08 August 2012

Chapter 16: Friends or Lovers

Whenever Sehun gets kicked out of some girlfriend's place, he likes to talk out his problems while munching on a ton of snacks. The snacks portion is the only reason that I like Sehun being this way. He pretty much ransacks the whole snacks section of a grocery store and brings all of his goodies to my place. Now, the downside is that I'm on a diet, so I really can't pig out. Therefore, I'm stuck, watching him crunch on chips and cookies while listening to him complain and moan.

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07 August 2012

Attempt 12: Strangeness

 We’re sitting in the lecture hall together. Actually, I’m on his lap with my body facing him completely. I’m leaning in to give him a peck. His hands are massaging my back. Unexpectedly, I think he has unhooked my bra. 

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01 August 2012

Chapter 15: Sick in All Ways
Just when things can’t get any worse, I fall ill. I’m literally staying awake in the washroom. I have a trash can in front of me, so I can vomit in there. Obviously, I’m sitting on the toilet, so other nasty stuff can be released into that hole. I’m sweating like crazy since there is no air conditioning in my washroom. Tonight also happens to be the hottest night of the month. Yeah, I’m just that darn lucky. I’m also wondering how it’s possible for me to be sick. Was it because I ate something bad? The only sketchy meal I had was that really cheap rice with chicken slices. Was it because of those coughing people that kept blasting their colds on me on the subway? Or what about my ill students who still attended class? Either way, I’m dead sick here with no one to help me out. My mother just so happens to be solving some issues with our relatives who live in Busan. There’s supposedly some sort of family drama that I don’t want to be involved in, so that cancels out my mother. My father is on some business trip as usual.

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