Since I have updated all that needs to be done, I will provide the next update status. I have to say that I will be busier these days now that exams are coming fairly soon, so I will probably update later.


1. Fictionpress: I'm hoping to finish chapter 42 by December 11, but frankly, do not expect an update on that date. It seems rather too idealistic. What is more realistic would be December 18th.  So, I did finish by the 11th!! I most likely will not update on the 18th then. My next update will probably be on the 20th.

2. Soompi: I will update chapter 40 on December 7th and will upload chapter 41 on December 18th.

3. Booksie: I will update chapter 19 on December 5th and chapter 20 on December 7th. Most likely, chapter 21 will be revealed on December 18th.


1. Soompi: The awaited finale, chapter 80.5, will be revealed on December 18th January 1st!! Then, I will close that topic and begin a new one for TFDL II. I have to warn you that TFDL II's update speed will be slower than TFDL I's. I have written the prologue for TFDL II, but other than that, I have not been able to write much for part two. I think I would need to edit TFDL I first and release the PDF before I can focus on the second part. I need some time to reread what I have done to make sure that what I have planned for TFDL II makes sense. (Sorry for the delay, but I realized that I needed to go over that last chapter again. I just feel that something is missing in that chapter, and I'm not sure what. To compensate, I'll probably release a short preview and probably open the new thread for TFDL II and also release its prologue and some bits of what are to come. Good news is that I have started to write for TFDL II again. I feel inspired again!)

2. Asianfanfics: I will update chapter 80.4 on December 17th. Chapter 80.5 on January 1st.

3. Fictionpress: I will slowly update that with the edited chapters.

*Important note: On this blog, I will share the edited chapters of TFDL. I will probably not change what I have on Soompi and Asianfanfics since I would have to reformat everything.  So, in a sense, the wait won't be too painful since there are "newer" versions of the old. Unfortunately though, these revised versions will probably be subjected to name changes. I think I have said this many times, but I thought I would just gently remind you that. 

Here are the names that I have decided so far:

1. Jung Yunho = Rhett Jung

2. Shim Changmin= Max Mizushima

3. Kim Junsu= Wesley Ramires

4. Kim Jaejoong= Jay Ellsworth

5. Park Yoochun = John Lambert

I know these name changes somewhat defeat the purpose of a fan fiction, but I have read on the online publishing terms that I cannot use the names of artists. Thus, I have to respect those in order to release a PDF. I will probably have a dedication page.

*Latest update on the PDF issue will be explained in a new post soon. I have had slight changes to my plan. Don't worry. It's better news!