Prologue: The Group Consisting of the Leader, the Mother, the Free Spirit, the Innocent Boy, and the Hidden Devil

Because they were best friends from the beginning of their lives, it was natural for the five of them to be living together in one large house with six bedrooms, six washrooms, three entertainment rooms, a swimming pool, a tennis court, and a spacious garden. They were quite well-off as they were fortunately born in prestigious families. They had, however, contrasting personalities—each being unique in his way. Consequently, they had various love stories. Each started their love life during separate points of their lives. The last to experience true love was the Leader, even losing to the Innocent Boy. 

Now, he suffered from an epiphany.

“That damn kid,” he muttered, pointing at the Innocent Boy. 

That was when he realized that sometimes, even leaders, lose. 

The first to be loved was none other than the Free Spirit. He was the one that could woo the girls successfully even in elementary school. It was his truthful words that mesmerized their hearts. He, however, had a hard time settling down. It was too easy for him to fall in love over and over again. He adored that feeling perhaps too much. Although he was the clear winner, he was also the biggest loser in this game of love. Never did he ever feel complete; there was always this empty sensation, making him insatiable for anyone who had a beautiful face, along with a toned body. Of course, these came with an extraordinary price tag and he would argue by saying, “I can’t help it. If I love her, then I love her.”

The man winning second place was the Mom. The Mom was adept at cooking, sewing, and anything related to housework. He was also the one that kept the household in place, resolving all problems and sometimes even creating issues. He was too blunt at times, but all of them understood that he only had good intentions. He was, after all, the Mom. Being a fan of cute accessories and haute couture, he made sure that he was up to date with everything for he needed to be the forerunner of individuality. That meant that he had trouble finding the ideal quirky woman with pretty hands. 

Then, there was the Hidden Devil, who was able to deceive people due to his face. Everyone believed he was the angel, yet sooner or later, his true nature would be revealed. Particularly infamous for his sharp tongue, he articulated words that were intertwined with sarcasm.  In front of the ladies though, he was a magnet that attracted all those that adored the quiet, mysterious type. He had few words to share, but when he did, they either were hurtful or were too profound to be understood. As he liked to say, “Chicks dig that and my face. Now, call me hyung.”

Fourth place was awarded to the Innocent Boy. His face resembled a child, even his heart too acted like one. He accepted everything and loved to joke around. He was the one that could ease the whole group whenever tension arose and he could do all that with a sentence. Actually, anything he did was considered to be amusing or humorous. He wasn’t all fun and games though. What he loved to do was to compete. He excelled in practically everything, except for studying. His grades were always the poorest of the bunch, no matter how hard he tried. It wasn’t that he had a lower IQ; it was just that his brain wasn’t geared for marks. It was meant for social purposes, for music, and for sports. Everyone in the group, thus, believed that Innocent Boy would be the last to have a steady girlfriend. He was the first to actually commit to a stable relationship for all he needed was for the girl to have a good heart. 

The slowest of the group was the Leader. It was ironic how he would be the greatest loser. He wasn’t considered to be a perfectionist, so it shouldn’t have been hard for him to find the one. The problem was that he just had trouble falling in love. He was a great observer; he knew the ways to deal with various people without their knowing that he was bored or frustrated with their behaviour. Practically, everyone loved him, but that was because he only presented himself to please others. Only the other four of them knew what the Leader was actually like. There was a dorky self disguised within him, which he could only reveal his true personality to his family and the other four. Consequently, the ladies loved his outer image, forcing him to discard his other half. That was also precisely why he could not find the one for him. The females that he attracted were the opposite of what he was attracted to. Frankly speaking, he had no idea which qualities he wanted. His best friends just suggested him several of which he ended up ignoring since he had already fallen in love with a particular actress. No one could match with her, sadly.

To the five of them, though, the most important part of their lives was their friendship. They would always be friends regardless of their differences. They were five different lovers and above all, they were five best friends, who always kept faith.

Author's Note

I thought I would share the revised version of the prologue. As you may have noticed, I added Prelude after TFDL. This is because I have decided that Book 1 will be called Prelude. 

I actually wrote this prologue much earlier than I had posted it on Soompi. This story was supposed to be just for me to read when I needed a break. I think I finally shared this to try something new. I had always wanted to see what would happen if I were to post this online, but I never really had the courage to try until May of last year. It was time for a new part of my life, and this story would mark that beginning.

Oh, I also never expected TFDL to be so long. I only expected 40 chapters around that time and somehow that has sprouted to an anticipated two books following this one. Each boy deserves his part to shine, so bear with me with the length of this story.