Hello! It is a freezing, November December day, but I thought I would bring some warmth, as cheesy as it sounds, to counter the coldness by sharing my update progress.

*Update: I have decided to add my stories here, chapter by chapter for each story while people wait for the latest updates. I might also include some commentary below each chapter, which could range from my inspiration or any thoughts that I had during my writing process. 


1. Fictionpress: Chapter 41 should be up on December 1st. Why not welcome the new month huh? The portrait of Renelle and Ghislaine will be released on December 3rd on this blog.
2. Soompi: Chapter 39 should be up on December 1 or 2nd.
3. Booksie: Chapter 19 (technically 18) should be up on December 2nd. *I might have a mass release like per chapter uploads once I have my Christmas break. 

The Five Different Lovers (TFDL)

1. Soompi: Chapter 80.4 should be released on December 1st. I feel generous for some reason.
2. Asianfanfics: Chapter 80.3 should be up on December 1st. I might release 80.4 a day after, depending on my mood.
3. Fanfiction: Uploads are on hold. I am not determined enough to upload so many chapters.

I might consider posting my works here too. Some people may not like the format of forums or the idea of having to create other accounts. So, I guess posting my stories here would be for Gmail users or miscellaneous stumblers.

I will also release the link to the PDF file for part one of TFDL on this blog once I finish writing and editing.

Now, to answer my own question, why did I create so many accounts?

I wanted to try different websites to see what everything was like. Then, I thought it suddenly occurred to me that it would be interesting to connect other readers from other websites to form a sort of literary discussion. Plus, sometimes, I receive similar comments or questions and it would be easier if everyone could see my responses here.

Happy early holidays,

Jubie (cubierock11)

PS. You can make any sort of suggestions or ask anything. I won't be harsh unless you are rude or disrespectful. A friendly warning? I think so. A friendly invitation? I think so too.