26 February 2012

 Chapter 6: Missing Memories

It’s all in the past, I try to tell myself. But, telling isn’t enough when I keep remembering.

Thanks and credits to glamorousCHIC for the poster!

Jihyo had no idea why she was listening to Jou’s plans. Maybe it was just that she couldn’t get the thought of a mystery hanging at the back of her mind, like that dangling rack swaying back and forth in an unlocked closet. Jou had opened this forbidden room, and there was no way of shutting the door without the key, which he now possessed. She had lost to him inevitably. She had lost the key to her own room. No, she had handed it to him. She was the one that made Jou have the upper hand, which was pretty much why she was already minutes away from this café, Les Mémoires.

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23 February 2012

Chapter 5:Reasons and Decisions
I want to stop loving you because you don’t even care, but it’s hard when you’re always by my side. So, that’s why I’m leaving.

Why? Why wouldn’t Sou tell Jihyo the reason that he quit? He quit the only passion he ever had, and he had talent. She remembered every time they were forced to play together, they’d end up in his room.  He’d tell her to sit wherever she wanted, and usually she’d end up sitting on his bed. There wasn’t much in his room. There was the typical chair, table, and a few books scattered on his desk. There was his closet, which was more or less filled the basic shirts, hoodies, and jeans. He didn’t care much about dressing up for an occasion. He didn’t need to anyways. He stood out in the crowd without doing much, and when he did dress up, he was the star of the show, everything he hoped not to be. She was sure that was why they always ended up staying in his room. He didn’t want to entertain guests or her family, and she didn’t want to be associated with anyone else.  The two of them had that in common: they were loners at heart.

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20 February 2012

Chapter 4: Confrontations

I want to understand you, but how can I when you keep closing in on me? 

He stopped shooting. 

That was the phrase that kept resonating in Jihyo’s ears. Throughout the whole day, Jihyo wondered why Sou would stop taking photographs. For a camera dork like him, he’d probably never give up photography. It was such a waste of his talent! She grew mad occasionally, grunting under her breath. How could he . . . be so foolish? How could he just be such a quitter?

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17 February 2012

Attempt 9: Craziness
Saeryun drives me insane in a really, really bad way. You see, there are several different ways of driving someone crazy. Now, Mr. Ninja makes me swoon in a crazy but happy way. Being with him, however short that may be, brightens my day so much that I end up doing laundry when I get home. Okay, I do laundry when I’m mad too, so I guess you can say that I do laundry whenever I’m experiencing some great emotion known to humans. Either way, Saeryun just means trouble. 

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16 February 2012

Chapter 6: Fallen       
            “Be careful, would you?”
            That was an overused phrase from Raul, who was too worried about Paulette’s pregnancy. He would bark at anyone who did not achieve his standards for prudence. Although the servants were complaining about his attitude whenever he was away, I could comprehend why he would be so cautious. His instincts were right. Paulette was in danger. His instincts were wrong though, in terms of who to fear.

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15 February 2012

Attempt 8: Disappointment  
Credits and thanks goes to dodici!

After consulting with Yura as to what to text, I settle on copying her sentences word per word.

Hi! This is Haera. How are you doing? Thought I’d let you know my number too. :)

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08 February 2012

Attempt 7: Step By Step

Honestly, I think life just likes to startle you. I think it just likes to scream, “Boo!” That’ll be right in your face, and indeed, I got one of the shockers of my life. I get distracted by eating Christie Arrowroot cookies, which were supposed to be food for after the famine. The other club members didn’t want them, so charitable food became my snacking source. That’s beside the point. The point is that I’m almost late to class because I get too distracted munching on cookies. That, though, works to my advantage. Why? Well, first, trust me on this one when I say that I am not stalking him. Kai just appears at the same time and place. Okay, so he uses the other entrance, which I have no idea how that works, but he just pops out in front of me!

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07 February 2012

Attempt 6: Lovestruck

I do what most desperate people do: I end up phoning my best friend for help. But that comes later. I first do laundry. I am so angry that once I get home, I change into casual clothing, take my basket only half-filled with dirty clothes and take to the elevator to the first floor. You’d think that I’m in sweats, but no, I’m in skinny jeans paired with black, suede ankle boots. Fu.ck you, I think. I can be sexy and do household chores. I’m going to meet some guy on my way, and he’s going to be better than you. He’s going to fall head over heels with me, and . . . I open the door to find a very tall, overtly obese guy. I know you’re not supposed to judge people by their appearance, but no, I don’t feel any sparks at all. He’s pretty sweaty too and he’s in a yellow wife beater. I think I can almost see his nipples; his breasts might be even bigger than mine. No thank you. 

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