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This is the full chapter for chapter 34. Be warned that this will be very gruesome. This is rated M, so read at your own discretion. Also, for those that don't know, this is a work of fiction, and this does not reflect my views. I am definitely against the behaviour exhibited here, and please refrain from imitating anything you see here. Thanks.

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Chapter 34

I wake up before Yeonjun does. I used his guest room to rest since I didn't want to bother him. He needed his sleep, and I did as well. It wasn't a surprise that I ended up only taking a short nap. I wake up far too early for any stores to be open, like around 6 am. Thus, I decide to finish cleaning up his place. I place all of his papers in different piles, but when I pick up the newspapers, I can't believe what they have written. They are saying that there was a love triangle between Yeonjun, Minjun, and Haneul. They dug up a lot of old news as well, tracing their past and their alleged relationships. They even asked past high school classmates for their take on the issue. Some people said that Minjun would never do anything like cheating. Yeonjun, on the other hand, he was the type that was capable of anything, even maybe murder. He probably pressured her to death said one of the ladies, who claimed to be someone close to Yeonjun. She even added that Haneul was always struggling to be the perfect fiancee, yet he was never pleased with her. Some other people said that their relationship was nothing but for show and that the two of them had separate lives. Yeonjun had his own affair too.

I almost crumple these papers and toss them aside. I can't believe what these liars will say about Yeonjun, Minjun, and Haneul. They don't even know them properly, yet all of them are taking stabs at ridiculous theories. Why are people so keen on gossiping? Why can't they leave these people alone? Recognizing that I was getting angry for no good reason, I take a deep breath and decide to make congee. Congee is the best meal for someone with the flu. I'll also let him have some pickled vegetables and maybe some ground pork.

When I check the fridge for supplies, I find nothing that I can use. Everything is pretty much rotting, so I guess I better go to the local grocery store. I need some money though. If I know Yeonjun well enough, he should have some extra cash hanging around the house. I search around a few cupboards, and then I realize that he actually put some bills in a little box on the kitchen counter. How silly of me not to even see that! While still laughing at myself, I grab a pen and some paper nearby and scribble a note to him saying that I'm going to the local grocery store and that I'll be back in an hour or so. I find Yeonjun's spare key hanging on one of the hooks on the wall by the front door. Then, I head off from his building. 

I actually don't know his neighbourhood very well, so I just wander around aimlessly. Eventually, I'll find a grocery store right? Checking my phone now, I realize that Sehun has sent a text. He is asking how Yeonjun is doing. Then, I stop at my tracks. Wait . . . didn't I say that I was going to make up my mind if I'm going to be with Yeonjun or Sehun. Am I avoiding this question now? How come Sehun isn't even asking me about it? Am I still his girlfriend? 

I settle on replying to his question first. I tell him that Yeonjun isn't doing that well and that he has a fever. Yeonjun is also suffering emotionally from Haneul's death. That hit him really hard. Within minutes, Sehun answers me: "Oh. That's awful. Let him know that if he needs any help, he can ask me for it. Don't get too tired taking care of him, Leia. You need your rest too."

As I'm typing a thank you, I feel someone grab onto my shoulder. Before I can even shriek, a hand covers my mouth, smothering me. No matter how hard I try to fight back this stranger, I can't do anything. I decide to focus on sending that half-written message, bu I also type in some random characters. Maybe . . . Sehun will understand that message. Maybe . . .

Then, my eyes shut and my whole body collapses.

"Ah," I hear a very, very familiar voice that brings goosebumps to my skin. "You're awake."

My eyes open to discover someone, no, Suho grinning at me slyly. He is sitting in front of me with his legs crossed together and his cheek resting on his palm. I try to get up, yet I can't. I notice that my hands and legs are bound to a chair with chains. I have duct tape over my mouth as well, shutting me up completely.


I see a camera flash, and then there are more flashes. I don't understand what Suho is doing at all. What does he even want from me? 

"Let's conduct an experiment, shall we, Leia?" Suho's smile grows bolder as he stands up. "Let's see how much Yeonjun cares about you. I've been wondering . . ." He paces towards me very, very slowly, savouring each step that he takes. "Just how much . . . it'd hurt him . . . to see you dead . . . right in front of him. Now wouldn't that be fun Leia?" I shake my head a few times to answer him. "No?" He chuckles and once he is only an inch away from me, he brutally tugs my chin upwards, pressing my cheeks together. "You still say no?" I continue to shake my head, causing him to kick me right in the stomach. I fall backwards and then land on my side. I feel the sole of his shoe press against my head. "And you still say it isn't fun?" I don't move at all because I can't. Instead, I find myself tearing up, and Suho callously points that out: "You're crying? Ha! Ha! Ha!" I feel more pressure on my head from his shoe. Pushing all his weight on me, he leans closer and whispers, "You know . . . I can't wait. I can't wait to see him crumble. I can't wait to see you die in front of him." Suho stomps on me very viciously, to the point where I'm about to spit out blood. "You deserve to die," he announces. "You and Yeonjun killed her."

All of a sudden, he gets off of me and walks away. He shuts the door of this prison shut, and all that is left is darkness. I wonder what is going to happen to me. I wonder if I'll ever get away alive. Is this how I'm going to die? Is this the consequence of lying? I knew I shouldn't have tricked Suho in the first place. I shouldn't have thought that white lies would be fine. I was wrong. I'm sorry. I was stupid too. My indecisiveness really led me here. If I had been more sure of myself and what I wanted, I wouldn't be kidnapped at all. This is also the worst time for anything to happen, especially with Haneul's death.

Uh . . . everything is a mess. I can't think properly. I shouldn't even be thinking about these minor details. I need to find a way to escape, but how? I'm chained, and I'm sure that there are surveillance cameras here. Please . . . Please . . . Sehun . . . understand that message I sent. I pray that you will notice something odd. I pray too that Yeonjun will realize that I have been gone for far too long. Please . . . someone . . . save me. 

Water is splattered all over my face. As desperate and as gross as this sounds, I am dying to drink all of that water down. I don't know when is the last time I've had a drop of liquid. I don't even know how many hours has passed. I just know that my body is feeling the pain. My bladder feels like exploding too, and the dripping noise is driving me crazy. There is this leaky faucet here that keeps making this plitter platter sound. 
I'm still the same position as that time that Suho left me. I wince in pain as my hair is being yanked upwards to pull me along with the chair back up. 

"Thirsty?" Suho jeers. He snaps his fingers and then a dim light shines in this dark room. I see a dog bowl filled with some water, and immediately, my head bobs up and down. He is about to hand the bowl to me, but right before it hits my skin, his hand moves away. He laughs at my expression, noting, "You really thought I'd give this to you without anything in return?" I feel a painful gulp down my throat. "So . . ." he snickers. "What are you willing to exchange for this? Your finger? Your arm? Your leg? Mm?"

Without any hesitation, he tugs the duct tape off of my mouth, letting my lips bleed. The iron taste sinks into my tongue before I ask, "What . . . do you want from me?" 

"You know . . ." He scratches his chin. "I have given Yeonjun 48 hours to decide what he wants to do. You see, he has two options. Either he agrees to kill himself in front of both you and me or he chooses to sacrifice you."

"What . . . do you mean by that?" I utter.

"Sacrifice you? Isn't that obvious? Leaving you to die? Ha!" Suho sneers, laughing so close to me that I can smell his breath. To think that I even let him kiss me before. Gross.

"You're . . . crazy," I mumble.
"I don't think you have the position to call me any names," he reminds me, purposely waving the bowl of water in front of me. I know what he wants me to do. He wants me to succumb to him. "Oh!" He raises one of his index fingers in the air, announcing, "To help Yeonjun with his decision, I'll be updating him with pictures. So have a smile on, okay? Now . . . where were we? Ah yes! Water . . ." He reveals that toothless smile. "So . . . what are you exchanging?"

"M-M-My hair . . ."I stammer. I'm honestly too thirty to deal with this. 

"Hair? Mm . . . nice, easy choice. Maybe too easy, but since . . . this is only the beginning. I'll play nice."
Before I can even think, a bearded man swings by and hands Suho a pair of scissors. Suho places the bowl of water onto the ground and away he snips at my hair. He doesn't even care where he is cutting. Sometimes, he jabs into my skin and he chuckles when I grimace. Bits of my hair fall onto my lap, and I can't help but feel like crying. Will I even live at this rate? What will happen if I nothing else to offer? What will he do to me? 

"Want to see the finished product?" Suho at last giggles and flashes a creepy smile at me. 

"S-S-S-Sure . . ." I mumble.

I hear Suho snap his fingers again, and another man hands him a mirror. Suho holds it in front of my face, and I see just how awful I look. My left ear is bleeding slightly after he cut into me. My neck has some cuts as well, and as for my hair, it is a complete mess: disoriented, jagged, nearly bald. I really do feel a tear falling from one of my eyes. 

"Did I say that you could cry?" Suho warns me.

"S-S-S-Sorry . . ." I stammer.

"Sorry isn't good enough!" He hits me with that mirror, bruising my cheek. Seconds later, he turns back to his smiley self and has a camera in his hand. He aims it in front of me, instructing, "Say cheese!"

I force a smile out from my lips, but all I can think of is pain. How long is this going to go for? Am I going to live? If not, will someone ever find me?


From what I can tell now, I think Suho is updating every hour with a new photo of me. Each time, he makes a trade with me, and if I refuse, he subjects me to some other form of torture or humiliation. I have already peed myself several times. To make sure that I don't get some infection, the second thing that I offered him was my underwear. At least, peeing straight onto the chair isn't that awful as having wet clothing. That actually becomes my second photo since I refused his offer for a cup. That cup is supposed to be my peeing cup.

My third trade is for food. I don't think I have eaten anything for several hours, so when he shows a bowl of rice, I am completely tempted. For that rice, I hand over my shoes and my socks. I also let Suho stomp me a few times because he thinks I am getting off easily for food. In fact, he even spits into my rice and mixes it up with his hand. He won't let me use any utensils, so I have to eat from his fingers. He viciously stuffs my face with rice, gagging me several times. He laughs at me, saying how dirty and dog-like I am, but I can care less. I'm too hungry to even think. I need to live, I keep reminding myself. I have to . . .

"You know," Suho cackles when he comes over for the fourth time, "Yeonjun hasn't replied to me at all. Makes me wonder if you're really worth it. Ha! What do you think? What are you betting on? Will he save you or will he save himself?"

"I . . . don't know," I mumble.

"I didn't say that was an option." He fakes a smile before gripping onto my jaw. "What is that face for? You angry? Are you mad that he's not here yet? Your Prince Charming will never come? Ha!" I don't reply because I'm scared that I'll provoke him. Suho catches onto how I've adapted, and so he notes, "Good. You're learning. You're learning to shut the up. You've always talked too much. I can't wait till you trade your tongue. Oh . . ." Suho abruptly notes, "You can trade people too, like . . . your friends and family."


"Monster?" Suho finishes my sentence for me. "Call me whatever you like. I don't fucking give a damn. You know, if you trade your father, I can loosen one of these chains for you."

"I won't trade him," I utter.

"Oh. Really?"

"I guess there's no trade this time."

Whip. Whip. Whip. Whip. Whip.

I don't know how many times this whip is striking me. I have lost count. The pain has become so much that I can't feel anything anymore. I do see blood seeping everywhere from my body. I'm soaked in all types of liquid: blood and urine. I don't think . . . it can get worse, but . . . it does.

Suho treats me like a doll and an experiment at the same time. He is testing how resilient my body is, and as opposed to trades now, there are survival challenges. He unchains me and places me in various situations. There are men surrounding all the available exits, barring me from ever leaving, and through this whole process, he is filming me and taking photos of me. 

The first challenge is trying to avoid being hit by baseballs. Machines shoot out baseballs, and I only have a stick to somehow defend myself. I'm getting bruised everywhere, and all I can think of is lying down flat so that I don't get hit. This tactic seems to work until Suho improvises on the spot and gets his men to throw the balls at me. A ball manages to hit my head, and I black out.

Suho wakes me up from my fainting by spraying water in my face. I also take this chance to gulp down as much water as I can. Then, he takes me to a place where I can have a bath. However, I get a huge tub of freezing water. I'm forced to stay in there for who knows how long. He watches me ache from the coldness of the water. Froze bites are forming on my body, but Suho doesn't care. He doesn't care at all. He finds the whole scene amusing and takes two photos of me struggling.

What's more awful is when he places me a room where there are many other people surrounding me. He announces that whoever that can beat me, who he has dressed in a red t-shirt and shorts, will be able to receive a million dollars from him. Immediately, all of them come towards me, trying to attack me. I don't know what to do except to run around, but there is nowhere to hide. Eventually, I do my best and try to fight through everyone. There is more blood, more cuts, more digging and claws. I feel like an animal thrown in the middle of hungry beasts. I get elbowed several times, and then I fall on my feet. I'm being trampled by a few people. At this rate, I'm going to die. I'm going to die. I'm going to . . .

Suho calls off the whole thing, and says whoever can run out of the room the fastest will get an extra five thousand dollars. Everyone ends up leaving me alone to chase after that prize. Then, Suho makes his way to the room. He walks right next to my body and bends down. He whispers, "You know you can't die yet. You can suffer, but you aren't allowed to die."


Suho is absolutely heartless as well.

I'm subjected to darts now, where I am tied up against a circular device that can spin. Suho tells me that it's time to play darts with knives. He has ten, sharp knives that he will throw towards me. If it lands on me, then so be it. "I'll try not to aim for your heart," he jeers.


One lands on my right shoulder. I try not to move, so the pain stays there. He takes his time with the next shot. I hear the knife against the wood and breath a sigh of relief. 

"Ha! You peed on yourself! Ha!" Suho points and mocks me.

Indeed, I did pee in my pants. It's not my fault. Having knives thrown at you . . . is really, really freaky. Of course, I would be scared shitless.


He aims perfectly on my thigh. Please don't hurt my eyes, I beg. Please . . . 

In total, he hit six places, and they are all spread out through my body. He doesn't touch my eyes because he says he wants me to see everything and remember all the things that have happened clearly. I don't know if that's a blessing or a curse now.

I guess you can say that he is considerate for allowing me to sleep. I assume the next time that I wake up that it is the next day. It is the beginning of the last day before I'm going to die. I really don't know what to think now. My whole body is aching. I don't have the urge to move an inch. Slowly, hope is fading, and I'm wondering why Yeonjun still hasn't answered Suho. Is Yeonjun really going to let me die? Is he . . . that selfish?

It's Yeonjun, I remind myself. He always thinks of himself first. There's no way that he will ever rescue me. I have to figure out how to leave by myself, but with the location changing every time, I can't know where I am for sure. Sigh . . .

"Leia," I hear that eerie voice chanting. "Oh, Leia . . ."


"Today is a special day," Suho lets me know.


"You only have several hours before you die, you see?"


"Just okay? I thought you'd cry. You're starting to bore me, you know, Leia? That's no good because I might even consider just killing you before time is up." Suho's eyes light up. "Actually," he goes closer to me and suggest, "I have a better idea. I am going to cut the deadline for him. You're only going to have three hours left before you die or he dies! Ha!" He cracks his knuckles before announcing, "Now . . . let's try your final challenge, shall we?"

The final challenge. What is meant to be last is coming up way too soon. My mind is groggy. My body is heavy. I can't do much now. I may as well give up. There's no hope really, right? If I die now, then everyone will be safe right? Maybe, that's a better idea, but . . . I don't want to die yet. It's not fair for me to be the one that gets killed!

"We have a lot of men here who want some action," Suho informs me, "and you, my darling, are going to give it to them. I promised them payment for helping me, so this is part of it! Bon appetit, Leia! Oh of course, I'll show Yeonjun everything that happens. I'll be the one to demonstrate too!"

I'm shocked. What? I can endure everything. Suho can torture me all he wants, but to think that he wants men to rape me? That's . . . too much. I don't know if I can handle that all. Men touching me. Sticking their parts into me. I . . . I can't. Please. Please just let me die now. Please.

"You crying? What is there to cry when this is all about pleasure?" Suho snickers.

I feel his arms holding onto me now. His hands rip apart my clothes, and he bites hard onto my breast. I cry out in pain, thinking about how lucky I was before with Sehun. Where are you, Sehun? Did you not get my message at all? I don't blame you. I typed gibberish. I couldn't do anything more than that. God, please have mercy on me. Please let me die before . . .

Beep. Beep. Beep.

"Why, lucky you . . ." Suho stops at once and announces. He has his cell phone in front of him and his smile is wider than ever. "He says yes to killing himself in front of us. How exciting! Let's get ready for the show, shall we?"

I don't know whether or not I should be happy. I don't even know what to think anymore. I just let those tears out and sob aloud. It's going to be over soon. It's going to be over soon. Then . . . what? Please . . . Please . . . don't let anyone die.