I was absolutely freaked out about receiving my results for my business midterm. Honestly, I felt that I did poorly on that exam. First of all, it's very hard to prepare for it since the midterm pretty much tests your skills on the spot. Every case is different, so you're really assessed in a fair, yet unfair way. Sometimes, you get the right case and you feel great while other times, you receive the wrong one and you're perpetually stuck on the calculations. (I'm usually fine with analyzing my data. It's just . . . I get the wrong numbers . . . all the time.)

Anyhow, this case was odd. I could barely understand it at all. I really felt lost and not to mention, during the exam, I was starving . . . which made things even harder for me. (I can't live without food!)

I wasn't prepared to receive my mark, but you know how it goes, you still have to confront your fears. When I finally saw what I had received, I squealed, "Oh my god!"

Okay, this was a good type of "oh my god". I've had the bad sort and those are real shockers. Well, it's not to say that this wasn't a shocker. I was absolutely astonished to see my mark. Really. I thought I had failed yet I had received much, much higher than I had anticipated and did better than my last midterm.

Now, how does this relate to my title: One Good Thing? Well, I've been having some difficult times, particularly with an arduous group project, a bit of family arguments thrown in the mix, and more disappointing midterm results.

After I received that one good thing, I felt motivated to work again. I felt like . . . finally, I've done something right or that something is working. For once, there are no external factors.

That's how I feel with writing sometimes. I'm stuck in a sticky situation for my characters. I'm actually still trying to figure out some kinks in my plot, but luckily, I think I'm in the right direction after researching a ton about something. I won't reveal that something. Plus, sometimes your characters or your story just need one good thing to persevere.

Go find that one good thing,

Jubie (cubierock11)