28 February 2011

I was absolutely freaked out about receiving my results for my business midterm. Honestly, I felt that I did poorly on that exam. First of all, it's very hard to prepare for it since the midterm pretty much tests your skills on the spot. Every case is different, so you're really assessed in a fair, yet unfair way. Sometimes, you get the right case and you feel great while other times, you receive the wrong one and you're perpetually stuck on the calculations. (I'm usually fine with analyzing my data. It's just . . . I get the wrong numbers . . . all the time.)

Anyhow, this case was odd. I could barely understand it at all. I really felt lost and not to mention, during the exam, I was starving . . . which made things even harder for me. (I can't live without food!)

I wasn't prepared to receive my mark, but you know how it goes, you still have to confront your fears. When I finally saw what I had received, I squealed, "Oh my god!"

Okay, this was a good type of "oh my god". I've had the bad sort and those are real shockers. Well, it's not to say that this wasn't a shocker. I was absolutely astonished to see my mark. Really. I thought I had failed yet I had received much, much higher than I had anticipated and did better than my last midterm.

Now, how does this relate to my title: One Good Thing? Well, I've been having some difficult times, particularly with an arduous group project, a bit of family arguments thrown in the mix, and more disappointing midterm results.

After I received that one good thing, I felt motivated to work again. I felt like . . . finally, I've done something right or that something is working. For once, there are no external factors.

That's how I feel with writing sometimes. I'm stuck in a sticky situation for my characters. I'm actually still trying to figure out some kinks in my plot, but luckily, I think I'm in the right direction after researching a ton about something. I won't reveal that something. Plus, sometimes your characters or your story just need one good thing to persevere.

Go find that one good thing,

Jubie (cubierock11)

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24 February 2011

I think everyone has a friend who we never thought would be our friend until of course, that person became a friend of ours. I know just the friend to introduce. Let us know him as you.

You and I met in high school. You were popular while I was . . . 

No, I was not bullied or alienated by my classmates. I just hung out with different people, who were interested in other subjects. Your group was more interested in partying or starting relationships. My group preferred to talk about current events or our school subjects.

When I think of how we met, I still laugh. We had been forced to work in a group project together along with another friend of mine. I thought I was unlucky to be with you. You were known as a slacker. You had the look of a slacker: tall, shrugged shoulders, and a smirk. You had the voice of a slacker, always seemingly nonchalant. Funnily, you proved to be a hard worker, except you had trouble with your work. I still had to take over your job.

We stayed up all night to finish that project. You offered to stay online. You said you felt bad for letting me do all the work. I told you that you deserved to stay online for your incompetency. You just laughed. 

I don’t remember what happened next. I have lost track of who talked with whom first, but I do know that we became friends online. You and I would talk every day. We talked about anything, from school to family. I always seemed to ask you some question and you would always answer.

Ironically, you and I never spoke at school. Now that I think of it, we never even greeted each other at school. They say high school rules don’t matter, but they still do. Our groups were too different. Your friends would never be my friends and mine would never become yours. But, somehow . . . we could be friends.

I do not think we ever told anyone of our friendship until near graduation. You should have seen the look on my friends’ faces. They all had the same questions. I talked with you? Aren’t you a slacker? Aren’t you part of that group? Aren’t you the sort to party? How did I even become friends with you? Why would I?

Yes, why would I? I jokingly asked you that question once. It was a joke, but I still wondered. I just thought how silly people were to judge you, but then . . . I had judged you too. I never told you or maybe I did tell you what my first impressions of you were like. You said it didn’t matter and that you didn’t care. 

In fact, you always had that phrase hanging from your mouth: I don’t care. Somehow, I know that you care. You only use it to shrug off, to change the subject. 

I sometimes wonder how our friendship worked. When I think harder, I believe I talk more than you. You tend to listen. I am free to say whatever I want because of that phrase of yours. You accept whatever I say. Maybe, because you do not care, but I do not mind either. Are you an outlet then? An outlet for my bottled emotions? 

Sometimes, you do consult me. I try my best to offer my input. You tell me about your issues with your girlfriend. Then, it is my turn to listen and to keep your secrets. I think that is our system. I know you will not blab and you know that I will not talk. 

Yes, we only met once outside of school.

I thought that we could celebrate the fact that we had finished our exams for high school. You were a slacker this time. I did all the planning for this meeting. You said that it was up to me. Everything. 

I believed it rained that day. I had an umbrella, yet you did not. No, we did not share an umbrella. You were too tall and are still too tall. A classmate had walked by us. She had that same look as my friends. Awkward.
I tried to keep the atmosphere light, and so you laughed at my silliness. I forgot what I did. I probably could not close my umbrella properly. I still have that problem now.

We walked to the mall and you treated me to lunch. I had made you feel guilty, and so you offered to treat me food. I felt bad, so I picked something cheap off of the menu. I even went without a drink.

You saw me eyeing your tea. You offered me a sip before you took the first gulp. I tried a tiny sip only to find it to be too bitter. You said you did not add sugar. I said I needed two packs. So, I went back to water.
We talked and talked. I forget what we said. Dresses? I believed there was word of graduation dresses. Maybe the future too? I forget now.

The rain continued to pour. You wanted a ride home and so did I. You phoned your best friend to come. He came and dropped me off at my house and then drove off with you. I tried to forget the awkwardness in the car. I had stayed silent throughout the ride. Oddly, there had been nothing to say between the three of us.
When we graduated, I chose to go to another university away from home. You decided to stay home except you had other plans. You wanted to return to your birth country to be a doctor. I do not remember what happened. I never knew what your plans were until you suddenly told me one day. “Did I ever tell you . . .”

You liked using that question too and my response would always be the same. “No, you never told me. You never tell me the important things!”

Then, you would go on with your news. This news did not shock me. I always thought you would leave. You were the one stunned to find me thinking that you would go away. I said it was my intuition. My intuition proved to be correct. 

You left for your country several months later. You had been accepted to a well-known university. Your dreams were on their way to become true while mine were still in shambles. I never told you that I envied your success. I did say congratulations. I was happy for you. I really was, yet sometimes, I would think if I had followed your route, would my life be easier? Would my dreams be closer? 

Believe it or not, we still talked practically every day despite the time zone difference. You’re one of the few that I will say has not changed much after university. You’re still the same old you. 

I believed we became closer. You even sent me a card. I did not know of your plan until you asked me if I had gotten anything. I had been confused until I checked my mail. There was a card from you. Your message was short and you apologized for being bad at writing letters. I just laughed, knowing that you were always horrible at doing these things.

I sent a card to you too. I wrote much, much more than you. I probably wrote whatever I was thinking down. Frankly, I don’t remember. I do remember saying that I hope in the future, we would stay the same. We would still be friends. 

Now, I never thought of this, but apparently people around us thought we were dating. I had no idea that our friendship was perceived that way until my friend’s friend had asked my friend of our relationship. I never knew talking to someone every day online was considered unusual. Your friends thought I was the one that liked you. Well, they thought wrong. I did not like you in that way, but you do mean a lot to me. You are like family to me.

One day, I saw your status online. You were wondering what it would be like if we were together. I never thought that was directed at me and maybe it wasn’t, but after I realized what your friends had thought, I thought it was possible that you were asking yourself and myself.

I forgot to mention that I had reflected on my online messaging habits. I was the sort that liked to message whenever I felt I needed to say something to someone. A frequent messenger. Then, I worried if I was sending the wrong messages to people. If talking every day was considered to be something that girls in love did, then how many boys thought I was in love with them? I asked you that question. You just laughed and then told me not to change. 

“Who cares about what others think?” you argued.

That was true. I never cared about what others thought of our friendship because I knew what you were like and you knew what I was like.  

You continued to say that I had never obstructed your life, so it was fine. You didn’t care or rather, you didn’t mind. It was fine to remain like this.

If I were to answer that question of yours, then I would say that the thought of being together did cross my mind once.  But . . . I knew that I would rather stay like this. I would rather keep our beautiful friendship and when we actually meet in person again, I would like to carry on one of our conversations over lunch or maybe dinner. It’s your pick this time. 

I would also like to say, “Thank you.”

Thank you for being my friend. Thank you for being you, and even if you were to change or we were to grow older and lose contact with one another, I would still like to thank you again for being my friend at one point in my life.

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23 February 2011

I always wondered what it would be like to write an autobiography, so I thought I would give it a try. I have thought of the title of my autobiography. My life? My thoughts? My words? I thought of the overused "Confessions of a . . ." Then, I thought I would go with: "Because Confessions are Overrated . . ."

I don't think I'm confessing anything. I'm just stating my thoughts or whatever about my life. Nothing to hide, nothing to fear.

So, I guess . . . let's start with my introduction.


I am never good with introductions. Whenever someone asks me to talk a bit about myself, I would take too long to answer. Where would I begin? With my birth? With my favourite colours or perhaps, my hobbies? Oh no, maybe they would like to know about my skills? Did I even have any? What about my personality traits? 
Funny? Am I really funny or is that just my misconception? 

In the end, I would settle with the generic response: “My name is Jubie.”

By now, you must have realized that this is a pseudonym. Who would even insert a real name in a novel?
This is no novel though. This must be a recording of my memories, my precious, youthful thoughts. Ah yes, I have decided so share whatever insight I might have had in my life.

A chronology of my life.

Now, let us skip the small talk and go to the important stuff.

But the question is again . . . where to start?

Good luck,

Jubie (cubierock11)

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21 February 2011

I always go name hunting for my characters. I spend at least a couple of hours trying to find the perfect names for my characters. The meaning has to be right. The sound has to be right. The look of the name on paper has to be right too. It's hard to fulfill these. Not to mention, if you're trying to have a couple, the couple's names have to go well together! 

So, let me share a name I found. (Oh, don't use this name for your story! I found it first and I will be using it for a story I have in mind. Finders keepers huh?)

Emel: means desire and is Turkish

I generally visit this website: Names

*Side note: I was searching for names on baby name websites and my friend freaked out. She thought I was pregnant. Great. I told her that I'm giving birth . . . to new characters in my story.

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19 February 2011


I'm not sure if any of you remember, but a while ago, I said that I would release a TFDL: Prelude version that is not a fan fiction. I know I put some chapters on fictionpress, but I have actually revised them further.

I've started editing and have added more to this piece. I've entered the TFDL: Prelude (original cast) in a competition on textnovel.com. The prize is up to $1,500 and a possible literacy agency/publishing agency contract. So, if you're interested in reading a more developed version of TFDL or just curious as to what I've done, then please check out my story on textnovel.


If you do like what you're seeing, then please vote to show your support. :)

Thank you,

Jubie (cubierock11)

PS. The setting is still Seoul.

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15 February 2011

Now, why in the world would I post a schedule for March when we are not past February? Well, the answer would be more midterms!

Yes, I will be away for next week, so I don't think I will be updating. I will continue to write, but I doubt I'd update. Too tired.

So, I'll update within this week before I leave and then you will, unfortunately, have to wait until March for the next update.


Fictionpress: Chapter 54 will be released on February 16th. Chapter 55 will be up on March 3rd.

Soompi: Chapter 53 will be released on February 17th. Chapter 55 will be up on March 4th. (I released chapter 54)

TFDL: Etude

Asianfanfics: Chapter 11 will be released on February 16th. Chapter 12 will be uploaded on March 6th.


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14 February 2011

First of all, Happy Valentine's Day! 

I haven't done anything special today, except for . . . taking an exam. In fact, today was not a very good Monday for me, but let's not make Mondays that bad. Let me start with what I think about Valentine's Day. Whenever I think of Valentine's Day, I'm reminded by this song by Epik High. It's called "Love Love Love". This was actually the first Korean song I ever heard of in my life and it would be the start of many that I would eventually hear.

This song is about unrequited love or a broken heart . . . which could be part of Valentine's Day . . . I know, I'm supposed to share the joy, but this song is still lovely! I especially loved the beginning of the song, where the phone is dialing and the girl is singing.

(Credits: This was from Flyaway87, who also subbed it in English.)


Jubie (cubierock11)

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13 February 2011

I thought I'd give a Valentine's Day gift to my readers, both Rebirth and TFDL! I know I am early, but I will forget if I don't do this now.

I shared a future romantic scene for Rebirth on soompi, but it was really short and I honestly don't think it was that romantic. It was a bit sadistic in fact. Oh well, so here's another scene you will scene. Romantic . . . maybe?
(It will only be shared on my blog, so if you visit, then you're lucky!)

As for TFDL, I thought I would share something too. I'm not even sure if I will be using this sweet segment, but it was intended for Valentine's Day. (Scroll down after Rebirth.)


“Now who’s the woman?” I looked at him with a smug grin. I was stunned, however, to find him casting a haughty glance at me. Even though there was no smile to be found on his face, I knew he was secretly jeering at no one else, but me. He had raised one of his eyebrows and then intentionally cradled my body with one of his arms.

“You would not mind, would you?” A wily half-grin emerged. “Now that I’m a woman to you.”

I bit my lower lip, frowning with all my might until I realized a tactic. My arms now clung to his neck and my face inched closer to his. He should have backed away, yet he remained still, forcing a potential stalemate between the two of us. If that was what he wanted, then that was what I would hand him. So, I lightly pressed my lips on his, hoping that he would retreat. He, on the other hand, decided to advance. He began to generate a rhythmic pattern with the opening and closing of his mouth combined with the occasional taunts from his demonic tongue, which forced me to reciprocate his attacks. Whoever ceased this kiss would be deemed loser. I could feel his arms now curling around my back with more intensity as my ribs jammed his chest. Knowing his strategy, I too locked his neck with the joints of my arms, perhaps almost to the point to suffocation.

Nothing could bother us. Even when a melange of our saliva was spooling from the edge of our mouths and when our long hairs were tangling with each other’s, we still continued our competition. Because this was going to be endless, I had to conceive a guerrilla attack. It had to be the winning hit and with that hope in mind, I let one of my hands graze his cheek. It was unbelievable how he could then clasp onto my wrist before I could even execute my plan.

I honestly thought he would have broken my wrist. Instead, he was the one that shocked me. He held my hand, interlocking his digits with mine. At first, I straightened my fingers and focused all of my energy to constrict my muscles, but he patiently and urgently hooked my fingers towards his. Like an anchor setting its place in the sand, he marked his spot. He was able to claim my hand and before I knew it, our palms already seemed to be one.

I should have known that gentleness was obscene for he flipped my body over, shifting our positions with his being in a dominant form. My back was now glued to the cold tatami floor. I almost shivered knowing that he was in a situation where he could do anything to me. He was perfectly in control and when his lips parted from my now cracked, dry ones, he gazed at me without much expression for his win. “Do not enrage me,” he then warned. “Do not challenge me because you will lose.”


(This is very rough. I did not even finish the dialogue tags. This was written way before Yunho met Hana.)

It had been a while since he last entered a library. Jihyun had given him very specific instructions as to where she was situated in this enormous library. She had blabbered so much about the objects that surrounded her that unfortunately for Yunho, he could only recall the floor that she had mentioned, the sixth.  

In a land full of single, studious students, Yunho was the centre of their attention. Essentially, he was an eye candy. Looking rather puzzled, a couple of ladies approached him and asked, “Umm, are you lost?”
Yunho decided to take his chances even though their eyes gleamed of desire, “Do you happen to know someone about this short?” His hand tapped the lower part of his left shoulder to demonstrate Jihyun’s impeccable height.

“There are a few girls that we know with that height,” one of the taller girls wearing round glasses commented.

“Could one of them be Lee Jihyun?” Yunho confirmed. “She has medium-length hair, to her shoulders. She sometimes wears glasses because she’s too lazy to take them off. She has single eye lids, and a pale face. Oh yeah, she’s pretty weird.”

“Weird?” another lady quacked.

“Ah!” the same tall girl acknowledged. “That Jihyun!”

Yunho’s eyes brightened, “So, you know where she is?”

“No, but we do know who she is,” she cheerfully answered.

Yunho immediately sulked and walked to the other side of the library. There were rows of book shelves lined up neatly beside each other. He had an inkling though, that within the spaces between the shelves, Jihyun would be there doing some odd gesture or action. He would then laugh at her. No, he would laugh with her. 
So, he began his journey from the furthest north book shelf, and made sure to stick his head in to check for her existence. He was heading towards the end of the row of bookshelves when he noticed a small girl staring at the highest shelf while scratching her chin. Within seconds, he knew he had found her and there was a large smile plastered on his face.

He, however, suddenly decided not to approach her and to look at her from the side. He felt like watching her movements. Whatever she did was thoroughly entertaining. By now, she had marched towards a plastic stool to her far right. Then, she picked it up and dumped it right where she stood before. She clapped her hands together a few times, took a deep breath, and then hopped onto the stool. Her feet were on tip-toes while one of her hands reached for a particular book. 

Yunho could already tell that this was not going to work; thus, he hastily paced to her behind. His hands grabbed at the sides of her body, close to her waist region, and lifted her whole body off from the ground. 

“What the heck are you doing?” She grumbled and began to kick her legs. “Get off of me, you pervert!”

“It’s me,” he muttered. “I’m just trying to help.”

Recognizing his voice, she breathed a sigh of relief, but still complained, “You shouldn’t scare me like that. I honestly would have punched you if you—“

“Hurry up! You’re not very light, you know?” 

“Just wait till I land! You will face my wrath and burn to the depths of darkness and Ahh!”

Jihyun accidentally leaned backwards, causing Yunho to lose his balance and fall backwards. His head hit the metal part of the shelf. “Damn!” he angrily choked.

She instantly rolled her body to face him and was about to crawl forward, but Yunho’s arms wrapped around her with too much force. Her hand could only extend to pat his cheek and asked, “You all right?”

“Yeah, I just need some ice."

“What about . . . this?" She reached in her pocket to pop a piece of chocolate into his mouth.


“Dark choco. Good huh?”

“So . . . bitter.”

“But, it’s good right?”

“Let me have another one and I’ll see.”

“All right, if you say so.”

“Still . . . so bitter."

“Well, if you don’t like it then I’ll keep it for myself.”

“You’re going to gain a few pounds then. Why don’t I be nice and stop you from gaining by finishing it off?”

“So, now you want to be a hero eh?”


“Oh, so you’re the type that only wants something if someone else is fighting for it too?”

“Not exactly. You know, most people would consider what I did as being thoughtful.”

“Thoughtful? More like vengeful.”

“How’s that seeking for revenge?”

“Because . . . it is.”

“What kind of lame reason is that?”

“I learned it from a lame person, called Yunho.”

“Just hand over the chocolate!”

“Come on, please. Purdy please,”

“Oh! You ripped that off of me? Such a copy cat!”

“Just give me the chocolate then!”

“Is that how you speak to a lady?”

“No, but that’s how I speak to a girl.”

“Oh! How dare you . . .!”

“You two! You’ve been making a ruckus! Now, get out of the library!” A librarian shouted.

“It’s all your fault, Yunho.”

“If you had handed over the chocolate, then everything would have been okay. You know what? I’m sick of this! Just go pig yourself out!”

“Wait! You can’t just leave me here!”

“Why not?”

“Because . . .”

“Oh right, I forgot you’re not manly enough to maneuver your way around campus. What a shame!”

“Ji-hyun, I wouldn’t be talking and walking like that.”

“Why not? You think I’m . . . Owww. Ugh." Jihyun had crashed into a metal pole. “Do not say ‘I told you so’. I will honestly slap you in the face if you do that.”

“You always say you’ll slap me, but you never do.”

“So, you actually enjoy a beating? You’re such an M, Yunho.”

“What? No!”

“Will you at least help me out here? Gosh, you suck at taking care of people.”

“No, I don’t. Here, watch.”

“I’m watching . . .”

He kissed on her forehead and blew on it a few times. “All your pain will disappear now. That’s what I always did for my sister.”

“W-well, it doesn’t work on me.”

He popped the chocolate in her mouth. “Then this?”

“Gosh, I’m talented.”

“You made this?”

“Yeah. Well, Jaejoong helped me out.”

“I’m impressed.”

“You shouldn’t be. I’m always this skilled.”

“R-right, even at stapling?”

“Hey! That’s another story.”

“And hole punching?”

“Again, another story."

“What about—“ She stuffed another piece in his mouth. “Aw man, s-s-so bitter.”

“Wow, I should always do this whenever I want you to be quiet.”

“Then, I’ll force you to share a drink with me.”

“You know, I’ll just ask for a straw or order another drink. Stupid!”

“Not if I do this . . .” He grabbed onto her hands.

“I still have a mouth.”

He kissed her to silence her. “HA! I . . . ”

“You’re doing the wrong person. Oh god . . . that sounded wrong, awfully wrong right?” He nodded. “It’s all your fault! And where’s my chocolate?”

“Your chocolate?”

“Yeah, today is Valentine’s Day, a day where girls and guys give chocolates to people they know.”

“No . . .Girls give guys chocolates. Guys don’t give girls chocolates.”

“Well, where I was born and raised, both give chocolates, so I think I deserve something.”

“W-w-w-ait, today is Valentine’s Day?”

“Yeah, why else would Jaejoong force me to make chocolates?”

“You two always do weird things. Who would know?”

“Stop arguing with me! Just hand over the chocolate that I deserve.”


“I worked long and hard to make these. Jaejoong forced me to practically pull an all-nighter for this. I mean, look at these EYE BAGS!”

“You won’t let me go unless I fulfill your request right?”

“Why do you even have to ask? Sigh.”

“So, you want chocolate?”

“No, I actually feel more like having French food.”

“I take it this means I have to treat you to dinner?”

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08 February 2011

I finished my Rebirth updates for the beginning of February, so I thought I'd give the next set of dates! I'm almost done my midterms. I have another one tomorrow, and then one on Valentine's Day! I can do this . . . if I don't fall asleep.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I have shared Beau and Raphel's drawings on the Rebirth page. I have also added all the posters that were made for Rebirth. I did not make those. Several talented graphic artists from soompi did! I only provided the pictures for the characters.


I feel like I should release a Valentine's Day bonus chapter. Maybe, I'll be generous and reveal a romantic scene I have in mind in the future. It won't ruin anything, I hope. ;)

Fictionpress: Chapter 53 will be updated on February 12th. I probably won't update chapter 54 until close to the end of February. I'm not very sure since I have a week where I will be home. Do drop by to check to see if I have edited this post. Chances are that I will have!

Soompi: Chapter 52 will be updated on February 11th. I'm not sure about the next update for chapter 53, but it should be around the time that I release something for fictionpress. So, like I said above, just drop by some time to see if I have a date set.   

Side note for Soompi: I have been noticing a sudden appearance of historical and fantasy stories! Most of them have just started in December or January and so far, from what I read, they involve going to another world or a part in history, dreaming about some past, or . . .

My mind is wondering what caused this change. Haha! Could it be . . . my story?
(I highly doubt that is the case though. Just highlight my sentence above and you'll see what my far fetched guess is.)

The Five Different Lovers

Drop by some time later . . . like next week to see what I have decided! Thank you! Do vote on the poll I provided a few posts earlier. :)

Wish me luck on my exams,

Jubie (cubierock11)

PS. Happy early Valentine's Day! I will be celebrating by reading a future romantic scene I have planned for Rebirth. ;)

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07 February 2011

As I mentioned in a previous post, I will be writing on every Monday with some interesting things that I have found during the weekend. Hopefully, they'll bring some joy to mundane Mondays!

I accidentally found this video uploaded on jeremyjn23's channel while searching for male models to use for my stories' covers and posters. I enjoyed the clip a lot. I thought it was rather fun and amusing to see models lipsynching to a song. There was one segment that really intrigued me and that had to be the moment when all the models walked on stage with tons of Beagles. I was a dog fanatic, and I still am, so I know my breeds. ;)

Anyways, I suddenly experienced that moment, where I had an image of a scene of a future story I have in mind. I won't be sharing the exact details, but I'm sure that in one of my stories in the future, you'll identify with this scene. There will be males walking . . . a group of them.

I hope this clip will brighten your Monday!

Be inspired,

Jubie (cubierock11)

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06 February 2011

I like to call miscellaneous issues, housekeeping issues. They're like little things you have to do in the house.

A long time ago, I said I would upload my drawings, and before, I had scanned them and was ready to share them. Unfortunately, my laptop broke a month ago, so I haven't scanned any of the other ones on this laptop. I will this weekend. I will be sharing Beau's drawing. I will also be sharing some posters that I have requested to be made for Rebirth. They'll be found on the Rebirth page.

I will be sharing TFDL posters too! They will be on the TFDL page.

I realized that my blogging can be rather sporadic. So, to maintain consistency, I'm going to be posting an entry every Monday. Mondays are pretty dull, at least for me, so I thought I'd try to brighten people's Mondays. I have been thinking about what to post on Mondays, and I think I'll be having "Inspirational Mondays". They'll probably be pictures, clips, songs, or events that I think have inspired me or will inspire others.


Jubie (cubierock11)

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