Appreciation was a foreign word before, and love became its companion now. I lived in a well-to-do upper middle class family, yet I was forced to yearn for more and more. When fate fortuitously handed me an opportunity to ascend the social ladder, I accepted without much thought for I thought nothing of difficulties. I believed in chances, and I was willingly to risk everything for that one possibility. Bearing optimism in my mind, I knew that this time I would succeed. Failure was inconceivable. There was no fork in the road, only one straight route with temptation luring from side to side. 

So, I ran forward, past all my fears, my worries, my desires, and my happiness, to be there. With all my memories engraved in my soul, I had wisdom. Now, it was only a matter of willpower. 

Alas, I embraced the second life. A new face. A new world. A new existence. For once, I was already born with goals I had set in my mind.

I would lead a golden life and plant a yellow poppy.

Author's Note:

I was always curious with the idea of reincarnation, so I thought I would try to tackle this idea in my story. I have had mixed reviews about this prologue. Some claim that it reveals too much. Some claim that it's just fine. I'm sure if you have read this prologue before that I have not changed anything, except for one word. The word "inaccessible" which was originally part of the sentence, "Failure was . .  .", has been changed to inconceivable.

I don't think I would change much about this prologue for now since it was what inspired me to continue to write. I do remember writing this rather quickly.