Thanksgiving weekend. What am I doing? Besides cleaning the place since my roommate can tolerate a higher level of messiness than me, I have been submitting query letters to literary agents. Daunting? Very. I've been going over the names of literary agents to find the ones that would accept Rebirth, and that in itself has been a long process. 

Even though I wrote my query letter ages ago, I reread the first few chapters of Rebirth, and still felt something was wrong. I ended up rearranging the beginning chapters, and well, sent some with the old version and some with the rearranged one. A gamble indeed. (Somehow I just find the middle chapters to be more exciting than the beginning . . . . if only I could send them the chapters that follow later on...)

I'm not sure how long I'd have to wait before I get a response, and frankly, I'm fairly scared to hear from them. Anyhow, wish me luck!

Oh yes, I will be updating Etude . . . soon. As for the sequel of Rebirth, I know it has been close to two months since I last updated, but please be patient! I'm working on it.