29 April 2011

          My eyes opened to find that I was in . . . my room? I was resting on my bed facing the opened the glass windows that captured the lovely night sky. There were stars glistening over the mountains and forests. Had I been dreaming again? Didn’t I face Thayne though? Why was my head burning yet my body was shivering? I tried to move my arm to feel my forehead, but one shift brought on splintering pain.
          “Ah!” I winced to the point where my eyes dampened.
          A young, petite girl had leapt to my side, wiping the dripping sweat off of my face. She was screaming in a foreign language reminding me of a blend of French and Latin.
          I had almost croaked Adelaide’s name, but once I saw a darkened birthmark to the side of her cheek and her blueberry eyes, I could only ask, “Wh-who are you?” 

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27 April 2011

I have to say that summer is unpredictable. I've figured that my editing speed is like a roller coaster. Yes, I'm using a typical analogy, but oh well, there's the brain dead me. Anyhow, you've probably noticed that I've been updating rather quickly and that's because I honestly don't know exact dates now. My vacation is coming in May, so I'm going to try my best to speed things along. Expect an update for each story every couple of days.

Also, if you've been following the revised chapters for Rebirth, I'm pretty sure you've noticed huge changes and additions. I'm hoping that they're for the better! Please tell me what you think about these revisions. Your opinion would be very helpful!

(The same goes for TFDL.)

As for the drawings .  . . they are on hold until my scanner is fixed. I'm not even sure if I can fix this printer/scanner.


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Chapter Seven: The Leader Encounters the Queen of Spontaneity

Rhett had arrived at the coffee shop fifteen minutes earlier than scheduled. His purpose was to observe the way his date entered the café and perhaps, the manner in which she carried herself. Already, he was surprised that she was fifteen minutes late, and now, he was 88.9 percent positive that he would not get along with her. 

Taking a sip of his cappuccino, he stared at the front door only to notice a petite girl running from afar. The girl was sprinting madly, but once she was a few paces from the door, she braked at her heels, almost slipping in the process. After regaining her breath, she took a long look at the door’s handle. Rhett was confused at first as to what she was doing, but then, noticed that she was staring at the tiny tag beside the door. Then, he understood. 

Was this a door needing a push or a pull? 

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25 April 2011

          Passion. Lust. Jealousy. Greed. Hunger.
          They were all interlaced in his embrace, his kisses, and his touches. I was there to satiate his needs, to enclose that missing puzzle piece. I thought I could tolerate everything, but when he had tied my hands and legs apart like a sacrifice and reached for a sword hanging from the wall, I gulped.
          Tracing the blade against my neck, he snickered. “You know, you remind me too much of her.” I gulped again, to which he cackled. “Don’t worry . . . I might bite, but I won’t kill.”
          “Wh-what would you like?” I croaked.
          He swiped the knife against my arm, causing me to wince. “Did I say you could talk?” I shook my head. “Good, you can only talk when I say so. Now, where was I?” He was grazing the cold blade on the surface of my skin again, but this time, I could feel a heavier pressure coming from the sword. “Ah, I remember.” He cut my leg this time. Now smiling ever so boldly, he uttered, “Do you know why I requested you?” I bobbed my head left and right. “Because you look and act like her.” Then, he started to lick my wounds before biting on them. “Uh huh, you’re not allowed to make any noises unless I say so,” he reminded me. “Renelle.”

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24 April 2011

Chapter Six: The Hidden Devil vs. the Femme Fatale; the Innocent Boy vs. the Forbidden Fruit

Junsu cradled his cell phone in his hand with a question pestering his mind. Should he call her or should he wait for her to call him? 

It was the afternoon when the restaurant would close and then prepare for dinner service. This break usually allowed Junsu to visit an Internet café, yet he wasn’t in the mood for games today. His hands were so fidgety that he could barely hold onto the trays. He could hardly walk properly, crashing into tables here and there.

He couldn’t help sighing every now and then. After his girlfriend had confessed to him, he had never called her once nor had she ever called him. Now, this situation made him shudder. What if she was simply joking about their relationship? What if she was too embarrassed to call him?  
He gripped his phone even tighter and sputtered, “Argh!”

“Son,” his father informed, “I’m not expecting to pay for a new phone.” 

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23 April 2011

          Brett and I entered a dark chamber that was more heavily decorated than mine. This was a room for a Prince. “This was my room,” Brett announced. “We should be safe for now.”
          With the moonlight nicely lighting the atmosphere, I was too absorbed by the glamour in this room. “Brett . . . wh-who are you?” I suddenly shot a puzzled glare at him. An owner of a small coffee shop shouldn’t have lived here. A quiet apartment suited him more, yet when I saw his face, which was highlighted by the rays of the moon, I knew that this was home to him.

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21 April 2011

This is probably the last summer where I can do whatever I please, so I'm actually going to make a list of summer goals. As I complete them, I will cross them off this post. This post mainly for me, but I thought I would share my summer to do list.

1. Volunteer/Get a job
2. Start a tumblr and draw cute comics to start
3. Practice with my tablet and play with Photoshop
4. Read a ton of novels on psychology/success/business
5. Start reading the news online (the business section)
6. Try to start a comic for TFDL or Rebirth (This is a huge maybe)
7. Plan for my club next year and recruit members
8. Learn how to redesign my blogger
9. Learn how to use C++ (maybe)
10. Study for ____
11. Remain in contact with needed references
12. Plan out my schedule for the next school year
13. Finish revising Rebirth
14. Finish revising TFDL: Prelude
15. Share the character profiles for Prelude
16. Learn how to cook simple meals
17. Hang out with my friends
18. Have a Gaki no Tsukai marathon

(List may continue.) 

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18 April 2011

Chapter 5: The Mom Dines with the Child and the Free Spirit Floats in a Club

Who would have expected Jaejoong to treat Yumi to dinner? After their cumbersome introductions, which Jaejoong insisted cut his life span by several years, he decided to upgrade his game plan. He needed to learn more about his target, Yumi Taka, for he thoroughly enjoyed the motto: “Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer.” In fact, he couldn’t wait to discuss with Ami about his study. His research? Evaluating the impacts of this strategic plan for revenge. Now, Ami would never complain about his “silly and groundless ideologies” as Max often noted. 

The first question that spewed from Jaejoong’s mouth after they had ordered their meals at a French restaurant was: “So, what’s your ideal guy like?”

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I deleted the status update for April because  . . . clearly I haven't been following it. I suddenly felt like finishing book one of Rebirth once and for all! It was a good end to a school year, I think.

So, here are the updates!


Chapter 6 revised will be posted on April 23rd and chapter 7 revised will be posted on April 25th.

*I've added a chapter index to the Rebirth page so people can find the revisions easily. 
*Because revisions are going well, I'm going to try my best to update every couple of days.

TFDL: Prelude

Chapter 5 revised will be up today, and chapter 6 revised will be updated on April 23rd. Chapter 7 revised will be posted on April 26th.

Hopefully, I can finish the profiles as soon as possible, but I'll need Photoshop to help perfect a few things.

*I've also added several songs to the TFDL page, so please check them out! I hope you'll like them. :)

As for May, I will be rather busy. I doubt I will be bringing my laptop with me during my vacation, and I may not have access to a computer for the most part, so I am not sure what my schedule will look like. I'll try my best to update at least once in May, but we'll have to see then.

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16 April 2011

          I thought Adelaide would have explained everything, yet she never mentioned anything. I shouldn’t have expected anyone to help me here though. I was being naïve again.
          “Your Highness, is something bothering you?” Adelaide asked.
          We were marching down the corridor with a guard leading us back to my chamber. I had, at last, acquired several important clients, and so, I was promoted to live in a beautiful room that had a view of the mountains. They probably should have boarded the windows, but I guessed that they trusted the ladies, knowing that we would never have the means to escape.
          I still remembered that nostalgic feeling when the guard opened the doors to my chamber. I could recall what that man said, and from his voice, I knew he didn’t mean well.
          This is your prison, your golden cage. You live to serve me.

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15 April 2011


I just realized that I'll be too busy after my exams packing and then vacationing to another country, so I didn't want to drag things out with Rebirth. Like I've said before, I've already written the ending, so it's okay to release it earlier.

So, I will be releasing a chapter tomorrow to celebrate the end of my exams. That chapter would be 59, and as usual, I will post the edited version, which would be chapter 5.

Then, on April 17, I will release chapters 60 and 61 together. Chapter 60 has a cliffhanger at the end, so I thought it would be better not to leave things hanging. Since school will be finished, I also thought this would be a nice transition for my retirement on soompi. I'll probably linger around the "Anything Fanfiction" thread or "Request Thread", but I won't be posting new stories there.

I will release an update status some time this weekend, but for now, book two is on hold until I am done revising this story. Revisions will be available on my blog and will not be available anywhere else for now. I trust you that you will not distribute my work or plagiarize my writing.

See you soon!

PS. Over the summer, I will also be trying to redesign this blog. I'll try my best to learn how to code things and to experiment with Photoshop!

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Figure out what your interests are and don't slack off. Even if you're tired, just keep going. It will be worth it in the end.

Ask me anything

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Kirin Afternoon Tea (Lemon flavour)

Ask me anything

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Hello! I thought I would try out formspring since it seems like an interesting way for people to ask questions if they wanted to about my stories or my interests or anything really. (There is an extent though.) Anyhow, feel free to ask me anything like that form says! Thanks!

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Small group of friends where you can actually have decent conversations.

Ask me anything

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10 April 2011

Chapter 4: The Leader Vows to be in Control

When the three boys, Junsu, Yoochun, and Changmin, had arrived home, they were flabbergasted to discover that the whole mansion was shunned with darkness and obscurity, aside from the flashing plasma screen in the living room. 

“Is that who I think it is?” Junsu pointed his index finger at the shadow. This was probably the boys’ worst fear and may be even their nightmare. “I don’t like this.” Junsu shuddered and headed for the closest light switch. 

“Don’t,” Changmin pulled one hand out of his pocket to stop Junsu, “don’t turn on the goddamn lights. You know how he’ll be if . . .” 

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07 April 2011

Although I'm not done, I just had to share the drawings I've created for one character's profile. I hope it's obvious who it is.

Without further ado, here he is! So, who is it? Hehe.

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06 April 2011

I wasn't sure how to title this, except to put "good news".

So, here I am to proudly say that I think I know what to do with TFDL now. I admit that I've been slightly confused these days about TFDL's direction. When I plan, I plan super far ahead, so I'm thinking in book two and in book three, what would happen. I like to link things together, and I really want to tell a complete story with an ending that satisfies you and me.

I hope you're enjoying the revisions because I frankly think they've made the story better. I feel like I know the characters more, especially for Jaejoong and Yoomi. I'm pretty sure I've confessed that Yoomi has always been hard to capture for me, but I'm certain now who she is. I like her character more than before. As for Jaejoong, I think I like his character even more than before too!

I remember the soompi poll I had and still have. I asked who people's favourite characters were, and a lot of people picked Jaejoong. I wasn't sure why he was the popular one, but after doing this revision, I'd be tempted to pick him as my favourite now too. (I still can't really decide. Haha, I love them all for different reasons, and I enjoy writing each character's part even more.)

I have more good news. I should be able to release the manga drawing of all the characters by the end of April. I've squashed all of the important characters into one paper. I might do character profiles later for fun. It would be like "Height is ____. Interests are _____." I might do that for Rebirth too. Haha! We'll see.

So, I'm out of the writer's block for TFDL. As for Rebirth, I need spend a lot of time planning.

Cheers and wish me luck on my finals!

*Update: I've become obsessed with drawing TFDL characters, so yes, I definitely think character profiles would be ready soon. So far, I've started to work on Rhett, Jaejoong, Jihyun, and Ami. Haha, I hope you'll like them and think the guys look awesome. ;)

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04 April 2011

My friend and I were talking over skype one day, and I asked her what were some things she wanted to do before she died. Somehow, we were complying our own bucket list.

We were tired of waves and waves of exams, so it was fun to think about dreams and aspirations. I'm not going to share my whole list here, but here are a few things that I want to do:

1. Ride a camel across the desert (I ended up youtubing "riding an ostrich". Very extreme.)

2. Participate in a tea ceremony (I've always wanted to be dressed in a kimono while making some green tea and then munching on some traditional Japanese desserts.)

3. Learn how to waltz (I'm a horrible dancer, but somehow waltzing seemed cool . . . at least from the historical films I've seen.)

4. Publish a novel (That's probably very, very, very hard to achieve unless I decide to self-publish my work. I don't think I'd self-publish though.)

5. Go on an exchange for a year (I really want to accomplish this. I'd like somewhere completely different from where I'm from. It'd be interesting writing material anyways.)

So, try to make your own bucket list. I think it would feel great to scratch one thing off a list. :)

Jubie (cubierock11)

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02 April 2011

Chapter Three: The Mom Learns of Hate and the Hidden Devil Lives in his Kingdom of Worshippers

            “Wake up, Jaejoong.” A woman kept yanking his arm.

            Stretching his other arm, Jaejoong murmured, “N-no, let me go. I don’t want to cook today, Changmin.” Then, he screamed once he felt like a boulder had squished his back. “What the—“

            He turned to find Ami choking on her giggles while rolling off of the bed to dress. “You should really move out some time if the guys are still causing you grief.” She started to button the blouse that she had retrieved from the floor.

            Jaejoong rubbed his eyes with his palms and groaned, “Stop saying that. You know that none of us will move out any time soon.”

            Slipping on her stockings, she laughed. “Well, you can’t keep sleeping over at my place . . . when you want. It’s been . . . what? Seven years and you’re still there because of some silly promise you—“

            “It’s not a silly promise.”

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01 April 2011

          I would not be able to say what day it was, but I never lost track of how many days had passed since my arrival. My method of counting was a system of precision that revolved around a meal for I was only given a meal a day. Starvation was supposed to keep my figure for the auction. According to the old woman who was responsible for my body, I needed to lose a few pounds to maintain the look of a youthful doll.
          “That is your target audience,” she had always reminded me before taking measurements of every part of my body each morning, “men who are attracted to childlike women.”
          “So, they will do whatever they please with me?” I had asked her once.

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