With the holidays coming, my updates will probably be on hold from December 22 to Dec 31. I need some time to relax and enjoy time spent with my family and friends! :)

So, here are the specific dates for my updates:

1. Rebirth

Fictionpress: I'm actually writing chapter 45 right now, so chapter 44 should be released pretty quickly. I like to be ahead and have a chapter ready to be released while I work on another one. I'm expecting chapter 44 to be released on December 21st. Chapter 44 will be the last update in December. Subsequent updates would occur in January.

Soompi: I will be releasing chapter 42 in the evening of December 20. This will also be the last update in December for Rebirth. Subsequent updates would be in January.

Booksie: I think I will be releasing a TON of chapters from now to December 21st. I will probably update every hour or so since there is a lot to post. I'll probably stop updating at chapter 30. (I will release a ton later, but for now, winter holidays!!)

2. TFDL 1

See Status Update 2 post!

3. TFDL 2

Soompi: I think I will update the first chapter on January 7th, 2011.

*I posted the character charts on this website! Just click on the TFDL tab.

Enjoy the holidays!

Jubie (cubierock11)