Hello guys!

I'm moving my blog to wordpress: http://cubierock11.wordpress.com/

I'm doing this because of a couple of reasons:

1. Wordpress has better templates. I really can't stand how the templates created on blogger all seem so tacky and just unappealing. I'm not that good with html as well, so I can't fix things by myself sadly.

2. I keep getting logged out of my blogger from a location that I don't even live in, which makes me believe that someone is accessing this account. Pretty creepy stuff.

I will be posting all of my stories onto that wordpress account. You'll probably get massive emails at first with my updates since I'm moving everything post by post. So feel free to follow later when I have everything settled down. I'll make another announcement later when I'm done with all the moving. That way, the updates will actually be updates.

Thank you readers! It has been great on blogspot, but I think it's time to make things even better with wordpress!