I wasn't sure how to title this, except to put "good news".

So, here I am to proudly say that I think I know what to do with TFDL now. I admit that I've been slightly confused these days about TFDL's direction. When I plan, I plan super far ahead, so I'm thinking in book two and in book three, what would happen. I like to link things together, and I really want to tell a complete story with an ending that satisfies you and me.

I hope you're enjoying the revisions because I frankly think they've made the story better. I feel like I know the characters more, especially for Jaejoong and Yoomi. I'm pretty sure I've confessed that Yoomi has always been hard to capture for me, but I'm certain now who she is. I like her character more than before. As for Jaejoong, I think I like his character even more than before too!

I remember the soompi poll I had and still have. I asked who people's favourite characters were, and a lot of people picked Jaejoong. I wasn't sure why he was the popular one, but after doing this revision, I'd be tempted to pick him as my favourite now too. (I still can't really decide. Haha, I love them all for different reasons, and I enjoy writing each character's part even more.)

I have more good news. I should be able to release the manga drawing of all the characters by the end of April. I've squashed all of the important characters into one paper. I might do character profiles later for fun. It would be like "Height is ____. Interests are _____." I might do that for Rebirth too. Haha! We'll see.

So, I'm out of the writer's block for TFDL. As for Rebirth, I need spend a lot of time planning.

Cheers and wish me luck on my finals!

*Update: I've become obsessed with drawing TFDL characters, so yes, I definitely think character profiles would be ready soon. So far, I've started to work on Rhett, Jaejoong, Jihyun, and Ami. Haha, I hope you'll like them and think the guys look awesome. ;)