints about her future. In chapter five, Renelle hears a man's voice telling her that her bedroom is her cage, which proves to be true. Once Renelle is Princess Ghislaine, her freedom is greatly restricted within the palace. 

Her journey to understanding her fate means that she has to sift through all of the events and eventually piece the important aspects together to form the truth about her life. As a result, she understands other characters' fates and from those, she decides what she would do. At the end of book one, we learn the pasts of Cael and Desiderium, and we also see that Renelle's heart has softened as she agrees to help Cael for the Queen, for Desiderium, and for Nestor.

(To be continued . . .)   

Prince Cael de Vinceremos

Cael is a fairly mysterious fellow. He is a man of contradictions, yet ironically, he knows exactly what he is doing. We see him as a "mastermind" from chapter 50; his ability to manipulate others is miraculous. This does not, however, imply that he is completely heartless. He can probably be better described as the man who would do anything for success. We just don't seem to understand what his motivations are until the end of book one, where we finally catch a glimpse of his intentions. Renelle sees Orion's reflection from the window, and Cael also adamantly evades Renelle's interrogation. These can only imply that Cael is motivated by revenge for his lover in the past. However, what may confuse us is the reason for Cael to murder Desiderium. One explanation could be that he wants to sever all of his ties with his past; this explanation then leads us to wander back to Renelle's question about following fate or defying destiny. Is Cael really creating his own path or is he just a victim of fate?

(More to come . . .)

Beau de Vinceremos

Beau represents stability and fidelity. He always protects Renelle, and always lets her do what she wants. He saves her from falling off of a tree, and offers his jacket to her at Verrill and Theo's wedding. 

(To be continued . . .)

Prince Ichiro Kou

So far, we only know that he is a reliable, intelligent man. He is also polite and has a sense of justice.

Prince Saburo Rin

Saburo is a hedonist, and can be mistakenly known as the stereotypical player. However, he is not like that. Funnily, he may be one of the most righteous characters, one without a need for success. He could have eloped with the Queen, but he choose not to do so. Though rebellious, he knows his limits, and his stance in society. He may only want joy in life; however, he is quite reliable. Surprisingly, he confronts the Queen about her hitting Renelle's cheek in front of the King.

(To be continued . . .)

Prince Makoto Kuro Jou

Kuro is another mysterious character. One of his roles is to provide hints for Renelle. On multiple occasions, Kuro serves as the messenger. Renelle learns of the Queen's past relationship with Saburo from Kuro. Renelle also receives news of the Queen's death from Kuro. So far, we know that Kuro has some associations with the Kuyaza.  



The Queen

The King



Theodore (Theo)




Water is a recurring element in Rebirth. Water is known to reveal the subconscious, and in Rebirth, it does unveil Renelle's inner feelings, thoughts, and even her future. Water, which is fluid, can act as a connector to Renelle's past and her present. 


Different types of winds serve varying emotions that Renelle portrays. (More to come.)




Fox Tail

The fox's tail, on the surface, simply indicates a member of the Kuyaza. However, the fox's tail can also be . . . (will fill out once book two is near completion.)

Ginger Tea

Ginger tea has a spicy, invigourating taste. It is said to ward off colds and sore throats. Ginger tea can therefore be related to Beau and in fact, acts a symbol for him. He is like ginger tea as he treats Renelle's colds, and unhappy feelings. He too though brings a spicy taste for he cannot love Renelle as he would like to. Moreover, his identity as a shadow brings about a peppery feeling to the story.

Plum Wine

Plum wine is fairly hard to make, and is sweet and smooth. It has a similar colour as ginger tea. (To be completed near the end of book two.)




Character Portraits

1. Ghislaine/Renelle

2. Cael/Raphael

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