I finished my Rebirth updates for the beginning of February, so I thought I'd give the next set of dates! I'm almost done my midterms. I have another one tomorrow, and then one on Valentine's Day! I can do this . . . if I don't fall asleep.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I have shared Beau and Raphel's drawings on the Rebirth page. I have also added all the posters that were made for Rebirth. I did not make those. Several talented graphic artists from soompi did! I only provided the pictures for the characters.


I feel like I should release a Valentine's Day bonus chapter. Maybe, I'll be generous and reveal a romantic scene I have in mind in the future. It won't ruin anything, I hope. ;)

Fictionpress: Chapter 53 will be updated on February 12th. I probably won't update chapter 54 until close to the end of February. I'm not very sure since I have a week where I will be home. Do drop by to check to see if I have edited this post. Chances are that I will have!

Soompi: Chapter 52 will be updated on February 11th. I'm not sure about the next update for chapter 53, but it should be around the time that I release something for fictionpress. So, like I said above, just drop by some time to see if I have a date set.   

Side note for Soompi: I have been noticing a sudden appearance of historical and fantasy stories! Most of them have just started in December or January and so far, from what I read, they involve going to another world or a part in history, dreaming about some past, or . . .

My mind is wondering what caused this change. Haha! Could it be . . . my story?
(I highly doubt that is the case though. Just highlight my sentence above and you'll see what my far fetched guess is.)

The Five Different Lovers

Drop by some time later . . . like next week to see what I have decided! Thank you! Do vote on the poll I provided a few posts earlier. :)

Wish me luck on my exams,

Jubie (cubierock11)

PS. Happy early Valentine's Day! I will be celebrating by reading a future romantic scene I have planned for Rebirth. ;)