For some reason, I'm in the mode to edit, so I've stopped writing and started to review my older chapters. I've actually started to fall in love with my characters all over again. I know this is awful to admit, but I can be bored of my own stories after a while. So, the editing process is making me more inclined and refreshed to write!

Rebirth, as I have mentioned before, will be going through a ton of editing. So far, I've only had a couple of comments on soompi about the new version of chapter one, so please leave some feedback here. The more the merrier! :) (I'm going to assume that silence is compliance.)

Then, there's TFDL. I'm working on the non fan fiction (original) version because I do have more freedom with it. I've realized now that because the characters aren't celebrities, I have a clearer view of what I'd like them to be like. They've sort of outgrown their celebrity names.

Don't worry. They haven't changed drastically. There's just more background information about each character and more explanation about their friendship. It'll definitely answer . . . why they're all in Seoul and how long they've known each other and how they met each other.

*Update: Actually, I discovered something while writing a synopsis for TFDL. I realized that something was missing, so I am actually rewriting a lot of the chapters. There will be a new face to TFDL: Prelude, and . . . more conflict and more clarification.

This is a side note: I'm thinking of submitting these two stories to a few literary agents, but I'm obviously not ready yet. I'm too bombarded with school work and also with editing. I will one day though . . . just so I can say that I've tried. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be rejected, but it's worth a shot. With so many words just sitting there, it's like a why not situation.

Wish me luck,

Jubie (cubierock11)