I just realized that I'll be too busy after my exams packing and then vacationing to another country, so I didn't want to drag things out with Rebirth. Like I've said before, I've already written the ending, so it's okay to release it earlier.

So, I will be releasing a chapter tomorrow to celebrate the end of my exams. That chapter would be 59, and as usual, I will post the edited version, which would be chapter 5.

Then, on April 17, I will release chapters 60 and 61 together. Chapter 60 has a cliffhanger at the end, so I thought it would be better not to leave things hanging. Since school will be finished, I also thought this would be a nice transition for my retirement on soompi. I'll probably linger around the "Anything Fanfiction" thread or "Request Thread", but I won't be posting new stories there.

I will release an update status some time this weekend, but for now, book two is on hold until I am done revising this story. Revisions will be available on my blog and will not be available anywhere else for now. I trust you that you will not distribute my work or plagiarize my writing.

See you soon!

PS. Over the summer, I will also be trying to redesign this blog. I'll try my best to learn how to code things and to experiment with Photoshop!