Actually, I've been doing some thinking. Okay, I do a ton of thinking already, but now I'm putting it aside and going forth with my plans! So, now what? What do I do with this blog?
As usual, I'll update my writings. Updates may be slower as school has taken priority for this year. It's a very important year for me. So far, I have three stories, and a very slow autobiography being uploaded here. The autobiography will be on hiatus because I'm thinking of adding something more later. The three stories are: The Five Different Lovers: Etude, Rebirth, and Bloodline.

I've decided for Rebirth that I will send it off to a literary agent once I finish a synopsis, and have a friend go over the story. It's a big risk, but I thought I'd cross something off of my bucket list. That way . . . at least I can say that that I've tried!

Etude will go forth with the new additions, and I shall be uploading the prologue soon to ease the waiting, if there are people waiting.

Bloodline is really an inspirational roller coaster. Sometimes, I'm full of energy for it, and other times, I'm not sure what I'm doing. Updates for it will typically be . . . once a month, I think.

So, if updates are slower now, then what will else will I be doing with this blog? 

I think I'm going to share bits and pieces of my life, and insight. Probably take a few photos here and there. I might go off and digress with fashion and art, or whatever that catches my eye! I'd probably share my wardrobe with people too, but I'm not so sure about revealing my own face. Hehe. ;)


PS. I updated my profile picture. :D